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    Protip: It is advised to have multiple glasses of lemon juice to squeeze into your eyes so you won't vomit.

    Don't try to meddle.

    Among the vast variety of furs that run rampant through FurAffinity, there lurks a very unique specimen. Fesazukichan is a Brazilian goth wannabe artist. She likes to draw shitty koopas having sex, and post serious rants about her life - especially whining about how her parents are mean towards her - in the hope that someone would be fooled into buying her work for the exorbitant US $600 price that she sees as fair. Acts like a Snapesnogger when someone give REAL criticism about her artwork or even if someone criticises Twilight (as it is her new oxygen source).

    She is really immature (and says so herself) because of her imaginary planet Martin. But go and ask her about it and she'll tell you that she is in fact an Autistic person and by that, she has the solemn right to imagine planets, their inhabitants, their culture and the functional ecossystem, even thought she did not finish school to be able to do such things.

    i don't like who no my draws like not.


    ——Fesazukichan, on everyone who criticizes her work

    Fesazukichan: The Search for True Love

    Vampires never looked so sexy.
    And she calls herself a Goth?!

    want it to my boyfriend of my dreams were: rock, which is used only black clothes, who'd only long hair that'd only too clear green eyes the same as mine, who was white, and is used for bracelets and necklace of thorns thorns who likes to band KISS and the Green Day and Iron Maiden, and also Brazilian rock, and he was a romantic person and it was nice to me and especially him being a designer that would draw only things black.


    ——Fesazukichan, on bastardizing the English language

    (We at Encyclopedia Dramatica have taken the time to translate the above quote to preserve your brain cells.)

    I want my dream boyfriend to be a rocker, who only wears black clothes, who has long hair, who has emerald-green eyes (the same colour as mine), who is white, and who is used to bracelets and 'necklaces of thorns'. He should like KISS, Green Day and Iron Maiden, but also Brazillian rock. I would like him to be a romantic person who would always be nice to me, and I would especially want him to be a designer who would only draw things in black.


    ——So a Goth-Gay-Nazi-Emo boyfriend? Now we understand...

    Did ya know?

    • She will delete everything you troll, so be sure to give it a print and place it safely upon this article.
    • For some reason, she dropped out of school at the 7th grade, and as a result can't make proper use of English or Portuguese, even with Google Translator.
    • She thinks as herself to be the only furry artist to be creative enought to draw something that doesn't exist.
    • Friends will defend her at all costs! Exploit this for more lulz.
    • Tell her that the right is "Count Dracula" and not "Colddracula" as she is too lazy to look it up on a dictionary.

    Fesazukichan's Engrish Level

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