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    What? This article needs moar retarded irc logs.
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    Alex Fearnor partying with fellow phish, child-porn and spammers in Miami
    Fearnor and Sektie discussing how to handle the abortion of their lobster child, presently in her womb
    Fearnors church has sound advice
    Fearnor explains to defcon how he makes his money to buy crocodile shoes
    Fearnor entered this country via the circus route
    Fearnor as the Borat stunt double, wearing imported Russian Bear sweater with custom nipple hole cut-outs
    Even Google knows hes sketchy
    The real reaction to his DEFCON presentation

    Alex Fearnor is the owner of an Internet hosting provider that specializes in the distribution of exotic content. This content includes: DDoS, Child Porn, Phishing and Spam. Fearnor, using his Russian language and bartering skills, has mastered his ability to serve as a beacon of hope to proprietors of this illicit activity by providing them low-cost hosting in the business district of New York City. His company is also involved in "research" of a yet undetermined nature. Many speculate this research entails how to destroy evidence when agencies are executing search warrants as well as how to transmit as many TCP SYNs in the shortest amount of time without actually establishing a three-way handshake.

    My name is Alex and I fully approve this article about my spam hosting company.



    Alex has won. After a day of Gaudi, followed by a night of karaoke, and an afterparty with friends who happen to live a block away from our hotel. Party finds Fearnor.


    —Fearnor's Facebook updates not mentioning his teeth.


    Fearnor dropped onto the Internet scene when he emigrated from Tajikistan by climbing into the nose-wheel bay of a Aeroflot TU-154M. Arriving in New York City, he began helping the Russian Mob (RBN) further their criminal enterprise on the Internet. After failing at various Internet startups and the Mob not paying enough, he started the company. It is located in the sub-sub basement of a building on Broadway in New York City. It's so deep within the building you can climb to the subway via ventilation shafts. The office space is also leased out to various other boiler-room call center operations.

    Many speculate Alex is related to Nina Reiser, Hans Reiser's dead .ru bride. Apparently Alex and Nina are both from the same village in Tajikistan, and have shared anal beads multiple times. Fearnor also has a strange resemblance to Roman Bellic of Grand Theft Auto.

    My drink and my goose step



    Christmas Tribute


    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Telehouse;
    Not a blacklist was stirring, not even Spamhaus.
    Securitas was sleeping all snug at their desk,
    While a gimp from ISPrime tried to reinstall Plesk.

    And I with my spool of fiber in check,
    Had just settled down to run a ghetto crossconnect.
    When out in the hall there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from my cabinet to see what was the matter.

    The power went out and no one could see,
    "Not again," I muttered, "it's UPS 3".
    Then suddenly the colo door flew open with a crash;
    I threw down the tile puller, and hid all my cash.

    When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a crazy looking Russian, who seemed a bit queer.
    He was dressed in a trapeze suit, from his head to his toe,
    And his teeth were all yellow like a cracksmoking ho.

    And under the leotard was a Russian Bear sweater,
    with nipple hole cut-outs, and shoes of shark leather.
    With his pants hiked up almost to his boob,
    I exclaimed, "Hey I know you, I saw your karaoke on YouTube!"

    A bundle of batteries he had flung on his back,
    He sat down like a gypsy and opened his sack.
    He spoke not a word, set up a sign with a smirk,
    "UPS $50, n0 j0ke, these things w3rk!"

    And as the batteries sold out, he exclaimed with delight,
    "Now Randy won't hate me, I can pay Amex tonight."
    Then he packed up his bag and leapt from his perch,
    And said "I must get back to my ground-breaking research!"

    He ran to the window, which Telehouse calls cooling,
    And hopped into a sled that left everyone drooling.
    It had spinners and dubs, it couldn't have been slicker,
    And there on the back, a Paul Wall bumper sticker!

    "Now Spyware! now Phishing! now CP and Spam!"
    "On DDoS! on Backdoor! on Virus and Scam!"
    And as he rode out of sight, he said "I've got to bail,"
    "But Merry Christmas to all, and the check's in the mail."


    —Paul Wall '08 Election Committee

    World's Best Internet Hoster

    It is a well-known hoster across all the Internets, as a simple Google search will yield plenty of results. However, the majority of results are typically abuse complaints for the above mentioned content. The highly redundant server operates with a single router, yet Alex will spare no time to inform the public of the "proper" way to design a network. Fearnor has distinguished it by deploying a well-understood device naming scheme, such as "cacarouter" and "cockaroach".

