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    Fat Acceptance Movement

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    I wouldn't worry about that you fucking revolting blob of shit

    Fat Acceptance is a movement where Big Blubberful Whales are trying to "redefine the standard of beauty" to include themselves. PROTIP: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you have to write blog articles trying to argue people into finding you attractive, you are not beautiful.

    100% of the Fat Acceptance Movement is women. This is because a dude will usually be honest about the fact that he's a fat fuck because he really likes food. Fat bitches, on the other hand, have convinced themselves that they are mysterious creatures who nibble delicately on salads and only weigh 250 lb due to genetics.

    For a clue as to what is making the fat people fat, go down the mall. Look around. Pick out the fat people. Now then: what are they all doing? Yep. That's what's causing it.

    Who Wants Fat Acceptance

    File:Fat acceptance person.jpg
    He has one wish: death by crushing.

    There are three main driving forces behind the "movement" (or lack thereof). The first and most obvious of course is fat people who want to live in blissful ignorance, who want to continue shoveling hordes of tasty food into their fat heads while being completely oblivious to the fact that heart disease caused by obesity, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise is the presently the leading cause of premature death in the civilized world.

    The second driving force is of course the food industry itself, which racks up countless billions of dollars by encouraging people to stuff their faces as much as possible with the most fat ridden foods imaginable. McDonalds learned this the hard way when their recent campaign to try and promote and push "healthy food choices" backfired spectacularly and their profit margin took a 30% nose dive.

    The last major driving force is sick fucks who use fat to "float their boat" so to speak. Like all fetish freaks they constantly look for any way possible to try and "normalize" their kooky psychosexual disorders and as such look for any and every opportunity to try and inflict their fetish onto everyone around them in the guise of something that won't directly expose the fact that jiggling lard is the only way they can satisfy themselves sexually.

    The Fatosphere

    Fatties word for the internet is the "fatosphere" which is where morbidly obese women are able to engage in "activism" while stuffing their face with Twinkies in front of their computer.


    Shakesville fat cunt Melissa McEwan

    Shakesville has branched out from being a rape fetishism site into a fat fetishism site. It is run by the 300 lb hambeast Melissa McEwan who, despite admitting that she has to eat something every hour or else she is ravenously hungry, claims that she is only fat because of genetics and that any form of diet or exercise to lose weight would be akin to an eating disorder. Seriously.

    Shakesville refers to fatties as "fatstronauts" because she is a dumb bitch who confuses "astronauts", who are weightless in space, with "planets" which, like herself, are large round heavy objects that are so massive they have their own field of gravity. Her Fatstronauts 101 posts are designed to dispel myths about fat people, such as the fact that fat people eat a lot of food, or the fact that fat people are ugly.

    My reality is more like 1800-2200 calories a day, and yet, I'm about 190 pounds.

    Somehow, I think that's got more to do with three years on hormonal contraceptives that I turned out to be allergic to (hello, fifty pounds!) added to having grown up with serious food insecurity and a body that is afraid food might become scarce again in the future than with the amount I actually eat


    —Teaspoon, a Shakesville commenter, who doesn't realize she is fat because she eats 2200 fucking calories a day.

    Fat Heffalump

    Oh you're such a cunting individual, with your purple hair, you fucking slob.
    She actually shopped this one herself

    Fat Heffalump a.k.a. Kath Read is a morbidly obese blogger who likes to think that she is a model. A self-titled "Agent of Obesity," she is constantly mad about everything and likes to wear tight clothes in really bright colors to flaunt her ugliness in people's faces. She is a fat faggot who needs to learn to diet, she has diabetes, serves the fat feminazi right. She deserves a painful death, hopefully from an overdose of the toxic fat-feminism that plagues her ugly fatness!

    Fat Heffalump also created stockybodies.com which is just a website with pictures of morbidly obese people. Since she is an attention whore Mc Fat Fuck, most of the pictures are of herself. Attempts have been made to crash her site, however her 500 pounds of blubber surrounding it prevent pretty much anything.

