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    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Cat eyes.JPG

    Info non-talk.png You can cyber with Flardox's mum and let her know that her son has G.R.I.D.S by e-mailing her
    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    40px This user has been raped in the ass. This can be perved on at YouTube

    This enemy of the lulz is watching. Always watching!

    Flardox (Lloyd Purser) is a butthurt, dyslexic, homophobic, script kiddie, wannabe grammar Nazi, Jew, E-bully, self-diagnosed Asspie from Portsmouth who has attacked ED by blanking articles. He has also created two petitions, the first to try and get the Asperger's Syndrome article baleeted and the second to attempt a final solution for what supposedly ails ED. Like most Asspies, Flardox's mom has told him that he is special all his life (his dad just pats him on his helmet with all the shiny stickers on it), causing him to think that he is somehow above the TOS of a website and that he can do whatever he wants without any repercussions. The end result of this bad parenting is that he has become a major internet asshole and all-round fucktard, complete with a serious case of unwarranted self-importance.

    In the Asstard community, he is well known as being nothing more than a lapdog for Phil's World, who is sent to somehow destroy all of Phil's "Aspie Enemies" by acting like an assclown. Like most mongs, Flardox believes in Social Darwinism, and thinks that the flailing race should rule the world. He plans to soon expedite this by killing everyone in Portsmouth (including his non-Assburger family members).

    I warned you. take this article down NOW or I will make sure vandals delete every article on this pathetic excuse for a website you have been warned


    —Why the holocaust was a good idea.

    Chronology (Events will be added as they occur.)

    They had a site that you saw and didn't like and YOU made the first strike against THEM.


    — Ross Lumbus in response to Flardox's bawwwfest over ED.

    [January 5, 2008 (Collapse)January 5, 2008 (Expand)]

    As Virus x he blanked Asperger's Syndrome. Was raped by Tfo because he was asking for it.

    [January 9, 2008 (Collapse)January 9, 2008 (Expand)]

    As Virus v he replaced Asperger's Syndrome with the unfunny version from Wikipedia. He also blanked the talk page. It was White Mystery to the rescue this time, raping the retard.

    Flardox's parents recently bought a dog.

    [January 12, 2008 (Collapse)January 12, 2008 (Expand)]

    As Xodralf he blanked Phil's World and the user page after he was butthurt by SuperMonkeyMan who rightly called him a crybaby. He also blanked Jasper's user page. Note that it was not Jasper who put the cocks and dongs on that user page for the lulz, but SuperMonkeyMan. SuperMonkeyMan's user page was blanked and replaced with more words of wisdom. This comment has been retained on his user page for the lulz, while User:Hoveround gave him a 365 day banhammer confirming that he was a whiny bitch crybaby.

    [February 4, 2008 (Collapse)February 4, 2008 (Expand)]

    Flardox BAWWWWING in his NeoPet fursona
    The faggot returned as Flardox and this time he let us down by not blanking anything! But he targetted Phil's World and Asperger's syndrome again like the butthurt emosexual he is. In particular he whined like Chris Crocker when he removed his personal details that Jericho had delightfully provided us with. At the same time he removed links to Phil's World and to an Asspie forum called Aspies for Freedom - Asspie's way to demand the right to be a fucktard. Dracula restored the details for the lulz.

    On the Asperger's syndrome page he removed the reference to Aspies for Freedom and the reference to his first petition. On the Phil's World page he removed the link to his user page on the site, and the link to his second petition. He also took out all the other links to Phil's World, proving that Dragonspawn might be right about this faggot being a schizophrenia identity of the owner of the site, Timelord.

    Weatherman restored the lulz, and he raped Flardox for 2 weeks but then he changed his mind for moar lulz.

    [February 6, 2008 (Collapse)February 6, 2008 (Expand)]

    The attack on Encyclopedia Dramatica continues as Flardox publishes an article on his blog Hating Ignorance, questioning Encyclopedia Dramatica's inteligence Self-Baleet. We all know that anybody who questions someone's level of intelligence is just trying to hide the fact he's just really insecure about themselves. The blog is then followed by numerous comments from Richard C Mongler, Hal Turner and supporters from Phils World.com. Flardox should take a moment from deleting to pay attention, or what little this 13 year old boy has, and remember that he did strike first. Maybe if he said sorry, things wouldn't have to be like this.