    Alex pays his employees fairly well as shown in several postings on the Internets. Employees are given a copy of Balling on a Budget which advises job candidates on how to get by in NYC at $10/day on twelve-hour shifts. The employees are required to plant, prime and detonate thermite charges in the event you-know-who stops by unannounced.

    Fearnor prefers to operate in "alternative" currency such as E-Gold and E-Bullion, making life easier for 419 scammers and Russian criminals. Also, the hosting server has been known to run un-supported Cisco IOS code, specifically taking a hex-editor to the software to change compiled by versions. Good luck opening a TAC case on that, amirite?

    Looking for a few good men to hide evidence [1]


    Over the past year, Fearnor has made a dramatic change in his appearance. This, of course, is after his divorce to his .ru wife of several years. Rumor is that it might have to do with the dead cat carcass left in the basement next to the exercise bike. In any event, Fearnor has changed his clothing and style by purchasing the most god-awful clothing ever fabricated. This "clothing", which resembles recycled circus-wear is his current preference when going out for a night on the town. It frequently features multiple bright colors and random dragons stitched across it. However, this clothing must meet a strict quality criteria which is determined by the price. Anything less than $200 is considered not baller enough for his tastes. Also interesting, he's also adopted an affinity to high priced footwear, such as crocodile shoes and sharkskin shoes. Given his complete disregard for basic dental hygiene, it is encouraged that he not remove these items for fear of what lies beneath.

    Fearnor always on top of his game:

    <fearnor> hm wtf, i dont have any 2600s left
    <fearnor> how'd i get to this sad state
    <randy6_2> stop trying to be hugh hefner and focus on your business. 

    Fearnor has also been skillful in the Karaoke circuit:

    Fearnor also likes to get drunk at gay clubs:

    <@fearnor> too much drinking last night
    <@fearnor> way too much
    <@fearnor> lost wallet, i think.
    <@fearnor> we got into a fight with floor last night
    <@fearnor> and lost
    <@fearnor> :(
    <@fearnor> too much party

    AMEX Black

    Fearnor finally obtains an AMEX Black

    Several of Fearnor's friends and associated hold AMEX Centurion (AMEX Black) cards. Being that he cannot get one due to his own financial woes (probably because credit card companies are used to chargebacks from anything sounding like this shit server), he asked his friend to have him added to his account as a child/family member. Of course, once he got the black card, he ran around with it all over town showing it to all the ladies and Internet friends. The secret eventually got out when it turns out he pays the true owner of the card every month and that the card really isn't his. Queries on IRC about such a card result in being ignored and word has it that the card is going to be revoked. Word on the street is if you do a DEFCON presentation you might bring on some attention from people (IRS) you probably would not want to deal with.

    The Sektie Connection

    Sektie (Randi Harper) was once the love of Fearnor's life. In fact, while still legally married to his .ru bride, Fearnor was chasing FreeBSD Girl across the country. It didn't work out so well as Fearnor could not complete the venerable Sektie date test due to English language complications. It is rumored that a well known Internet parrot in Massachusetts speaks a better English than Fearnor. In any event, it is believed that Fearnor and Sektie have parted their ways, however, he still has a special place in his heart for any female who appears to operate a computer.

    you don't see the line between joking and hate



    Feud with Paul Wall

    Notorious rapper and NANOG mailing list [2] poster Paul Wall has decided to launch on his campaign for the NANOG Steering Committee. Fearnor also has decided to do similar but fears that Paul Wall and his posse may be too formidable of force on NANOG election day. As a preemptive strike, the Paul Wall campaign has launched a series of attack ads against Fearnor, highlighting his criminal enterprise and lack of dental hygiene.


    Paul Wall Anti-Fearnor Campaign

    DEFCON Presentation

    Fearnor also has not shut up about his "groundbreaking research" in the realm of BGP hijacking. The specific words "groundbreaking research" was what he wrote in various emails to individuals with his powerpoint presentation attached. Of course, there was nothing groundbreaking about advertising prefixes on the Internet and prepending the victims ASN on the end of it. Being how Fearnor is big on fronting, he had to take it to the next level especially with the media starting to publish his drivel. After getting his picture on Wired, Fearnor would not shut up about his exploits. Whats even more comical is the fact that he cannot even rattle off multiple BGP attributes if asked, nor does he know routing protocols in any great depth. Fearnor, for the most part, is a member of the generation who just knows how to type things to force them to work by brute force without any understanding of the problem. This is observed in some of his Cisco router configurations that have been liberated by the Paul Wall campaign.

    On Youtube

    Fearnor is part of a series on Security Faggots

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