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Filthy Frank (Powerword: George 'Joji' Kusunoki-Miller) is an Australian-Japanese YouTuber who goes out of his way to be offensive. He is, for all intents and purposes, all the cancer of /b/ in one filthy, vulgar, horrifyingly unfunny channel. The comedic equivalent of eating your own shit and shitting it out and then eating it again. His fans are pretty much all /b/tards and creeps. He absolutely despises Weeaboos for bastardizing Japanese culture, despite this, at least 90% of his fanbase are weeaboos, and even a few bronies. He knows how fucking filthy his channel is, and admits his channel is full of disgusting shit.


On June 15, 2008, Miller created his channel, 'DizastaMusic' and thus a new cancerous tumor was born. Under the mask of his (we hope) alter ego 'Filthy Frank', he uploaded rants, sketches and raps on a variety of colourful subjects such as 'First day of skool' and 'Black People Don't Let Me Suck'.

The character 'Filthy Frank' was born out of a video where Miller talks about explosive diarrhea. The video was apparently uploaded out of a bet. If the clip got over 10,000 views, Miller would be able to punch a friend in the nuts as hard as he could. The video did indeed reach over 10,000 views and we can only assume his friend's balls are still sore.

Fast forward a couple of years and Filthy Frank now aims to be the 'embodiment of everything a person should not be' (Like the attitude on this webpage) via offensive opinions, raps about butthurt commenters, screaming at people in public and just plain awfulness. He does all this on his main channel, TVFilthyFrank, where the rage of feminazis and SJW asspies flows freely.

He speaks fluent Japanese and actually went to college in Japan. He jumps between living there or in Brooklyn, NY. His experience in Japan enrages the Weeaboos who stumble across his channel, as he constantly reminds them they would (still) be considered freaks and losers if they ever moved there.

In May 2020 some of his fans discovered that Filthy Frank is Joji's character and that he said the forbidden word in one of his songs. Unable to comprehend what satire is, they demanded to cancel Joji. But the controversy died out quickly when Joji's old fans joined the discussion and made fun of other fans who didn't know anything about Joji's career.


He is also known to claim to be the p0ussy master and give advice to his shit fanbase how to get pussy tips by understanding wimmin. He is clearly da pussey magnet and a real gangsta.

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valentine gift card, guaranteed to give you da pussy


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Joji Vlogs

Last Thursday, a wild owl like figure George "Joji" Miller made a video on the Filthy Frank channel whining about his stress that no one "knew he was a person/people thought his characters were actually him". Spoiler alert: The real Joji is just as retarded. Suffers from being a fag who spazzes out occasionally.

All of a sudden, the confusing owl creature shifts his head into a swift 180 and changes his mind about wanting his fans to know who he is. Putting on a strict policy that if anyone mentions his cancerous YouTube channel in front of his pals they'll get banhammered.

Upon getting assblasted that his fans would comment on his personal accounts after he starts making personal vlogs, he deletes the vlogs and privately requests no one posts them, or just flat out flags them. He tries to play it off cool now since he goes to Vidcon and talks on his friend's liveshows, meanwhile holding back an urge to have another Seizure over the stress.

His health is Srs Bsns guys, don't be so callous to make fun of it.

George "Joji" Miller lying directly to his fans.

What he is desperately hiding from them all.


Harlem Shake

When Filthy Frank created the Harlem Shake, his rice fields were rustled by an influx of teenagers who subscribed to his already filthy channel. To cleanse his channel of this cancer, the next video he made contained some fat ghetto booty and featured Santa Claus' retarded brother. Surprisingly, there was enough distilled autism in this video to cleanse his channel of the pizza faces, returning the filth levels in Frank's rice fields back to an acceptable level.


There are few humans in the Filthy Frank universe, due to the apocalyptic event brought on by Chin-Chin that resulted in most people becoming "Lycras" - people who seemingly have lycra skin of different colors.

Franku being the asspie riddled faggot he is.