    [February 12, 2008 (Collapse)February 12, 2008 (Expand)]

    The lolcow comes back with this message:

    I'd love to see what you come up with after all I can use it against you! to all E.D spammers on both petitions get this inside your inferior minds! Your comments will be used against you you are only making your site look even worse people are laughing at you behind your backs you are not insulting me in any way only doing the opposite making me laugh at you! goodbye Imbeciles! Flaredox P.s there is no need to spam the petitions anymore I don't need them P.P.S DO NOT POST MY EMAIL ADDRESS AGAIN! And they all lived happily ever after!

    WhiteMystery decided enough of the niceties and raped Flardox.

    [February 20, 2008 (Collapse)February 20, 2008 (Expand)]

    Note: Before I start this letter, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone in the AFF forum for your welcoming nature and for tolerating the current ’drama’ that has been going on between Flardox and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

    Dear Flardox.

    After 2 months of having to revert your vandalism, listening to your slanderous comments, attacking specific Encyclopedia Dramatica user pages, and making accounts on Encyclopedia Dramatica without reading the TOS. We at Encyclopedia Dramatica would like to request an official apology in your own words stating that;

    1) You are sorry for insulting any of Encyclopedia Dramatica’s users. 2) You now understand that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a parody site. 3) You acknowledge that you have used the accounts Flardox, Xodralf, Virus x and Virus v on Encyclopedia Dramatica. 4) You will never make another edit on Encyclopedia Dramatica ever again. 5) You have been trolled by Encyclopedia Dramatica. 6) You like Mudkips.

    You can do this by making a new thread on the ‘Treatment in society’ called ‘My Apology’ and making your statement. We hope that you can comply with are request as soon as possible. If you like to request a change in your article, please see http://www.encyclopediadramatica.ch/Arbchat for more advice.

    Have a nice day.


    Flardox returned fire with this bullshit -

    well as for the last part you can foget about it! besides I do not apologise to inferioir species such as the E.D users read this clearly I will not apologise until you have deleted the asperger article.- Flardox, asking for it.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica presented Flardox with option wherein he could apologize for his actions, and in return, ED would not only refrain from publishing the pictures of his mom which had been found, but would furthermore take down a few other parts of this article. Flardox also blames Encyclopedia Dramatica for the rising levels of gay porn in his inbox compared to the usual furry porn he just subscribes to from Neopets. This is only partly true, as his email address links back to this article, so now everytime a bot is looking to send porn somewhere, it will google "@hotmail.com" and hence find Flardox's dox. Flardox also admits now that he did attack ED first, and that he is also not the judge of the internets, though this conflicts with his own argument by judging ED for going too far with their own attack. He then bitches on for awhile about how people with aspies are the better race, and that everyone at Encyclopedia Dramatica are cowards.

    [March 1, 2008 (Collapse)March 1, 2008 (Expand)]

    The drama invaded Wikipedia when a user called SallyPersian caused more lulz with nice pictures on his user page and talk page. Flardox was butthurt again and blanked his page but SallyPersian persisted with the lulz. Unfortunately SallyPersian was warned by the unfunny Wiki admin and so it ended.

    [April 24, 2008 (Collapse)April 24, 2008 (Expand)]

    Flardox admits that he was in the wrong by posting a blog entry named "An apology".

    To Encyclopaedia Dramatica.

    I apologise for what has happened over the last few months I was stressed because of issues with a relative dieing and GCSE stuff

    I reacted in the wrong way and I am truthfully sorry about it the words on a certain website made me believe they were right and you were in the wrong

    I promise to keep an open mind about things in future

    I have apologised now

    I would like the article on me to be deleted and my email address deleted

    besides I have acted like an ass-pie in the past months!

    once again I offer my sincere apologies for all the vandalism


    Lloyd Purser

    P.S Ass-pie is quite a good insult! to call an idiotic aspie!!!

