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    Fat furry

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    A normal day in the life of a fat furfag.

    If furfags are the AIDS of the internet, then consider Fat furries as the diabeetus. Fat furries are the unholy spawn of two disturbing fetishes into something that's both terrifying, and lulzworthy at the same time. Their self-called artwork is horridly anatomically incorrect and usually shows the adorable fuzzy animal being forcefed and on some occasions, blowing up.

    These fatasses with nothing better to do are known to create fursonas as morbidly obese creatures of unspeakable horror. Their reasons to creating these fursonas are entirely fetish-related. However, some argue that fat furries aren't obsessed with their lard and that they're just batshit insane.


    Along with all the usual traits that furries share, fat furries are that and a whole lot more.

    Why fat?

    File:Fatass furry1.jpg
    Someone actually commissioned this
    Food Bondage! Wait, is that chili? OH FUCK NO!
    Why all furries should inflate themselves.

    If Rule 34 has proved anything, it's that people will fap to anything.... and we mean anything. So why fat? There are actually different breeds of lard lovers out there, each with their own reasons for loving fat fucks.

    Fatties are easy

    Think about it. You're a furry. Your average furry is as broad as a barn with a face that looks like horse shit. When not even your dog will fuck you there's little other choice but to either be easy or look for the easy to bone. It's especially bad when you can't find your own tiny cock with both hands from within mounds of flab.

    Fugly, smelly, fat and unfuckable, Self-esteem isn't a furry's strong suit. Why not be attracted to the only thing skanky enough to do your fat ass- other lardos! So, fatties go out and seek fatties, but not any fatties will do. These sick fucks require furry fatties for their special needs. Fat furries will nail anything that moves because they're shocked someone wants to actually fuck them.

    Fatties are also great for people with the herp and other unfuckables.

    It's like a vagina ball!

    Q: How do you fuck a fat girl?

    A: Roll her in flour and go for the wet spot!

    Fat furries are nothing but folds and folds of disgusting flesh with sweat trapped between them. This means that a single fat furry is a self-lubricating ball of vaginas perfect for any party or the man who really just wants something to put it in.

    Don't worry, fags; fatties have you covered too! It's not real vagina, so you're still queer! Just think of it as about a thousand asses hiding a totally hot stud with a huge cock. We all know how much fags love ass, and that all furries are fags, so a fat furry is pure win for total fags.

    Are you a scared and self-righteous dyke? See Penis as a threat to all existence and wish to never have to see it again? Then fat furries will appeal to you as well as there's so much fat there that pen0r can never even rear it's mighty head, never mind attack your iron hymen! Gender of a fat furry doesn't even matter and the tits are huge (with tits of their own on top)! And, there's hundreds of vagina-like crevices to lick clean and rub against.

    Food bondage

    Nothing is hotter than a fat skank covered in gravy except a fat skank covered in gravy who has become a helpless pussy ball completely at their master's whims! Think of it as bondage plus food. Yes, furries ruin everything.

    In this fucked-up fetish, there are several big players:

    Feeders are fucking weirdos who want nothing more than to shove food down the gullet of a bloated hogbeast that smells like a thousand barns of rotting beef. Most often these are seen as the fat furry equivalent of a "dom".

    Feedees are the sick weirdos totally into being force-fed day and night until they can be confused for Jabba the Hutt. They want to be totally helpless balls of fat unable to even wpie their own asses, as apparently sickly fat cows with diabeetus, foul odor and a host of medical problems caused by being a fat fuck are hot.

    Food objects There's even people who want to be eaten by fat fucks as an "ultimate act of love"! These will often play "edible" furries like a jello rabbit or something. Overlaps heavily with Vore. Apparently Cannibalism = love to these people...

    In no other fandom besides furry could you find a fetish that combines all the fun of cannibalism, medical problems, furry, bondage and sickerfuckery with a massive splash of gay on top!


    Instead of someone stuffing their gullets until their fat blocks the sun, these lazy bastards skip the months of intensive eating and slowly creeping health problems for something fast, easy and extremely stupid! That's right boys and girls, they want to stick air pumps in themselves and blow themselves up like living balloons. Apparently these morons have never heard that sticking an air tube into your pooper and injecting your stomach and intestines with air is a bad idea that can cause all sorts of fun things like internal hemorrhaging, rupturing of internal organs, tearing and internal bleeding, and even death.

    Wait a second...this is an actually deadly furry fetish? We should be encouraging these people! Disregard everything we said, go ahead and stuff an air pump in your anus, wrap yourself in latex or something and have fun! Please for the love of god, do it faggot! Do it now! We need you to Go all-out for your fetish right nao!


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    Fat Fuckin' Furfags

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