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    This is a picture that Chan Wáng found on Google images
    Why hasn't anyone mentioned that dogs doing heroin is wrong?
    File:Lj-favicon.png death_note was a Jewish conspiracy

    File:Lj-favicon.png forunlawfulck is an 80 year old Chinese man in panties who pretends he's a 20-year-old blonde girl to get his 100+ friends to help him troll. She also used to suck killhamster's big gorgeous dick. Her Internet lawyer is englishpigdog, who, like all horny 13 year old boys, wants to see n00dz of her.

    Throughout her sordid career, she has trolled Nazis, Goths, Nazi Goths, furries, Republicans, Anarchists, otaku, and just generally been a bitch.

    The Blonde Pedophile

    It is widely known that forunlawfulck is a serial adder who has 69,105 friends, most of whom are pre-teen boys that she has cockteased into a frenzy using Internet disease photos. She is also suspected of bestiality due to an alarming number of icons featuring wet cats.

    She brags about having lots of sex, but don't let her lies fool you. Although she hits on Internet celebrities like killhamster and recommendation, she's never actually had sex with any of them because they're thousands of miles away, and she is an 80 year old Chinese man who is only attracted to little boys and has a hard time getting an erection otherwise.

    She is also a lesbian, and she and fellow closet lesbian englishpigdog lure 16 year old girls into their warped furry lesbian sado-masochistic sex dungeon.


    She is an attention whore who likes to create e-drama with the help ofFile:Lj-favicon.png thespoony, her friend who got Permabanned for flaming every community known to God.

    Communities she likes to create drama in:

    Communities she moderates that create mild amounts of lulz-y drama:

    She got literally hundreds of people to respond to a post that a furry made in File:Lj-favicon.png iharthdarth's lame journal with "lol furry", which subsequently became a catchphrase/old meme.

    Her friend File:Lj-favicon.png zhzhblyad stole File:Lj-favicon.png brn_eyd_grl's icon of a dog in a party hat, and shooped in beady red eyes and a syringe in its mouth. File:Lj-favicon.png brn_eyd_grl threatened to sue File:Lj-favicon.png thespoony for DMCA copyright violation. This resulted in an old meme involving dozens of unfunny icons featuring beady red eyes, syringes, and party hats.

    Some moron gave her moderator status to File:Lj-favicon.png death_note, which is a standard weeaboo animu community. She proceeded to de-mod all of the other mods and mod her friend. Members of the community called her a Nazi, compared her to various bad characters in the anime, accused her of trying to dominate the world, and vandalized Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica articles to inform people of her Nazi ways.

    Portal lj.png

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