    His dumbass "stressed" actions were apparently brought on by the stress of a relative dying, and some GCSE stuff. Most EDiots still believe that it was brought on by his obviously genetically flawed mind though, because he still didn't meet all of the criteria from the February 20th 2008 request from the E.D thread on the Aspies for Freedom forum, but most don't give a shit because he fails at the internets and everything else anyway.

    [August 14, 2009 (Collapse)August 14, 2009 (Expand)]

    Flardox was discovered being a total moralfag and trying to start his own personal army against Angry Homo Kid and JoshU2uber. After this information was added to his ED page, he deleted the blog entry and made a couple of accounts and did more vandalism.

    OH NOES iPetition

    PROTIP: Make sure you help the petition with your comments.

    First Petition: inapproriate article on Encylcopedia Dramatica CLOSED DUE TO AIDS.

    After getting more hammers than B&Q, our downy little retard made a petition to delete the Asperger's page. It started off badly with a few crybaby trolls from AFF blowing their loads all over it, but soon a few brave EDiots (and Chris Crocker) helped out with some pro-black comments and uplifting song lyrics. To which Flardox replied with:

    oh dear isn't that sad? the poor 'ickle peabrains from E.D can't pay attention to notices due to their completely inferior brains? I will say this again... ALL COMMENTS / SLANDER WILL BE POSTED ON MY BLOG FOR EVERYONE TO SEE WHAT COMPLETE IMBECILES YOU ARE!!! also the things you are saying are only making me laugh keep at it ! soon I'l have enough to turn into a joke book! called... "the classic hit's of E.D's members" with a warning below... WARNING! contains large amount of stupidity excessive use may cause you to die of laughter.


    —Flardox the ungrateful fucktard

    Second Petition: Shut Down Encyclopedia Dramatica!!! CLOSED DUE TO BUTTHURT BAWWWWING.

    Flardox in a fit of angry nerd rage made another petition after bashing his EDiot "supporters" in a most unsolicited manner on his previous one. This time he skipped the anesthetic and made a petition to shut down ED. After being up since last Thursday, the petition lit up like Hiroshima with hate and dongs flying all over the place. Flardox replied to the situation with the following quote:

    as I said on the previous petition all stupid comments / abuse will be posted on my blogfor everyone to laugh at you. Oh and tell E.D they may as well remove the link from their article to these petitions as I dont need them anymore and I am only using your comments against you.


    —BAWWWW Flardox


    Flardox's Words of Wisdom

    While Flardox likes to think himself better than people who don‘t need to make up psycho syndromes as an excuse for lack of social grace, his inane (failed diplomatic) ramblings have provided many lulz for the troll masses. Hypocritical, communistic, batshit crazy, WTF, leftarded and faggotry are only a handful of descriptions that can describe the comments below.

    well I was (a friend) but only to get rid of a few things. after attacking ross and joeker well I realised they are true friends as they accepted my apology. anyways after seeing the amount of times joeker and ross were attacked by phil I thought "(beep!) it". anyways for all I know phil could select me to be one of his bum-chums.


    —User:Flardox on Another blog on March 15, 2008 which resulted in him getting a banhammer in the ass from Phil's World

    Wacka Dawson said: No, Flardox, I shall not leave

    [Flardox] that is where you are wrong wacka

    you WILL leave or my friend will make sure your computer is completely fried.

    you forget I can track IP addresses



    Bitches Don't Know Bout His IP Tracking Skillz!!!oneoneone

    that is for psoting pornographic images on my user page


    —Reference Virus x

    that will teach you to call me a "whiney bitch lolcow"


    —Teacher can I go to the little boys room?

    right that is it

    I attempted to delete their article and now they have gone too far

    I am going to make sure this website is shut down and the owners arrested

    they seem to not realise that showing sexual images to minors is against the law


    —TOS Flardox?

    delete that article NOW or I will personally make sure your website is shut down and all responsible for it taken to court

    you have been warned


    —Flardox on Phil's World

    If you are going to insult me try and actually get my age correct or is that to difficult for your primitive NT brains?


