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Self defeating furfag FTW
And she supports an A+ admin!
And she's made a slashfic comic with herself and Lolly.

Firedarkdragon is your typical deviantART furfag, but with a twist. As most furfags love cutesy, fuzzy things with five penises, this one instead likes gore, violence, and blood (with, of course, five penises). Someone's mommy didn't hug them enough, either that or daddy raped someone a bit too much. A fine example of your super popular furfag, the only reason they are popular is they have no life and do nothing but spam shitty art for their friends and themselves to try and make each others butthurt go away. What they do not realize is, no amount of shitty art will make things better. Not Even Doom Music.

dA Shenanigans

Certainly not a fantard.
Because this has never been done before.

Firefurfagon is very popular on deviantART as she caters to the demands of the site in spades: Angst, Furries, Anime, Yiffing, Emos, Faggotry, and last but certainly not least, stupidity. Her skill at trend-whoring is so epic that only a few artists can surpass her. Zeriara and Snapesnogger come to mind. God forbid she ever starts raping the Lion King or Harry Potter fandoms.

Also, she loves playing the victim: "I have no friends, I am alone, I waste all my time in a computer screen, baaaaaaaah!!!!11!!1!"

She is very active on dA and has many clubs which she belongs to and many friends all over the world.

  • The 13 year old boy who treats furfagon as his cocksheath.
  • Her alleged daughter, product of rape? PROBABLY! deactivated.
  • Her own fanclub made of equal parts fail and aids.
  • Another club she belongs to. So hXc, Now defunct
  • Plus a tl;dr journal that nobody in their right mind would actually read. (and if you try to click on the link to sign some "hate ED petition", you get photobucket! lulz!!) HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. It got AIDS and died.

Fuhduhduh draws dragons because:




Breaking news: The DA journal about it BALEETED! The screencaps below will have to do.

Recently, furfagon has been moar and moar suicidal. At the present time, we are unsure if this is related to The Great Sonic-cide of 2007 but we are keeping our ears to our intarnets. I'll let the journals tell the story.

Of course, Luz (more like Lulz, amirite?) thought the best thing to do when you get raped is log in to your DA, post a journal about it! Don't forget to answer with crying smilies without any bit of explanation to whoever comments on your journal. Outcome: Hundreds of free pageviews. And as any deviantARTlet can tell you, pageviews = liquid sex.

The most lulz-worthy quote:

how id wish to be crushed by a car...damnit ;_;

btw: i was raped for 3rd time by the same guy :depressed:
my C, when will u save me??? im dying ;_;




The Imaginary Rapist Dies

  • On Wednesday Jan 24, 2007, 9:16 AM firefagon broke the news that her favorite hugbox inducing medium had just passed away in this journal. The rapist, who remains unnamed (which is surprising given firfagon's history of naming people who shouldn't be), met with vigilante justice sometime recently. This is both hilarious and sad, as we have searched as many news networks websites, and have found ZERO news on any rapists, or murdering of a rapist in the Argentine region of the world.

i was in my building`s door watching all,

but i never imagined the guy was dead,
all i can guess is those ppl hitted him to death.




  • We have concluded that flamingdouchedrinker has made up the whole drama about being raped just to garner attention from people. We have a picture of her, and she is no prize, other than the fact that she is apparently easy to rape repeatedly. Also, to any rapist in her area, she believes she is a dragon and the queen of hell; if you do manage to rape her, please take pictures and make sure they end up on the major news networks. It sure is convenient that her would-be assailant has been slain, because now he won't have to answer for his crimes in a court of law! South America isn't known for it's legal process but it probably isn't just a bunch of guys with spears grunting at each other. Now with no rapist, how will fuckingdongdevourer create emo journals where she is the victim? We have no idea either, but we will keep you up to date on what imaginary problem strikes this furfag next.

I killed him lawls

Reaction to ED

The original reaction to ED. Not lulzy at all. But...
Two edits later, at least 100 of her friends are exposed to the Pain Series.
Have we been found out? No, this was just her being stupid.
  • At first firefagon was very happy about her article on ED, for someone who is so constantly depressed, and being raped, it absolutely brightened her day! As that was not lulzy at all, the mastermind behind this article had to do something drastic. This editor noticed that she was linking directly to this page. A plan was sired. The editor quickly slapped the Pain Series template on the top of the page in the hopes that her fanbrats would follow the link to HORROR! And the fantards did click it, and they are now ruined for life and seek shelter in their hugboxes from the horrors that are the intarnets.
  • The best part was that firefagon edited this journal, not once, BUT TWICE, and DID NOT REMOVE THE LINK TO THE PAIN SERIES or even warn her moron fans until the end of her tl;dr journal. One of the terms in the deviantART TOS is: NO LINKING TO PORN. As the editor was sadly not around for the drama he only has reports of the furry's friends commenting "OMG FDD!! THAT WEBSITE IS HORABLEZ! IMMA REPORT U!". Many lulz were gleaned.