    The thing is, this fat activism business is not a hobby I do just to fill my time. It is my fight to live. It is my fight to keep my self esteem and not be completely crushed by the hatred that is spewed in my direction for simply living in a fat body. It is my fight claim the space I need to live my life to the fullest with whatever cards I am dealt in life. I don’t do this because I need to fill time and enjoy it – I do this to keep myself strong, healthy, happy and alive. The alternative to my being a fat activist was crippling depression and absolutely no self esteem, which led to my attempting to end my life on more than one occasion.


    —Fat Heffalump is as incompetent at suicide as she is at weight loss. Not surprising, as she would bleed sugar!

    Like all dumb ass Jabba-The-Hutt Feminists on the internet, she has a nazi commenting policy where anything that might hurt her cholesterol-laden feelings will be instantly deleted. However she also threatens that anyone who leaves a "hateful" message will have their dox published on her website. Since nobody is listed, it's possible that nobody has ever left her any negative comments. But it's more likely that she's just too dumb to copy and paste information that wordpress gives her.

    Marianne Kirby

    Marianne Kirby a.k.a. The Rotund

    Marianne Kirby who calls herself "The Rotund" is a well known fat activist who writes pro-fat articles for actual websites in addition to running her own blog. She is the co-author of a book entitled The Internet Taught Me Not To Diet and likes to post pictures of her "cute" outfits.

    And when you use food choices to judge whether or not someone cares about their health, you are being judgmental and perpetuating unreasonable, draconian standards of healthism. I know you don’t mean to – but that’s the effect.

    YES, you should keep your mouth shut when someone is eating a candy bar – not because that person is wrong about the lipids hypothesis but because you have no idea WHY they have chosen that candy bar and you CANNOT make assumptions about it without judging people.


    —Yes, "healthism" is now a form of discrimination; one can participate in it by saying that a candy bar is unhealthy.


    File:Heidi 2.jpg
    2 years after gastric bypass. For serious.
    Fat activists warn of the dangers of weight loss, as a simple diet can turn one into the emaciated figure on the right

    Thesugarmonster a.k.a. Heidi is a fat activist who, once she had topped out at over 500 lb and was unable to wipe her own ass, decided to have gastric bypass surgery to prevent her from shoveling food into her oversized gut. This caused a huge drama in the fat activist community, which believes in "Health at Every Size", many refused to accept that Heidi being unable to shower, wipe her own ass, walk from her car to a door, or even stand for more than half a minute was in any way proof that her obesity was unhealthy.

    She originally wrote about her surgery on the fat activist site Shapely Prose and naturally was met with hostility from people who felt that being a grotesque distortion of the human form unable to perform even the simplest and most basic acts of self care made her the ideal role model for their movement. The role model, of course, being early death and crappy life full of cake and crying.

    Read the original entries: here and here

    Since her weight loss surgery failed and she is now shunned from both normal society as well as fat society, Heidi's blog is now mostly filled with random bullshit about her life and reviews of dildos and other sex toys. However, she continues to serve as an inspiring tale for Fat Activists everywhere, that even with 90% of your stomach removed, it's still big enough to fit enough triple bacon cheeseburgers to prevent you from losing your full figure.


    Kill yourself.
    For just $5, DWF can help you give your doctor a chuckle at your pitiful dumbfuckery.

    DancesWithFat a.k.a. Ragen Chastain is yet another fat activist who claims to be many things she's not, including a national dance champion - even though the American Country Dance Association reports she won in only one category because she was the only participant; and a marathon runner - because she walked a 26.2 mile marathon in 'about' 13 hours, and still goes on about it 6 months later. Her constant praise of "Health at Every Size" while outright denying scientific and medical research that contradicts her views has garnered her a considerable fanbase of lazy, self-entitled fat fucks. She readily dishes out unhealthy advice to other fatties, brags about getting an extra seat on an airplane due to her girth, and believes it is every fatty's right to take up 'thin' people's space.

    In an attempt to prove her superiority, she even attempted to train for the Iron Man triathlon, which unfortunately didn't work out for her the way she expected.

    Why do we not hear about the vast benefits of exercise? Maybe because it’s not proven to lead to weight loss.


    —Ragen, expounding on the witchcraft of calories in/calories out.