Filthy Frank: Also called Papa Franku or "b0ss", he is of course the ringleader of this filthy freak show of autism and AdIDaS. He was a happy kid for a long time until one day the Dark Lord Chin Chin brought about the Chinpocalypse, turning most of Earth's population into freakish, insane, lycra-clad retards. Frank is a half Japanese half Australian acne-ridden "teenager" (despite claiming he is 54 years old). He wears a dirty blue shirt in all his videos, and sometimes, no pants, along with having a tendency of showing no basic hygiene skills, which is typical of asspie riddled perverted faggots such as the author. Yet he shows some signs of care by getting a haircut. Is also convinced he is actually black. In reality, he is portrayed by George Miller, a 23 year old college student in Brooklyn who goes back to Japan for the summer time and winter and give the already cancer riddled Japanese people living there more cancer. He occasionally flies to Australia to partake in more filth with HowToBasic, Maxmoefoe, and iDubbbzTV.

Pink Guy summed up in a nutshell.

Pink Guy: One of the most well know characters in the entire series. He speaks in broken English and usually claims he has cancer. He refers to Frank as "b0ss". His rapping ability is second-to-none, although to everyone but himself he seems to be constantly spouting gibberish and convulsing on the floor. He is Frank's most trusted friend, and has been asked to do everything from collect Almond Milk from a grocery store to warning civilians of Chin Chin's return. When faced with confrontation, he often breaks into dance, to confuse and frighten his opponents. He is a Lycra with a pink skin suit. In the 2015 Chin Chin Sacrifice, he was kidnapped by Chin Chin despite the autism from the sacrifices being strong enough to please our dark lord. He is considered by most to be the most loved character in the entire series, and even dropped his mixtape by releasing his debut album.

Pink Guy Trivia

Salamander man showing off his wicked nose flute playing skills.

Salamander Man: Another Lycra, Salamander Man is seemingly a deviant homosexual despite showing interest in black ass. He was born from the nipples of Pink Guy. He has a white lycra bodysuit with a ripped part at the ass end, and a "Salamander" hat on. He is almost always rubbing his nipples and screaming "NYESSSS". It is unknown how long he has been doing this, but we can assume he has lost all sensitivity in his nipples from prolonged rubbing. He is also a skilled flute player, playing the flute with his nose. Despite only saying NYESSSSSS and sometimes no, he can still communicate and be understood by all of the characters in the universe.

Lemon Guy: A mutated Lycra-lemon crossbreed, he is one of the few Lycras that can communicate in English. He rarely talks but when he does, he says shit like "Oh yeah man dats some dank kush", "21", "I'M A LEMON", and "caaaaann somebody gibe de pusi b0ss?" like Pink Guy does. He has the ability to produce weaponized lemons, which Chin Chin feared at first, however he downright sucks at it. He also has a white Lycra suit and wears a lemon on his head.

Safari Man: The stereotypical Japanese tourist, he is a creepy pervert obsessed with breasts, ass and pubic hair, and is one of the few human people that isn't a Lycra. He has done a few Japanese 101 lessons and features frequently in Frank's videos. Despite being obviously retarded, he does have a unique ability. He can spot spies from Chin Chin's realm. This assists the gang in the video "PINK GUY COOKS TAOYAKI AND RAPS" when he identifies Creepy Guy as Chin Chin in disguise.

Dick: Santa's brother, he's a lady's man who sings about not getting any pussy, he also suffers from an unknown disease he got after having sex with a woman.

Chin Chin: Also known as The Dark Lord, he is a mysterious god that everybody in the series worships. He relies heavily on sacrifices of chromosomes everyday. He kidnapped Salamander Man when Frank forgot to give him his chromosomes, and has now taken Pink Guy and banished Frank back to his dirty rice fields. He screams ORE WA OCHINCHIN GA DAISUKI NANDAYO! and can only talk that way. His eyes are also sewn shut, so he drew fake eyes over them. He wears a black Lycra suit. Had his back broken by Prometheus.

Red Dick: Pink Guy's Lycran brother who dons a red Lycra suit. He is a Japanese creature who speaks very little English and Broken Japanese. He has a habit of eating almost everything. Toilet paper, Wasabi, poisonous fruit, you name it and he'll eat it, he apparently created a god too.

