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    note: EDF2 was Encyclopedia Dramatica's Forums previously located at http://forum.encyclopediadramatica.rs
    they were not retained in the .rs to .wiki move

    A forum is a shitty place on the Internets where retards like to argue, whine, bitch, troll and moan about unimportant and uninteresting topics. Almost every forum consists of a small minority of autists who hold all the street cred, power, and contribution, who think they're tough shit because they have tens of thousands of posts and many years wasted on the forum, while newfags have to suck them off or get banned or ostracized from the hugbox.


    Back when the old media still reigned and the Internets were owned by AOL, basement-dwellers would hang out on a version of the web known as BBS. BBS was quick to evolve into newsgroups, which begat forums, which begat *chans, which now herald the end of humanity as we know it.

    On forums you can learn important things such as repeating things is useful. If it didn't work - try saying it in latin. Most likely your post will not be answered. But that is not the point. The point of webforums is be yourself. At least 100 years ago someone from a foreign country did X similar to how it is in your country of the now. He stated some rules:

    • Everything with the past is perfect, except how it lead to the present.
    • Feeling lonely and ignored is the illusion of involuntary serfdom.
    • Am I going to explain what I mean? Nope. Use Google.
      • Then you can search for things.
      •  ?????
      • PROFIT
    • There is always a guy with a million shitposts. Imagine if a phone receptionist was like him.
    • Insinuate that you are living the perfect life by never responding to criticism. As a matter of fact don't tell anything about your life. But feel free to give your knowledgeable opinion about Miley Cyrus haircut.
    • If all else fails. Evoke the longcat god and write a long BAWWW-POST about how you suffer the worst faith in humanity. Except the world to be your babysitter and cry a million tears.
    • Discussion n. ~ An argument

    Every known forum thread in the Universe

    Types of Forums

    • Anime forums: Forums about anime, filled to the brim with pedophiles and weeaboos. Trying to become a respectable member on these forums is completely impossible unless you joined when the forum just opened or sucked an admin's cock and became a mod, or else you will get banned within your first 100 posts for either pissing off a mod/admin/girl for simply not thinking that (insert anime here) is the best thing ever, troll by calling anime shit in general or say that all anime produced after 2000 sucks
    • Miscellaneous: Forums that are not about a specific thing, it allows its members to create threads about anything they want, most threads are SO RANDOM ^___^ i like waffles, they are generally a huge mess, troll by bringing up a serious topic

    Having a Forum Instead of Real Content

    Some web sites exist exclusively as forums. *Chans, for instance, are forums where the only thing one can do is upload pictures of loli, shota, or THE PIC. Other places, like Something Awful or Fark, have no redeeming value other than their forums. In all cases, forums are where lulz are harvested for the good of the many in the form of trolls and internet tough guys. IMDB and its forums are notable in that the former does have valuable content, but the latter counters that content with its ability to actually force you to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

    Full of Win

    I like where this thread is going.jpg

    Occasionally forums are taken too seriously, which often results in epic threads. When this occurs mods often baleet the thread and pretend the epicness never happened, therefore you should always archive potential epic threads for great justice and copypasta to ED.

    V& > B&

    Forums do not meet their true potential until someone ends up banned or vanned. In these special cases, it is the duty of the agents of the lulz to duplicate and post everything that led to the smiting.


    See also: lulzworthy invasions

    As you can see, the Internet has a variety of forums catering normal people and sick fucks alike:

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