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    File:Flameviper photo.jpg
    Flameviper can't work a camera very well
    ED Sleuths found the original picture. He shooped out his fursuit

    Flameviper is a 13 year old boy who believes he is the greatest thing to hit the internets since TOW. He is also a convicted Wikipedia sock puppet-master and has been b& forever for his faggotry. Flameviper suffers from an acute case of unwarranted self-importance and does not know what CS-III is.


    Flameviper's dearest dream is becoming a Wikipedia Administrator.
    Too bad Flameviper has been perma-b& from Wikipedia over six times, as well as being booted from Uncyclopedia, and numerous other wikis all over the interbutts for ban-evasion, sockpuppetry, abuse, faggotry, failure to deliver lulz, and self-whoring. He has a disorder similar to Snapesnogger in that he cannot take any form of criticism. Telling him that he has done something wrong will invariably merit a flood of insults including his hilarious one liner: "Your mum". Flameviper has managed to even get in trouble on a site like Illogicopedia and it is predicted that his next stop to go and "hope to become an administrator" will be Inciclopedia. Flameviper has copypasta-d the same info into all of his wiki userpages, this information in itself is shit nobody cares about. Instead of reading about what level he is on Runescape or what his rating on hotornot is, people would much rather see a snake getting punched in the face.


    Living with mom

    As with most basement dwellers, Flameviper lives with his mother. Unlike most basement dwellers, he can only get on the internets at certain times. Naturally these are the times when he is ripe to be trolled.

    "an hour (or two hours) every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 
    Thursday, and Friday (weekdays). 
    This time is usually pretty consistent, from 12:10 to 12:45.
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm sometimes on between 10:45 and 
    11:20, but don't count on it.
    On Saturdays, I might be on for a short time, and on Sundays,
    I will probably never be on.

    When Flameviper is not on the internet, his mom is downloading scat porn and he is masturbating furiously in his room to Snapesnogger art.

    Identity Crisis

    Flameviper professes to be:

    However, ED's top sleuths have discovered that Flameviper (aka Flameviper12, Son of a Peach, Whosapeach, Flip_Merav_21, HUNGY MAN etc.) is in fact a 13 year old boy called Adam Ridley. Though the last point is probably true too.

    Fur Faggotry

    File:Snake getting punched in the face.jpg
    ED's official policy towards Flameviper

    Although he'll deny it, FlameViper was once an active poster on furry-furry <-- Click to see his postings. He recommended good places to find pictures of furries with "blurred genitals," making him a furfag who should yiff in hell.

    Some Quotes from FlameViper on Furry-Furry

    "im new to this forum and i love furs i love scalies and deer their tales turn me on"


    — --FlameViper, October 7, 2006 (Topic: I'm new here...hello)

    "fo me it was when i was 12 or 13 i cant remember which just wondering whether anyone found out about it earlyer or if I found out about it too young?"


    —--FlameViper, October 9, 2006 (Topic: When did you first discover furries and yiff?)

    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Flameviper got on irc to try to get an ED account and hopefully become an admin while the wiki was down. ED e-detectives immediately searched multiple internets for information on the fucktard. Upon finding his personal wiki, he spammed into the channel that we shouldn't vandalize it with goatse. Multiple instances of Huge3.jpg were uploaded instead. FlameViper's problem with ED is genetic and it could have been cured by a 23rd-trimester abortion. He is prone to mood swings and nasty outbursts due to diabeetus and aspergers.

    Why no good deed to him goes unpunished

    Someone actually was nice to him and encouraged him to write his thoughts about Wikipedia and ED. Flameviper is such an asshole, he falsely accused the person of copying that from somewhere (when it was too short to even copyable in the first place) and then Flameviper ignored the request.


    For the first time in at least 100 years, someone with an article about them on ED did not delete fucking everything in a butthurt rage. No, FlameViper is much more anal than that. He got an account on ED for the simple task of changing every V on this page to a v. This was his plan b, after his original plan to attack ED was laughed at by the people he was trying to recruit. No hugbox and no waaambulance were present - this was pure nerd rage at its finest. Flameviper has added nothing else notable to ED, further cementing proof that he is a failure at life.

    Questionable Décor

    While E-Detectives were observing the Flameviper in its natural habitat - freenode social - they became aware that he had an unusual piece of décor in his toilet. Namely a picture of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night above his toilet. As it turned out, Flameviper does not in fact have a poster above his toilet, but rather a mirror, as quoted in ED IRC:

    [10:14] Flameviper: bathroom has a mirror above the toilet

    This is presumably to quench his mother's aforementioned scat fetish through an elaborate arrangement of mirrors that allows her to touch herself without hauling her mammoth ass off the bed.


    On Flameviper's "Things that are awesome" page he states that "4chan sucks, and then you leave, and then you read Encyclopedia Dramatica for 14 hours, and then you get everything."
    Flameviper is incorrect in his analysis of 4chan. Firstly, 4chan is not that awesome, and secondly; the mandatory hours that anyone should read ED for before entering the rest of the internets is at least 100. Flameviper has also bastardized longcat into this abomination. He got b& there too.


    Conversation from mercenarie213

    Hey Sparky ''[Flameviper]''. It's mercenarie213, from RIO.
    I want to tell you that if you have reason to suspect RIO of attacking your wiki, then you should remember that [[Sarcasm|you weren't exactly the greatest user ever]]. I'm not trying to be mean at all. I'm just pointing out the facts to you.
    What you did: 
     *Intentionally annoyed everyone on the site
     *Posted CP on the site
    What we did: 
     *Attacked your wiki a few times.
    So, to be frank, we did much less to you then you did to us. I will not, and have not taken part in an attack on this wiki, but I feel like you need to understand why some users are still upset at you. Thank you for your time, and you can ban this account now if you feel the need to.

    Proof of his Jewishness

    <NeoLobster> Failviper: here's a test. There's a dollar bill and jesus in a tent, and it's on fire.
    <NeoLobster> Which do you save?
    <Failviper> the dollar


    On his quest to fag up every community website on the internet, Flameviper has a page on YouTube that proves that he is most certainly a 13 year old boy. There is much evidence pointing towards this, but a simple video should suffice.

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