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    Fat Chicks in Party Hats

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    "oh a melon! time for a fag melon fuck!" SUDDENLY TERROR! AN EAT ATTACK! fat chicks in party hats
    Although this fat chick doesn't have a hat on, the various chins clearly express the notion behind the site

    Fat Chicks in Party Hats is a site devoted to making fun of ugly freaks, but mostly fatties. It started as a shitty Geocities teenage project sometime in Eternal September by some Mexican named Miguel Roya, and was helped with its exposure by none other than radical dudebro Seanbaby. By giving every crappy photo of fags, hicks, and fat people he could get his grubby spic hands on with shitty captions showcasing Miguel's relentlessly poor grammar and interesting vocab choices, Miguel earned himself some mainstream media attention and a shitty porno mag intervew.


    ahahh maybe your a fat pudgy ass bastard who dont seem to see the picture that cameras were not made for you.Please learn how to spell before attempts are made to make fun of the majority of ppl.


    Some wild hambeast

    The hatemail sent to this site strikingly illustrates the "You're only making fun of me because you secretly want to fuck me" mindset of a large percentage of the worlds butthurt masses. This is mainly because fat people don't realize how fucking disgusting it is to be unable to wipe your own ass and fags just think everyone wants to fuck them. Captain Fag knew how hard it can be to be a gay teenager, and offered his services:

    Well..I KNOW how difficult it can be to be a teen boy with homosexual urges. Perhaps I can help you accept your homosexuality/bisexuality.


    Captain Fag


    • Deidra Babe

    Deidra A. Daley. "Plus Sized Model", NAAFA member, and YTMND starlet known online as Deidra Babe, threatened legal action when she found photos from her Fat Admirer website had been stolen and mocked by a 15 year old Mexican boy. Obviously, she was butthurt. And given the enormous size of her ass that's a whole lotta butthurt! The whole story including this leviathan's personal stats are available here, but first, MOAR haetmail:

    From: Deidra Babe

    Well, Miguel, you stupid foreign piece of party-fuck -

    I am one of your models from your fat chicks in party

    hats site - alas, you did not get my express written

    consent to use the copywritten pictures that you

    STOLE from my website -

    In America - this is illegal!

    You have used many of my images for your stupid

    site and I am speaking with an attorney on Monday

    to begin the process of filing suit against you and

    your website for illegal use of copywritten images

    that belong to ME. My Attorney will be in touch by

    the beginning of the week. Should you elect to

    remove my images from your site, no charges will be



    Deidra Babe

    • PlummKrazy

    The dude with the Flintstones tie and tits in the photo to your right is PlummKrazy, fat ass sexual deviant and general lolcow who apparently enjoys being trolled and writing horrible amateur erotica. Read the exchange here.


    All FCIPH pictures retain their original Miguel Caption

    Gallery of Pain About missing Pics
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