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    File system

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    There are many types of filesystems, and there have been at least 100 produced within the past 100 years. Here are all of them, except for the shittest types, which are only used by garptards.


    Name Used by More info
    NTFS Windows Still gets fragmented because the design didn't change
    ZFS Solaris, BSD, the Borg It is the final solution to the file system problem.
    FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, FAT666 Old versions of Windows FAT32 comes on many flash drives and only allows for <4GB files; reformat to something better to avoid wasting time copying to realize that the files will not fit.
    extended, ext2, ext3 Linux Doesn't get fragmented
    btrfs Linux, OpenSUSE
    HFS, HFS+ Macintosh
    DingoFS Homosexual furries
    ReiserFS, Reiser4 Gentoo ricers that dude killed his wife lol
    LoliFS Linux
    nodeadlineFS Windows Vista
    lolzfsextntatzfs 4chan
    NOUFS moar BSD
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