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Saddest man alive LOL DEAD

Patrick Mannix Sr., otherwise known as "Flaglerchat" or "Obnoxious Bitch", (not to be confused with Jason Gilliam, known scam artist and owner of is a 60+ year old fail-troll that retired to the internet after years of lost lolsuits. His wife is divorcing for being a retard, leaving him financially and emotionally crippled, so online trolling is the only thing left that gives him any semblance of power in his life..


Patrick and his wife ex-wife.

Flaglerchat specializes in trying to get the personal information of people and following them around the internet with said information, always ready to remind you he has a rough idea of your name, your geographical location and a blurry photo from 1991. He has never successfully been permabanned from any forum as he is an obsessive, senile man who has no life, thus he will peruse petty feuds for literally years using open proxies.

In the past, Patrick worked as a phone operator, postal worker and later as an election officer. This enabled him to have access to personal information so he could stalk all of Bristol, VA with his mad skillz and fueled his obsession that would later devolve to him spending all his time logging people's IP addresses and suing his county in an attempt to gain access to confidential files for continued stalking. Was this just coincidence or was this man literally making his career choices based on what position will enable his stalking? Who knows.

These lawsuits and general creepy behaviors finally resulted in him accumulating thousands of dollars worth of legal debts from court battles he lost. Facts:

  • Arrested and ejected from public meetings over thirteen times.
  • Made over 1,000 harassing calls to talk radio shows and 3 different radio stations filed criminal charges against him.
  • Filed so many frivolous lawsuits in Washington County, he is banned from ever filing one there again.
  • Banned from public speaking at meetings in Washington County all together.

Although some might mistake this for epic trolling, in reality this is little more than the stereotypical, over-zealous, senile man who has nothing better to do than waste his time getting butthurt over town-hall meetings.


Washington County Circuit Court > flaglerchat

Since 1989, Mannix was sued 28 times in Washington County Circuit Court, not counting a divorce case and an application for a concealed handgun permit. After over a decade of bogging down the legal system with frivolous lawsuits and endless appeals, Patrick Mannix was BANNED from ever filing another lawsuit in Washington County, VA again. Now, legally forbidden from harassing the Washington County Supervisors anymore, Mannix turns his obsession to the next best thing an aging loser turns to after local government: radio talk shows. He would not discuss in detail how he finances his legal crusades, however it is estimated that he has sunk over $10,000 towards them in the last two decades. He would spend that much again fighting talk-show host Deny Bernier's attorneys over collecting money he thinks they're not entitled to.

IRL Drama


Request to access public records, without charge, of the current members of the Board of Supervisors for the entire time period each has served on the board by Patrick J. Mannix, Sr.; copy of Code of Virgin-ia, Section 15.1-531; letter to Mr. Mannix allowing access to records, stipulating conditions, and specific dates and times.



Patrick Mannix addressed the Supervisors repeating previous requests that the Board of Supervisors investigate his allegations against the Sheriff's Department and Commonwealth Attorney by filing his complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Mannix was sued for Malicious prosecution.
Lost and was ordered to pay $25,000 compensatory; $30,000 punitive damages.


this actually happened.

Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Justice.

Dismissal of Patrick J. Mannix, Sr. v. Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington County Board of Supervisors, et al. (regarding demand for payment of medical bills). The County Attorney referenced a memorandum in agenda materials that advised the Board of court order entered on June 29, 2001, by Judge Joseph Tate dismissed with prejudice, a lawsuit that Mr. Mannix filed against the Board of Supervisors and other defendants for payment of medical expenses that Mr. Mannix alleged incurred as a result of his removal from a meeting of the Board of Supervisors in April, 1998.



Complaining that the Board of Supervisors sold a piece of land they did not own.



  • Trespassing on government property and illegal possession of a key to government property.
  • Ran for Board of Supervisors on democratic ticket, lost.
  • Sued board of Supervisors.
  • Sued board of Supervisors for injuries sustained after being ejected from a meeting in 1998, lost.
  • Freedom of Information letters pertained to information on closed door Board of Supervisors meetings.


  • Board of Supervisors eliminated public speaking at meetings because of Patrick Mannix.