Prometheus: A god who was created by Red Dick. He is a big huge muscular man in panties and can kill anybody by simply throwing a trash can at them. He's also one of the few white people in the entire series too. He broke the backs of Chin Chin and Pink Guy when Red Dick lost a Rock, Paper, Scissors match with Pink Guy, which followed by Pink Guy summoning Chin Chin.

Mr. Negi: An autistic root who has a tendency of dying and coming back as a new Mr. Negi, sometimes even comes back as a nigger. He never talks, but can beat the shit out somebody with a leek.

Dr. Trill: A therapist who forced Frank out of his apartment when his faggot-ass neighbors whined about noise from his show, also the son of Frank apparently. Dons a grey suit.

Dad (also known as Dade: The dad of everybody in the entire series, even Chin Chin. He's an autistic, scrawny, bald man who can't talk and acts like a total asspie everywhere he goes. Loves to vomit up chocolate on people and scream. He died of cancer, probably from Franku's filth. Also revealed to be a chocolate bald man. He is currently thought to have died after Frank couldn't save him, but there is speculation about if he remains dead.

Mr. Magic Man: A blind magician who is Frank's biggest enemy and a supposed brother of Chin Chin, he brought the meme epidemic to Frank's apartment one day. He dons a black Lycra suit and has goggles fused to his eyes.

Hurshey's Kiss: A morbidly obese faggot who dresses up like a Hershey's Kiss, he also Has a tinfoil hat on.

Alpha Centurion/The Shaman: A midget sized Azn with really big muscles. Rumored to be a shaman hailing from Taiwan.

Pookie: Franku's nigger best friend. Has a tendency of being killed by Franku, after all he is a weeaboo rapper who thinks he has talent in making Mixtapes. He sums up everything wrong with Franku's fanbase.

Minor/Unnamed characters

"Green Cunt"

Throughout the show's history, there have been countless characters, this just sums up the ones who have had very little screen time.

Red Power Ranger: A mysterious entity who has only made very little appearances in the entire show. Dons a red power rangers lycra suit and mask. Mostly appears in music videos and was present for the Harlem Shake.

Mysterious Grey Alien: Another Mysterious entity who like the Red Power Ranger, has made very little appearances in the show, and currently remains the only unnamed entity to have a line in which he asks a worried Frank if he's insured after running a dog over on the way home.

Creepy Guy: A man in a black lycra suit with a Rubber Sumo Wrestler Mask on, not much was known about him until Safari Man pointed out that it was Chin Chin in disguise all along. Has vanished from the show since then.

Brock Lee: A muscular black man who joins Franku on his quest to cure Dade of his mysterious illness. Uses fucking broccoli as his weapon of choice.

Dr. Sack: A fat and old man who refused to help Franku save Dad. Also disarmed Frank and his henchmen without a problem.

Plastic Pinocchio: Some fuckwit who can usually be seen having spasms on top of refrigerators indispensably helping Lord Chin Chin. Known for questioning Frank's motives in rescuing Salamander Man from imprisonment. Not to be confused with the Mysterious Grey Alien character.

Racist Santa: Name implies, Santa's redneck alter ego. Really hates black men.

Green Cunt: A realm scavenger, who nearly ræps Pink Guy before Salamander Man smashes his queer ass with a stick.

Over Priced Mac Computer: Frank's porno machine that is trying to find meaning in life, dealing with issues of suicide, last seen swimming

