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    Fag Enabler

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    Women are famous fag enablers.
    This is not a fag enabler. Almost anything else is. (Shirley Phelps, left)

    A fag enabler or straight ally is anyone who actively or passively permits the gay agenda. This includes almost anyone who is not a part of the Phelps family who own GodHatesFags.com. In other words if you are not an active faggot you are still going to hell for not killing the filthy faggots. If you're not violently and viciously working against homosexuals you are helping them and are doomed to hell.


    This term is typically used by people with weaving family trees, fanatical trolls at God Hates Fags. It is likely that one will follow calling someone a fag with offering the alternative of a "fag enabler" instead. While it is easy to shrug off the insult of being called a fag with such comebacks as "But I'm married" or "My girlfriend Rebecca would disagree" the term fag enabler applies to everyone except Fred Phelps' family so it can be deemed one of the most fool-proof insults ever. Except that Fred Phelps doesn't oppose male on male rape (e.g. prison rape), which is what sometimes happens in prison but is not what makes one gay. It's genetic. Created by Jesus Christ in His image. Jesus loves fags. Always has, always will.

    Paradoxical Implications of 'Fag Enabler' theory

    Consider this: if, according to Westboro Baptist Church doctrine, heterosexuals who don't explicitly condemn homosexuality are sinful fag enablers, this implies a hierarchy of damnation, liek so

    • WBC members- Not gay, thus free of sin.
    • Fag enablers- Not gay, but still sinful.
    • Fags- gay, thus buttfucking Sinners.

    However, any self-loathing, remorseful, or closeted fag would obviously be welcome in the WBC as long as he agreed to the above doctrine, and because all Baptists love teh sinner and hate teh sin, believing as they do that all can be saved if they give themselves over to Jesus.

    The implication is as obvious as it is inescapable : THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH ARE FAG ENABLERS AND SHOULD BALEET THEMSELVES FORTHWITH !!!1!

    List of Fag Enablers

    Amy Kieran

    Amy Kieran Outed her 7-year-old son as a bone-chugger in 2012, then attention whored on Huffington Post, whining about the consequences...

    In 2012, Amy Kieran of St. Louis Missouri outed her 7-year-old son as a knob-gobbler on Huffington Post. She was awarded NAMBLA's 2012 No Grass on the Field? Play Ball Anyway!!-award

    Hi, Jerry Sandusky? My 7-year-old son would love to wrassle with you some time! He's gay too!


    —Amy Kieran

    Cheryl Abbate (University of Colorado)

    This dumb whore assraped a student's right to freedom of speech in the classroom. Happily, LULZ resulted and the bitch was beaten down, almost raped and dropkicked to the assholes at University of Colorado, Boulder, where the lack of oxygen at the attitude is perfect for braindead fag enablers like Cheryl E. Abbate!

    Student: If I choose to challenge this, it's my right as an American citizen.

    Cheryl Abbate: Ok, well, actually you don't have a right in this class, as ... especially as an ethics professor, to make homophobic comments, racist comments, sexist comments ...


    Cheryl E. Abbate h8ing on free speech

    Sarah Manley

    Sarah Manley, in her fuck me leotard. Note glassy eyes due to excessive dumbness (she flunked out of U Missouri-Columbia)

    Sarah Manley is a mother with serious issues when it comes to making decisions regarding the internets. This came to the fore just after Hallowe'en in November 2010 when she published a photo of her son Beckett Manley all trapped up as Daphne from Scooby Doo and then blogged that he was a Faggot

    "MY 5-YEAR-OLD SON IS A FAGGOT!!," cheered Sarah Manley

    LULZ ensued when Manley's blog went Viral: Christians shit their pants, lesbians creamed themselves, and Nambla began a lottery to send a lucky member to Missouri, to find out if Manley's toddler hid Scooby Snacks under his skirt. Oh, and a Forbes blogger called Nerdy Apple Bottom bitch Sarah Manley a "bad mother." (Also, some say that AutoAdmit derived numerous LULZ.)

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