"They eliminated it to shut me up," said Patrick Mannix, a self-described government watchdog who said he began attending board meetings in 1990 and started getting arrested at the meetings in 1995. Mannix said he was arrested 13 times over the years.




Mannix charged in Tennesee with telephone harassment.

Exhibit A; "Pat Mannix Calls to WPWT 870AM" provided to the Sullivan County Law Court by Information Communications Corporation, indicates that Pat Mannix attempted to call WPWT 870AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities" 521 times between September 5, 2005 and October 10, 2005 and also attempted to call the afternoon WPWT 870AM "The Local View" program 252 times between September 5, 2005 and October 10, 2005.



  • Mannix runs for Sheriff, uses Topix dot com for his mudslinging campaign against Sheriff Newman, loses election.
  • Mannix starts harassing "The Marc Bernier Show".

After calling this radio show over 150 times, they block Mannix from calling. Mannix sues the show for refusing to accept his calls, demanding $3,000. The lawsuit went badly for Mannix, as Bernier counter-sued and won $10,000 in attorney fees. Mannix responding by suing Marc Bernier's lawyers secretary.

Mannix contested the initial $10,000 in sanctions, designed to punish someone who sues frivolously or to harass, all the way to the Supreme Court. After the high court refused to hear the appeal, Bernier’s lawyers filed a petition to tack another $1,000 of expenses onto Mannix’s bill. The circuit court judge presiding over the case approved it – and then went a step further.

"Mr. Mannix is ordered to make payments of at least $200.00 per month until the full amount of monetary sanctions is paid," states the Aug. 21, 2009, order approved by Judge Isaac St. Clair Freeman. Freeman also ordered that he would "superintend ministerially the execution of [his] orders, including enforcement of the Court’s directive that Mr. Mannix make regular minimum monthly payments."


Patrick made multiple, desperate attempts to weasel out of paying his debt that included:

  • Suing random employees at the lawfirm he was ordered to pay.
  • Making multiple attempts to declare the judge unfit to serve.
  • Begging the same judge for his mercy by writing a four page letter asking him to recuse himself.

The judge told him to fuck off and legally forbade him from appealing the case again. Still, Mannix would not pay and is still trying to find ways to appeal.

Eye Witness Accounts
A picture of his house

Pat has made himself a name around town for being an idiot. When a failed attempt to troll some forum was met with resistance, Pat swore eternal revenge against one of the users. Said user went to the town's local community forum to ask if anyone has any dirt on Patrick and hailed these results:

Here is a "man" that goes to his mail box on Holidays and Sundays, to check for mail wearing his houserobe, baseball cap, sandles and white socks, no pants or shirt, in the middle of the day. He jiggles the flag on the mailbox (three times) and opens and closes the mailbox door (three times) and sticks his hand in to feel around to make sure he didn't miss something. He will repeat this trip, clothed thank God after the first trip, and preform his ritual about two or three times during the course of a day. What does this tell you???



It was also discovered that at one point someone threw chicken bones in Pat's and he responded by putting up a sign at the front of his house promising to reward anyone with information that could help him bring the criminal to justice.

Clearly he is a delusional fuck.

A TROLOLOL is born

After being humiliated yet again and running low on funds, Mannix went back to Topix to slam Marc Bernier. He also started a blog about Bernier, posted his dox and accused him of having a gay husband that "Beats him like a rented mule".

No longer able to sue in his state and realizing the ramifications of harassing radio announcers, Mannix went to the only place he could: the internet. While writing his gay blog that no one read he came to the realization that online, although it would be harder to sue people, it would also be harder for them to get rid of/sue him. Enlightened as a 13 year-old /b/tard, this grown-ass man decided to become an internet troll.

