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FTW is an acronym most commonly used to represent "For The Win". Can also mean WTF if the author is dyslexic.

if you wear the above skull, this is a must-have accessory. Otherwise: gauche

Anyone who uses this terminology is engaging in old meme fuckery of the highest order. It's incredibly motherfucking obnoxious, ranking up there with people who still find the Flying Spaghetti Monster to be an amusing and original joke.


In old media, "for the win" was used on television game shows such as Hollywood Squares. In the show, a user would be one square away from winning the game. The user would then select that square, saying "I'll take center square for the win."

The term has retained its spirit, but is now very popular in online gaming communities such as World of Warcraft and online faggotry communities such as 4chan.org.


Another phrase shortened to FTW - before the days of internets - was Free The Whales. Most likely used by tree-hugging hippies.

What most people don't realize is that while it is true that the phrase for the win was used in older game shows, the acronym FTW originated as a covert way to say "Fuck The World" (à la FML):

FTW (Fuck The World)
  1. To do the sex with the Earth

Death of FTW

The common expression had endured many hardships and improper uses, but nothing worse than Making Veggie Lasagna And Listening to Britney Spears! Sunday Afternoon FTW

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