  • So many lulz were had that firefaggot will become an hero, at least for a little while. MOAR ON THAT SOON!

An Hero

Gallery of Hugbox and fail:

Not An Hero


Unfortunately, firebushfagon is not an hero. She decided what was best for her friends was to stay and fight the tyranny that was befalling her. She has posted several things, and has started an epic war on the today page of DeviantART. As of this writing we are unsure of what is happening, but we do have pictures.

Link to the journal in question. BALEETED!

A LoLCow Reborn!

Warning, you will not be able to un-read this.

FuhDuhDuh has been feeling the pressure as of late. All of her faggotry has started to catch up with her, as now when she posts journals people are second guessing her. Not everyone is taking her seriously, and this is a great win for most of the internets. We can see from her journal that she is specifically angered by ED, again yet another win for the tubes. Besides calling out ED to come duke it out with her in person (I believe the RAPE APE is doing this on our behalf anyway) she is also reporting on lulzy hilarity that has befallen her in her lifetime. Not only has she been repeatedly raped, she has seen her at least two (2) of her immediate family members killed, and has even seen the gunshot wound. This, coming from Fuhduhduh is most likely more emo bullshit, but it could, in fact, be true. If it is, lulz. If it's not; emo faggotry, then lulz.

Some choice excerpts from the journal of mindrape:

you are going too far with all this, why do u dso this?????? my best friend died and i have to be happy and bouncing??????


— Fuhduhduh

im depressed for this lost, is the 3rd time i see someone dying!!!!! my father was the 1st, my other uncle was the 2nd and i had to see his dead body in the floor with a shoot in the head!!!!!!


— Fuhduhduh

UPDATE: However, ironically, her current signature is:

Ha Ha!! you r ded" (insert point and laugh emoticon here)


Hypocritical bitchfag

So of course faggotdickdipper deleted this latest journal of lulz. Notice how it wasn't even linked to, we knew it wouldn't be there for long. But while it was up, it generated prime lulz. Several things happened in the lulz category,: the first set of comments was mostly asspats and kisses, but then came some weird user who thinks Captain Planet is awesome, who started fucking with her shit. Because of the shit that was started, the journal landed on dA's Today page, and that's when the lulz rolled in. Trolls, Admins, emos and fags all took part, and in the end, they caused the poor little lolcow to delete yet another journal. While most of the lulz were lost in the deletion, we did manage to save a few of the more entertaining lulz.

and all this internet issues are for encyclopedia dramatica's fault, my article is maybe the bigest one, they take info all the time about me and all what i do, they chase me as if i were a criminal, no matter if i say something good, bad, or random....that site is ilegal, they have no right to play like that with ppl's feelings....


Firefagon thinking she has the biggest article on ED

Fuhduhduh's army comes to ED

Furfagon has been noticeably less of a lolcow in recent days, most likely it is due to the advisement of the DeviantART staff during her ban trial where she sucked everyones dick just to avoid punishment, then wrote about it in her journal how she found new rapists to keep her self happy. But while she has been quiet on the dA front, we are aware of firefagon insurgents getting accounts on ED; most likely through email as they are all probably too stupid to understand irc. So far, two blankers have attacked this page and both have been dealt with appropriately, but if you are feeling vengeful you could go to User:Lulzfortehsoul and/or User:Xdstupidnoobdx and leave the furfags what they deserve. Your ever vigilant RAPE SPIDER will defend this page until firefagon is raped on national television.

War am Declared

Intarnets is srs bisns

In the wee hours of January 18th 2007, the editor of the article set in motion the epic war which is currently plastered all over DeviantARTs today page. There are now 4 journals dedicated to this war:

  • Firefagon's hugbox Journal BALEETED!
  • BadFurDay's counter Journal Baleeted due to B&
  • ShadowGamers' tribute and proof Journal Baleeted bdue to B&
  • Firefagon's COUNTER ATTACK Journal lol also BALEETED!

As trolls invade her journal, a fantard of FDD is here to remind them that the internet is srs bisns

So now all of DeviantART has to deal with this shit, and of course, trolls have found which side is the easier to exploit, so many lulz are coming rolling in. The important thing to note is how firefagon's journal is different from the one at the top of this page. Seems like she does care if she is banned, because why else would you take a personal attack out of your journal? Also, the editor has captured many lulz worthy screencaps of faggotry and fail so expect those in the next update. More on this situation as it develops.

Link to the EPIC ATTACK Journal. Sensing a pattern?

Reactions contained in response to firefagons EPIC ATTACK JOURNAL:

The Aftermath

Some time between January 18th and the 19th, 2007 Firefagon had her ENTIRE GALLERY of shitty art and furry faggotry deleted. It is not yet known if this was her decision or the decision of the dA Staff, but what we do know is the staff was responsible for the deletion of 70 or more of her so called artworks.

