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    Typical Goth

    Faggoth is an uncommonly used portmanteau combining the words "fag" and "goth", much like fugly is a combination of fucking and ugly. Faggoths often use the site Vampire Freaks because they are vampires and they are freaks. (But only wanna-be vampires and not true goths shop at Hot Topic.) Faggoths dream of being Marilyn Manson's sex slave, and they have a hardcore boner for Invader Zim and Tim Burton. Some of the satanist faggoths are "true metalheads" because they listen to black metal bands as opposed to mallcore bands like Slipknot. These faggoths are often found on the Metal-Archives signing every forum post with "Shemhamforash! HAIL SATAN!" (whatever the fuck that means) See also Gothic

    It is important to note that our former leader and traitor,Sherrod Dehippo was also a member of this community.

    Long definition

    Faggoths are whiny black eyeliner wearing middle class suburban white kids who do not get enough attention from their alcoholic parents (see emo). They are also gay or pretend to be because androgyny is a large staple of the goth community (seriously, see emo). Faggoth refers to a mopey teenager in too much make up and tight fitting girl clothes regardless of their gender. They like to make out with someone of the same gender so they appear to be "outside society's norm", a lot like emos. The word can also be used to describe goths in general, as anyone who would look and act that way on purpose must be a gay. Many faggoths claim to be bisexual because it's unusual or rebellious, and only like hardcore edgy games such as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Call of the Dooties.


    Faggoth is most commonly used as a parody of jameth, an internet celebrity in his own mind.


    Gallery of the Gothic Retards About missing Pics
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