    Kill the NT's with gas

    i know this sounds really bad but i dont trust non autistics or like talking to them save for my family and friends


    —Flardox on AFF forum

    No need for comment, you are preaching to the choir here mate The light blinds

    So behold darkness as our new light In our darkness we can see

    So with others blindness

    We take flight.


    —Typical emo, Aspie, poetry that shows he wants to be a flight attendant when he grows up

    i was just wondering but does any one know how to destroy websites because i was thinking someone could delete the hating autism blog by foresam (sorry if someone already thought of this)


    —Future DMCA noob

    who needs petitions when you can send hacker? *smiles evilly*



    urgh complete bastards they have posted my email adresses and ETC If anyone knows how to hack their website it would be much appreciated!



    oh dear couldn't think of a better retaliation?

    I begging to be raped am I?

    you shouldn't say such things like that to a teenager dracula after all people could think you are a paedophile!

    although you probably are both you and SupermonkeyMan

    considering this site most of the members are especially the bitch of an owner

    oh wait i shouldn't have said that I'll probably get horrificly slandered for insulting your "queen" I am so scared! (sarcasm)

    you probably all call her the "queen" because you all want to get in bed with her you sick bastards.

    when you all die the happier I will be!


    —Flardox busting on Girlvinyl

    your use of the american freedom of speech is bullshit is a disabilty discrimination group found out about what you were putting about people with multiple disabilities well you would be in severe trouble.



    well gues what richard [pikajedi4] ... I don't care!

    Do not ever speak to me like that again

    this person came onto this site strictly for the purpose of trolling me I do not need to be told what to do by you

    I am not prepared to talk about this anymore it is not me who needs to grow up and let things go I already have it is these fuck wits from E.D


    —Flardox in angry nerd rage mode

    besides I do not apologise to inferioir species such as the E.D users

    read this clearly

    I will not apologise until you have deleted the asperger article.


    —Flardox the righteous vandal

    this is a simple warning to those considering messing about with this site.

    this forum is for discussion and constructive criticism NOT for you to be abusive with

    what will not be tolerated is




    remember Admins hold the ability and right to withdraw posting privliges and delete accounts

    so keep that in mind


    —Flardox the Jew asking for it on Shamshir's forum

    I have changed the name because from now on I am going to take a less slanted view of things and basically not act Butthurt



    well that didn't take much

    seriously I thought the protection force was supposed to be tougher than that?

    Or are you too scared to take on a little Retard like me?

    You Fail at trolling


    —Self-admitted little retard

    12 years old and now massively hated across the internet.........smooth moves............not...


    —It could be worse... he could be a teenager that is just as hated across the internet

    See Also: Wannabe grammar Nazi

    Surrender of Flardox

    January 5th ~ April 24th (over 9000 internet years) Flardox's internets have now died. YHBT YHL HAND.

    Flardox the Moralfag

    The recovered blog entry after he tried to hide it
    File:Flardox for teh lulz.PNG
    He is butthurt for his our lulz

    After much Atheist soul searching, Flardox has come to realize that the only way to stop being a bisexual Aspie douche is to become a moralfag, bisexual, Aspie douche. After failing at trying to enlist his own personal army, Flardox made several shitty YouTube Poop's against Angry Homo Kid and JoshU2uber due to none of them wanting to have buttsecks with his godless ass.


    Flardox's ED Accounts

    Even though ED's TOS has been repeatedly explained to him, this prissy Assburger still tries his best to blank his and Phil's World page under the guise of "Keep it up E.D you are only making me laugh at you!". He has used the following IDs on ED:

    • Flardox
    • Xodralf
    • Virus x
    • Virus v
    • Cadaka
    • Montenga‎
    • Yhpb12‎
    • PO97‎
    • Jughead90‎
    • John Hall
    • Kendamaru‎
    • DaLuLzHeD


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    This world hates Aspies :( Time to make another account and carry on bitching >:(

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