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    Femen = infected with IRL GOTIS
    You can help by snapping tit pics and moving along.

    Not to be confused with: Semen

    Femen is a particularly radicalized sect of the Feminazi terrorist organization. Having abandoned the calm and reasonable discussion employed by their more moderate affiliates, Femen has adopted a unique method of shock and awe warfare by baring their breasts publicly in the name of social justice. Casualties have numbered in the thousands as men are briefly incapacitated with laughter and boners, but much to Femen's chagrin, not a single male oppressor has been slain in their numerous lightning raids.

    Origins Of Terror

    Stupid whores out of my church

    Femen began with a couple of bravely self-identified sluts in Russia, with its head whore and founding mother going by the name of Anna Hutsol; because, somehow, Russia's ultra-liberal paradise simply wasn't enough for these champions of uterine freedom. Their first target, naturally enough, was the Russian Orthodox Church; as no one can brutally oppress strong, independent womyn like an elderly man wearing a stupid outfit. And against all odds, said elderly men were angered rather than subdued by the TnA on display in their hallowed churches.

    Femen henceforth decided to be bolder in their guerrilla war against the Patriarchy, and managed to get within a stone's throw of Putin himself, releasing the fury of a thousand whores against him. While illegal Femen propaganda claims that Putin was scarred forever by this attempt on his life, suffering hysterical convulsions at the mere sight of a pair of tits, the truth is actually quite different. In reality, the leader was so mired in sexual intrigue that he found himself laughing heartily at the size of his would be assassin's breasts, before heartily ending the encounter two thumbs up.

    Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert, and you're getting two thumbs up

    Taken Under The Wing Of The Jews

    The man behind the plan

    It was revealed by an undercover journalist who infiltrated the carpet-munching group that, unsurprising, Femen "activists" actually receive a salary of around $1000 - and also was, at the start, being partially financed by treacherous Jew, Jed Sunden; who happens to be the owner of KP Media, a Ukrainian publishing company, which is most likely a front for Jed to push his filthy Jewish agenda and to also satisfy his money-grubbing ways. And all this began one day in 2008 when founding lady, Anna, after a hard day's work of getting her tits out to fight the patriarchy, received a telephone call from Jed, with Anna remarking after their business,

    Jed was the very first influential person who noticed us, helped us with all the resources he had, gave use some useful advice, generously donated and said we were special. Jed was the very first person who helped us in organization’s promotion and creation of our website.


    —Anna Hutsol, after happily accepting shekels from Jed

    But don't worry, as Jed isn't just using Femen as a way further his kind's own Jewish agenda, as Jed claims that he is a feminist himself, who fights the patriarchy and misogyshits on a daily basis, which explains why he donated so generously to the group's noble cause.

    I confirm that I do give money to Femen, I will not state the amount. After meeting with Anna Hutsol, I was impressed with her ideas and have been a supporter. I believe Anna is a young, independent voice in Ukraine. While I do not agree with all of her positions, I believe it is important to give her, and groups like hers, support.


    —Jed Sunden, lying through his Jewish teeth.

    Estrogen Pride World Wide

    Today, the Femen terror network has radicalized confused and vulnerable women the world over, establishing front operations through Europe, the Americas, and even the Middle East. Please, educate your daughters about the nature of this menace. Next time, it could be her tits you see in the news - Though you'd probably enjoy that, you sick fuck.

    Free Strippers

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