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    Feels Guy

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    Feels Guy is an expression meme used to convey empathy towards or agree with someone else's feeling or opinion, popular by the saying "I feel you, bro" or "I know that feel, bro" on many chans. It is also known as "tu uczucie" or "to uczócie." It's a simple exploitable reaction image of a bald man that's always sad. The face is often seen in TFW threads that describe emotional situations, usually regarding "tfw no gf". It's almost the same as Pepe, the sad frog. Like Pepe, the feels meme has been taken over by 16 year old girls and normies on Tumblr and Reddit who commment "omg right in the feels" on every sob story or nostalgic picture.

    Feel threads are mostly found on boards such as /r9k/ and /adv/, however, they have become commonplace on almost every board. /mu/, /v/, /fit/ and /sp/ have constant feel threads which are mostly normalfags complaining about fucking up with their date on Tinder or being too shy to talk to the qt girl in their math class.


    It has been rumored that it was first posted on a German image board called Krautchan[1] on May, 2010. On February 26th of 2012, a user named "Voyack" posted an AMA thread on Reddit[2] saying that he was "Wojak," the creator of the meme.

    Reddit Wojack.png

    Voyack also said that the face came from a Polish image board called Vichan and was named "twarz.jpg," which means "warm face."

    "tu uczucie" or "to uczócie," mentioned above, means "this feeling" and became a popular phrase on the Polish demotivational humor website Demotywatory[3] in 2009. The phrase was usually paired with the face drawn simply in Paint to share mostly butthurt by You. By then, it exploded on 4chan as usual by suicidal faggots in green text story threads with the caption "I know that feel, bro" and the face is often used in discussions such as that feel and/or that feel when. It's a great way to turn a thread into an instant hugbox.


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