    File:Mrs Parker fatty.PNG
    As it turns out the people most likely to become obese are holocaust victims.

    When their mouths are not filled with food, fat people often complain that they are being discriminated against. The fat mentality is that it's OK to weigh a metric ton and that it's the skinny population's fault that being a gargantuan lardass is perceived as bad. Sizeism—believing that people are fat because they eat too much—is supposedly a form of prejudice, in the same way that it's sexist to refer to a woman as "she".

    Ironically, fat people often complain that society is too obsessed with weight while bitching about how disgusting skinny or even healthy-sized people are in comparison to their own rolls of sweaty disgusting fat.


    National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance is a group that hopes that one day all people will be accepted no matter what sizes they are. This includes people who weigh half a metric ton and have to be washed by their children three times a day while they wait for their gastric bypass surgery. Strangely, some people see this as a bad thing, wonder why?

    However in order to combat prejudice they must prove that all thin people are prejudice. Those who count as thin include anorexics, bulimics, or anyone within the normal weight range and those who weigh less than a John Deere tractor.

    There are many misconceptions about fat people. NAAFA's guidelines will help you to dispel these myths:

    The above is proof to what normal people have always believed - that excess fat stops the brain from working.


    New American Fat Acceptance Movement is the next phase in fat acceptance. The days of justifying our fatness by lying and saying we have a mysterious genetic or metabolic disorder are over. We now freely admit to and embrace what the fat haters would call gluttony. We fatlings are no longer apologists for our size nor our greedy gluttony. We are fat because we eat huge amounts of food; and we like it. If you don't like it, get used to it because fat people are now the overwhelming majority. Gluttony is good. Anything else would be unAmerican.


    File:Fat Wall e Blog.PNG
    It's always thin people's fault. Remember that.

    One of the most successful Disney / Pixar movies—Wall • E—showed a futuristic world where humans have become helpless blobs due to their dependency on machines and overindulgence. At the end of the movie the humans return to Earth, gradually became healthier, and made the planet green again. Naturally the fatties had a problem with this.

    The real truth is that people just don't care that others are being discriminated against, as long as it's not directed their way. They don't - or won't - see how such stereotypes harm both fat and thin people, and contribute to an environment where a recent study of teen girls reveals they'd rather be blinded or lose a limb instead of becoming fat.


    —Strangely enough this person never actually saw the movie.


    This giraffe is a lot healthier than it was before.
    omg you people it had nothing to do with her parents so you are saying that my mom had trouble with me and my brother? yes he got VERY big and unfortunately died :( but my mom fed us vegetables fruit and we were always outside! there is nothing you can do with some people!


    —YouTube user

    This is a Lie, and little Jessica Leonard (once the world's fattest child) is the proof:

    You would hit that.

    "You know, all parents make mistakes". Words just fail you, don't they?

    Even hamplanets despise the fat acceptance movement [1].

    Here Ricky Gervais explains why fat people are the scum of the earth

    A Breakthrough in the Understanding of Obesity

    Not just an overpriced drying rack!
    Let's just say that yeah, it's a horrible thing that we're forcing you to take extreme measures to drop the gallons of blubber that you brought upon yourself, but could we be subconsciously doing you a favor? Would you rather spend the rest of your miserable ten or so years of life being wedged in small chairs that aren't meant to cater to your fat, pustulent ass, sucking down concentrated fat by the truckload until your arteries harden, absorbing wading-pools full of gravy through your vast amounts of skin, and praying to Jesus that it will someday rain melted butter before you're forklifted out of your house through the removed front wall onto three stretchers, and riding an ambulance on its axles to a hospital where they can't give you that dire quadruple bypass because there's too much goddamned adipose tissue for any normal human being's arms to even reach through even if he could find your bloated, flabby heart?

    Here's your incentive, fatasses. Drop the fork and get on the treadmill. Stop kidding yourself into thinking it's OUR fault that you're a repulsive sack of fat. It's your fault that you decided it proper to waste your entire 20 years of life dedicating yourself to wrecking your body and our eyesight.


    If only they could hear him over the sound of munching cheetos.


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