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The flawless shooping skill of anonymous is clearly evident

Flood detected is the latest a piece of shit meme to be spawned from the vile internet cesspool known as 4chan.

It started after moot's recent faggotry meant a lot more posts on /b/ were being blocked with the message "Flood detected". As a result, a really, really clever /b/tard made the stunning leap of logic and realised that "flood" could be interpreted as "The Flood" from Halo. One shitty shoop and a super-duper-awesome thread later, and you have the comedic brilliance which only a greasy cluster of anonymous basement dwellers can achieve. Which is to say, very little.


Flood detected usually consists of Captain King having a Sherlock Holmes hat, pipe and magnifying glass photoshopped onto him, or amazingly funny macros with Captain King and the flood. Flood detected is known to be super effective against combofags, who will themselves have to combat the timeout limits on posting in a thread.


Some argue Flood detected is made of epic win. Actually, there isn't really much controversy, really, because they're wrong. It isn't.

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