This is where Patrick Mannix decided to be more careful about hiding his identity and split his lust for doxing people and his natural personality into 2 distinct characters. The first, Flaglerchat, acts as a 15 year old boy who posts nonsensical strings of personal information in bold, Template:Greentext, AltERnaTINg CApS while claiming he cannot be banned, using the 1337 power of free email accounts and free proxies that he thinks makes him some sort of computer hacker. This fulfills Pat's desire to be young again and gives him the false impression that he has not wasted his life. His second alternate identity is a 35 year old transvestite named Obnoxious Bitch, fulfilling his desire to be a woman. He often claims that Flaglerchat and Obnoxious Bitch are two unrelated people who people are trying to confuse with one another, but the fact that they both go to the same forums, mention each other and wherever you find Flaglerchat's Email address posted you are sure to find OB's as well just goes to prove pat is a retard who doesn't know how to cover his tracks.

Now, instead of annoying the Washington County Board of Supervisors, Mannix channels his rage to message board owners through Obnoxious Bitch. OB is the champion of Patrick's right to post peoples personal information, and his own #1 fan. This means he does online exactly what he does 100% IRL: Chronic masturbation.

A senile old man stumbles into EDF2

His son Timothy.
His other son Patrick.

Pat likes to target troll forums for his trolling. Specifically, he goes to a baby-troll forum, posts a bunch of IP addresses and claims he has destroyed them. In actuality, some of the forums he "destroyed" are still up and running and those that aren't were shut down by a group called "Digital Gangsters" that he has nothing to do with. High on false confidence he decided to take on EDF2, but this time, he was utterly out of his league.

Part 1: Butthurt over article

After finding this article he attempted to blank it at least twice and when that didn't work he posted dox of Zaiger on his userpage, inciting people to sue him, that were so wrong no one even bothered to delete them for over a year. After that he was not seen again because, despite his claims that he could not be banned, one IP ban was enough to scare him off.

Part 2: White Knighting friend's fat whore girlfriend that he wanted to fuck

Some time later a man named KKKoonhater showed up on ED's forum. No, this was not Flaglerchat. It was just a fat neckbeard who posted his oddly shaped cock and tried to prove to everyone what an amazing troll he is. This was met with nothing but yawns until he invited his fat, jewish girlfriend to the forum. The two got laughed at and trolled to the point that they swore revenge against EDF2 forever.

Here Pat returned. KKKoonhater made a thread claiming that he is calling his awesome crew of hyper trolls to destroy us by sending false ToS violation reports to another forum to get it shut down and blaming EDF2 for it. Soon, he said, EDF2 will be overrun by some sort of angry lizard enthusiasts who's forum was closed down. This never happened and his troll crew turned out to just be Flaglerchat who spammed a single thread before both of them got banned, KKKoonhaters account got hacked and he was nominated for the EDF2 Faggot of the Year award.

Part 3: Return a year later to take down EDF2

Despite his claims that "U KKKun't Bant Der flaglerchat", which is like his catchphrase or something, Flagler was gone for over a year. Around the end of 2013 he returned, somehow still butthurt over being banned a year ago, and began his awesome revenge. He would make an account containing linkwrap'd, 1px over 1px image in his signature that redirects curious onlookers to IPlogger, and then bitch slap his "victims" by showing them their IP addresses (Everyone knows it isn't dox without an IP.).

Obviously this did not work. IPlogger is a shitty site that gives highly inaccurate information and all this lead to was a string of failed attempts to dox Zaiger, even though he uses his real name, scamp, who literally gave him his IP address just to watch him fail, MrGask who's wrong dox he copied and pasted off his ED article, uber and oddguy who he though was the one banning him so he made a sock called "oddguyisafag".

In the end, all his "epic trolling" got him was having this article (which was originally just copy-pasted from somewhere else) beefed up with more information and his children's dox. Which is probably the kind of attention he was trying to avoid when he was blanking it. Soon the ability to link to, which was as far as his "hacking" goes, was blocked on the forum and his socks (which his old ass only had the energy to make once a day) were being banned before he even had a chance to post. Thus, out of options, Flagler went back to crying alone in the dark over his wasted life.


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Rest in Peace you Glorious Retard

On December 31, 2014 Flaglerchat died. It is unclear what he died of but one of the comments on his memorial page hints at cancer. Meaning he died of what he had always been. Oh the Irony.

Leave him a note and a flower on his page on "Find a Grave".

See Also

We put in a request to "Find A Grave" to take a picture of his tombstone. It'll make it easier for someone to piss on his grave.

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