After the mass delete, a new account was found, QueenFDD: Her fresh new sockpuppet, which not only had her real name, and her original user name, but also the same icon as the original account. We here at ED believe the account was created because firefagon's original sockpuppet was already called out, and would no longer be of any use if she wished to hide. However, several users informed ED of the developement, and when we went to check in on the situation, we were greeted by a massive troll. The troll told us, "Firefagon attempted to hide after the massive attack she preformed against helpless users, we can not allow this to happen. If you are going to act like a retard on the internet, you will be judged accordingly and will not be able to hide, we are always watching." The attack landed firefagon back on the today page of DeviantART so we assume this was the goal of the trolls, to make sure everyone knew about this new sockpuppet. Also, it should be noted that if firefagon was to switch primarily to the new account, she would be wasting 6 months of subscription time; this alone has generated many lulz. It is now baleeted.

Images of the Aftermath:

Her Army of Fanbrats

In a reaction to firefagons an hero status, and to her hugbox journal, her army of morons is attacking an innocent user. They believe he has reported firefagons artwork for gore, or art theft or something. Too bad it was really a sick fuck DeviantARTLET named shadowfag. He is N THAR JOURNAL, FUCKIN DER SHITS, but I don't think they are smart enough to understand unbroken english. Anyway, on with the rape of BadFurDay:

Watch out snapesnogger, this furfag's army could give yours a run for its money:

you got what you anted you got her off deviantart thorw a party I don't care you all on this site suck get over you're self you removed her now you should shut up and eat you're nuts loser



If you are a DeviantARTLET, you could go to BadFurDay's home page and just go nuts with reporting. I am sure that will win you an award of some kind. As it turns out, most of the ATTACKERS were suspended for their faggotry. Go give BadFurDay e-props for winning DeviantART. Nigga dun got banned. :<

The Banhammer Falls

As the helpdesk starts to answer BadFurDay's harrasment reports, users who trolled his page are getting banned one by one.
Here is a list of B&d users:

Despite all the proof gathered by members of the site, Firefagon has not been banned. We here at ED are very confused as to why this is. We here at ED have seen Senior members (Basically a special douche bag, or former staff member) suspended for merely disagreeing with a core staff member, meanwhile, some furry fuck subscriber breaks about 4 or 5 major rules of the TOS and gets off with a mere gallery deletion. See petition section below for the link to help her GTFO the internet permanently.

Suspended Users Ban Evading

Please: whoever wrote this bit of the article, get your facts right faggot. LULZUFAILMATE. GO LURK MOAR. For I am the one who bought you moar drama concerning Amuria and Ramy. LEARN2READPLZ.

An Hero AGAIN!

I wonder if she lost her iPod

Well, faggotydiaperdevourer didn't get very much attention from her last journal about being a complete and utter douchebag, and with out her imaginary rapist to help her get pageviews and asspats, she has resorted to the most drastic measure of all, suicide faking cutting yourself, and claiming your family beat the shit out of you for doing it. If you would like to see the suicide note, please see the images to the left, as the journal will probably be deleted. BALEETED! Snapesnogger beware! FURFAGON IS HERE!

Some one got a visit from the RAPE APE

So that leaves one question; who will take care of her neopets? It seems she isn't quite dead yet, so she will still be able to take care of her neopets, YAY! Please help us by patrolling the dA tubes, in case a Fuhduhduh sock appears anywhere that we don't already know about, or in case one of her lovers or demonspawn posts a journal informing us of further developments.

Damn this bitch sucks at killing herself

A nice beating is great after attempted suicide!

As of Tuesday Jan 30, 2007, 8:07 AM Fuhduhduh is back on devianTART alive and well. Although, all is not sunshine and kittens for the self proclaimed queen of hell. After attempting to kill herself by slitting her wrists (the bitch probably goes across the street, not down the road), she was found by her family who proceeded to do what any loving family would do in that situation; PROMPTLY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER. Now, knowing fuckdipdick's sense for lying and dramatics, we can safely assume that nothing is wrong, and that she is most likely holding out for moar pageviews. She did tell us about a mysterious note she received, that it turns out was written by RAPE-APE, it reads:

this is what you deserve:




— a mysterious note


On Tuesday Jan 30, 2007, 10:36 AM, roughly 2 hours after furfagon's return to the internet from certain suicide, she posted another journal about how her e-boyfriend who lives over 9000 miles away has dumped her. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's because you keep getting raped and trying to commit suicide. I know those are huge turn ons for some guys, but I just can't handle it. Maybe her e-boyfriend realized what a lolcow his supply of internet pussy has always been, but re-examining the situation, this is probably fake too. I'll bet you 10 internets that they get back together before too long; if firefagon can conquer suicide 5 times, how can one man's rejections stop her?

