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FSJAL will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

The source of FSJAL

FSJAL, also reffered to by trolls and newfags as Excited Fists Guy, is yet another forced meme that spawned from the deep bowels of 4chan's /v/ causing some lulz, but mostly a lot of saging.

FSJAL came from a comic that some homo had posted a while back called "Smash Broters Story". When lurkers saw Toon Link's reaction when he was either waiting for something big to happen or was about to take a dump, a new meme was born. Afterwards, many shoops were made and before long, FSJAL became just another old shit stain on the pockmarked ass cheek of the interbutts.

FSJAL is notable for having the most fail meme name since Gaijin 4Koma. In a post forcing the meme, the faggot OP gave naming rights to the post ending in 69. Unfortunately, some buttfuck pounded his keyboard and won the lottery, and here we have our name.

This meme sucks balls.(When i find the mother*er..)


Anonymous, 4chan


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