Filthy Franks Origins

Filthy Frank was born in a world without mercy at birth named George Miller.. His parents loved him, but the world was cruel. They died when he was approximately 8, George was surprised when he felt nothing. In their last will and testament George received a detailed explanation of his special abilities and how to use them. George learned that he was very slightly autistic and able to jump through dimensions, time, space, realities, anything he pleased. Of course the ability to do something doesn’t mean you can do it at that moment, his parents being dead he went to live with his nearest relative, his scum of the earth uncle. His uncle was nearly the perfect embodiment how shitty a person can be without being truly terrible. He was able to lie, cheat, steal, and act however he pleased, because like George, he had the ability to “hop”. Hopping was the name given to their ability by his uncle. His uncle's name was Frank and taught George how to use his powers. Many years passed and Frank began to rub off more and more on George. One day George discovered Frank dead, his enemies never caught up with him, there was no accident, his liver just finally quit on him from all the abuse. George knew how to take care of himself now, there was no need for anymore guardians. So he took his uncle's name Frank as his own as he felt he was far more like Frank than he was the tiny weak boy George he was all those years ago. Frank decided to embrace the dirty lifestyle of his deceased and shitty mentor , dubbing himself Filthy Frank. Living like his uncle Frank hopped from place to place with no real regard for his actions. While traveling through the universes Frank met many different versions of himself, although nearly none of them had the ability to “hop” Frank liked them nonetheless. He began a base consisting of some of his favorite versions of himself. During one of his adventures, he stole from the Peace^Lords, nothing he needed, he just wanted it so he took it, how could they stop him with his hopping ability? Turns out beings as powerful as the Peace^Lords fucking despised being bested in any regard, and being stolen from is under the umbrella of being tricked. The Peace^Lords began a massive manhunt for Frank, they soon realized that their method of searching was ineffective, so they offered a young man a very large amount of money to find Frank with. This man created SunCorp, with the Peace^Lords power he began to buy and control areas all over the dimensions. A version of Frank, dubbed Filthy Faker took frank's mantle for a while. His motives are unknown, he seems to think a great deal like Frank. It seems possible he may try to battle SunCorp, or try to kill Frank and take his position as “Filthy Frank”. He may be able to Hop. He may be an ally of Frank, Pink Guy (a version of Frank recruited on one of his Hops and one of Frank's closest friends) seemed to notice he was an impostor, but didn’t seem terribly upset. Whether this is because He’s an ally or Pink Guy is unable to show his emotions in conventional means is unknown. The last confirmed sighting of Frank was of him smelling Pink Guys cooking and heading towards him. While Frank has always been relatively disgusting and reckless it took a sharp turn after his killing of George “Joji” Miller. Joji is a version of Frank whose childhood was not abruptly interrupted by his parents death. He grew up relatively normal with some amazing memories. Unlike a great deal of Franks counterparts he retained a large portion of his sanity , and unlike Frank himself, even a large amount of his humanity. Frank was very partial to liking Joji and so he took him with him. Joji as mentioned earlier was one of the most sane, if not the sanest, with a small exception. Joji couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of hopping, or Frank, or alternate versions of himself. This lead to a psychological break. Joji convinced himself that Frank and all the alternate versions were constructs of his mind, characters that he played. He believed he created the Filthy Frank show and Dizastamusic. Since him and Frank had become incredibly close he allowed him to believe this, the alternate versions actually believed it was true while Joji was alive. Joji began to realize what a great deal of pain Frank was in, he released a video with some white lies, the videos purpose was to make people take it easier on Frank. After the video was released, Frank began becoming fatigued when hopping. Frank becoming suspicious did research on Joji, His findings crippled him. Joji was a creation of Sun Corp and the Peace^Lords, a clone of Frank given false memories and allowed to believe he was a normal human. Joji did not know he was a weapon or that he was supposed to hurt or kill Frank. Turns out the video was a subconscious alert to SunCorp, they began having the Peace^Lords turn Joji “on”. He began unknowingly releasing pheromones weakening Franks hopping abilities. They had to turn it on at the right moment, too early and Frank would have pieced it together, but once they received the alert confirming that Joji had infiltrated Frank's inner circle they activated him. Frank was able to figure it out regardless. With tears in his eyes, Frank snapped Joji's fucking neck. It would be the first and last time he cried. Frank has a few allies who are not versions of himself, these include Ian, Max, and Red Dick. It’s unknown if they exist in the same universe as the Filthy Frank we know, but it seems likely that it is him, or at least Filthy Faker. Either way one thing is very clear, A war is coming.


Harlem Shake
Japan special
weeaboo Jones TF style
Normies torture themselves by watching FF
Fuhrer is greatly upset over Dade
Old man hopes you get cancer
Discovering GamerGate

Let's get some pussy 2niteh!

Can I habe the pussy pls? About missing Pics
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