Journal Deletions

Furfagon is now in a happy mood because all her problems were fake. Well, except for the fact that her 13 year old boy friend has e-dumped her, and the fact that the internet in general hates her. She has become such a lolcow that she is a prime raid target. She makes journals which are all lies, gets all her friends to give her ass pats, then she deletes them and say "whoops, my bad. I don't really feel bad, and none of that stuff really happened. Tee-hee!" But usually in completely broken english. If you consider yourself a friend of fuhduhduh, ask yourself, "why do I put up with these lies and this bullshit?" The answer is because you are stupid and weak. Maybe if you realized your hero is an emo lolcow, you would stop being her hugbox and she would kill herself for real. In her current journal she says, "fuck you haters" more or less. That's nice retard, we know you have AIDS and that you live to spread it, that's why we are here to stop you. Today's happy journal will probably be replaced with some bullshit about her getting raped by a caveman or something.

Editor's Note

Also, Firefagon, in case you are reading this; I am not BadFurDay, I am someone completely different and unknown to you. I think you are an incredible moron and should be kicked in the head repeatedly until that cum-stain you call a brain activates. English may not be your first language, but that does not give you the right to be a colossal douchebag to people who can't speak wetback. Die in a fire. --The Editor

Editorial Assistant's Note:

The Queen of Hell will not so easily succumb to dying in fire! She will rise from teh ashes and WREAK HAVOC on you mortals with DivineAngel until she realises what an emo shit she is and commits suicide another twenty seven times! --Atomic Betty; furry hater

Sub-editor's Note

Several EDiots have taken it upon themselves to patrol dA, in an endless quest for all the lusers who are lulz worthy and mentioned on this hallowed tome. They will report back if they find new sockpuppets or in fact, new lulz-worthy targets. Watch this space.

Remove FuhDuhDuh From DeviantArt Petition

Get FlamingDickDrinker off the internet.

Mandatory Fresh Prince Song

You knew it was coming, because FagDoucheDragon is an fool.

Now this is a story all about how my	 
E-Life got flipped turned upside down	 
And I'd like to take a minute, I'm about to start	 
About my story of how I 'came queen of DeviantART	 
In west Argentina born and raised	 
On deviantART is where I spent most of my days	 
Drama whorin', whinin', bitchin', all cool	 
And all violating some dA policies like an fool	 
When a couple of assholes, they were bein' a sage	 
Started makin' trouble on my userpage	 
They reported one little pic and I got pissed	 
"Maybe I should put those haters all in a list"	 
I whistled for a fanbase and when it came near	 
The comments had "we luv u fdd" and patted my rear	 
If anything I could say that these fans weren't wise	 
But then I said, "Well, it'll do. Now troll these guys!"	 
I logged in to my account about 7 or 8	 
And I yelled to the haters "Yo holmes flame ya later!"	 
Looked at my kingdom I could finally start	 
To sit on my throne as queen of deviantART	 

The Fududududududududududursona File

So much raep, so many dead people. Some argue Fuhduhduh just made everything up for the attention.
I did some researches and found indications for the attention-theory:

Furdurdur and school systems

This is some encyclopedia in which Furdurdur has an account, what is shown by her uploading a FDD-Picture which was baleeted. Her profile contains a third-person otherkin-autobiography, stating she was born in 2989 and other clever things. By google-translating the text in her profile this passage is unrevealed:

In the Secondary one, one left to an institute in the neighborhood of Murcia where human call made contact with the enemy with a variant race cani, it obtained graduated his in E.S.O., and it left that well to study Computer science, to specialize later in Graphical Design.



So, what's the problem here?

Maybe, that Argentina doesn't have E.S.O., but Polimodal/Escuela secundaria. E.S.O. is the spanish secondary school.

Maybe poor Furdurdur thought Argentina was exactly like spain, as they already have the same official language.

Dantiscus is a guy from Spain.

Crazy Bitch is Tired of Your Trolling

Fuhduhduh announced today that she is sick of all you haters out there. Attacking her, sending death threats, turning her furfag friends against her. So sick in fact that she did something so revolutionary, so mighty, that all you trolls will want, nay, HAVE to stop attacking her. What did she do? Posted another lulzy journal, thats what. Oh man, it must be that time of the month. Furfag needs her asspats like she needs a good cock down the throat. And like a fat kid to a cinnamon roll, her army of furfags came and delivered. The best parts of the journal are where she tries to justify and/or defend herself from issues pointed out by this very article. That makes us here at ED very happy indeed. Keep on truckin' anon. Rape that bitch until she kills herself. Update (as of July 19 2007) it seems Fuhduhduh has found hapieness. This must end immediatly!!!!!!!! (troll plz)

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