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    Rog & Tyrone

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    Rog and Tyrone are 2 Fiverr "spokesmen" who's jobs are to read scripts given to them by fat autists for 5 dollars.

    The Fiverr 4chan Video Olympics

    The Fiverr 4chan Video Olympics began around December 2013 when someone from 4chan used fiverr.com to purchase a cheap testimonial video.

    For $5—also known as nigger wages—a motivational speaker nicknamed Rog (Roger Stockburger) was praising Satsuki from Kill la Kill while making verbal snipes about other anime. Understanding anything coming out of his mouth takes considerable effort for anyone who isn't Australian; especially when he attempts to say difficult Japanese words. Rog's services were also used to declare MPC superior to VLC, both of these are media players that are used to watch anime and there is controversy over which is superior.

    Not everyone on 4chan agreed with Rog's statements and they hired a black guy who was born in Cameroon to offer a counterargument.

    He now lives in Britain but nobody knew his name at the time, so everyone called him Tyrone. Just like his Austrian counterpart, he also has an accent.

    Rog and Tyrone are continually paid to create additional videos, some of which were remixed into YouTube Poop. Ultimately, several of the $5 videos were combined, showing the two grown men in business suits "debating" with each other about anime.


    Tyrone threatens you
    Doom Tyrone
    Argentina is white

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