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Exterminatus Now

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Exterminatus Now is a typical furfag comic that somehow managed to combine Sonic the Hedgehog and Warhammer 40,000 into one ungodly mess. The comic, due to the fact that it liberally uses old memes and involves various transvestite animals and half-naked furry asses under the name of "Good Writing" naturally has a retarded cult-like following involving various furfags. These furfags congregate in their extremely awesome InvisionFree forums to discuss the pathetic existences they call lives, while making old and outdated jokes and ruining memes.

Thread of shitty comics before the initial raid.

Ignoring their small and retarded fanbase, the creators of the comics share the same shit sense of humor in addition to the same shit style of art. While they're not busy being ANGRY AND TALKING IN ALL CAPS, you can occasionally find them on their Furfag forums communicating with the autistic teenagers regularly found on the boards.

The disgrace was first brought to the public eye sometime around March 2006 by none other than the SomethingAwful forum goons. A year later on November 18th, this piece of fail was slowly forgotten under the sands of time until a /b/tard found this retarded-as-hell fancomic and decided to post it on /b/, and egged on for a raid. Although first met with skepticism, eventually a raid formed and managed to temporarily shut down their forums. As of now, the spamming has just begun, and /b/ is waiting for the delicious victory that will eventually come to them, and finally drive this cancer off the face of the fucking Internet.

The History of the Drama

Around 2003, the webcomic was founded, and kicked-off with a plot around the fursona is of the comic creators going on an inquisition to capture some shapeshifting creatures who managed to transform into lesbian furry chicks and then proceeded to make hot lesbian love, in the process becoming tentacle-raping monsters. No really. I'm not making this up. THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW Similarly wonderful plots were produced later on, too, but now with the addition of rants by Lothar Hex, a semi-robotic Britfag hedgehog with a bad case of Down's Syndrome.

Sometime around 2006, SomethingAwful discovered this fucking gem of a site and decided to make it public, leading to a temporary surge of lulz and win. However, although the community has since sealed itself off from the world beyond furries, the small sick universe was rediscovered by a /b/tard on November 18th, 2007. After observing the critical levels of faggotry on the site, the /b/tard decided to ask Anonymous to help attack the site and completely break the egos of the artists and administration involved. Spamming with Goatse and Pain Series for about 15 minutes led to the forums being temporarily shut down, while the administration proceeded to shit bricks over how they can handle being served their own asses on a silver platter by 4chan.

The aftermath of the first initial spamming.

The site is currently getting royally raped without anal lube, as the artists will soon discover the unloving and unforgiving cock of the Internet Hate Machine.

  • NOTE: The site is affiliated with DC Simpson's Ozy and Millie furfag shit.

The Administration and Forum Members

The administrators and creators of the comic are a team of 4 obese British men sharing their mental masturbation on the internet in the form of a Sonic comic. The members are:

  • Lothar Hex - When not busy writing the 5 or so lines of script on Notepad, he rants about old shit that nobody cares about anymore. The tools he uses in the production of his literary works are CAPS LOCK and Maddox articles. He has the fursona of a Cyborg Echidna (very original) and boasts a furry girlfriend who is really a boy. He screams about how awesome and original Family Guy is, remaining blissfully unaware that each episode is a combination of 80s/90s pop culture references + cliched family conflict. Typical Internet Tough Guy.
  • Eastwood - I can't even work out what the fuck this guy does. He describes himself as "Slightly Obese", is working on a novel, and does some shit here and there (Read: every liberal arts major). He has the fursona of a gray fox (HOW ORIGINAL), and is basically a useless douche.
  • Rogue - Weeaboo. Takes the fursona of a Japanese cat.

Instead of going into detail of the specifics of forum members, I'll just categorize them using an analogy. Do you have that one guy at work who's kind of fat, wears Hawaiian T-Shirts, and tells jokes like he's God's gift to comedy? Add in "Furry" into the sentence and you have just about 100% of the forum userbase.

Oh, and they're all Britfags too.

Trolling Exterminatus Now

Sometime during '04/'05, the only known effective way of trolling Exterminatus Now was to call them furries and watch them moan butthurt whenever you did something. However, either a retarded Christfag or a divine troll by the name of lankywolf found that the most effective way of trolling was to go into the forums and get into an argument on how accurate the Bible is when compared with science. This method is super-effective against the Internet Tough Guy Lothar since he will always sprinkle his sentence with BOLD, CAPS LOCK, RED FLASHING TEXT TO MAKE HIS ARGUMENT MORE VALID. Touching Creationism vs. Evolution is a classic, but anything revolving around the apocalypse, gay people, and Jesus is really effective. Who knew that the same method that worked on YTMND could work on a similarly retarded place like Exterminatus Now?

Another method which has proven to give great trolling value is making topics involving either gun control, socialized health care, or the difference between European and American education. The glory in these trolling methods is that the forums are basically divided into Britfag vs. Americunt, and numerous patriotic arguments have arisen from that major schism in the userbase. Playing on these weaknesses basically causes the entire forum to split into two sides and have an argument that will last as long as the thread does, turning everybody else into your own personal lol-cow.

Of course, drawing all of the main characters in one big gay orgy works incredibly well. The best way to execute this though is to not post it on the forums, but to upload a parody gallery on deviantART complete with satirical journal entries along the way, and then to post the link to that on the forum.

If you want to try the troll, simply restating the fact that they are furries will drive them completely off the handle until they ban you. Although incredibly simple, it is extremely effective due to the userbase consisting of smug pseudo-intellectuals.

The Plot of a Typical Comic

Sonic + Warhammer + Furries + Stale Memes - Humor - Originality + Retarded Political Commentary + Bitching About New Sonic Games - Updates + Random Filler Comics + Ninjas! + Demons! + Toasters, Pie, Cheese, and various other "LOL RANDOM" shit that's unfunny + Windows Fanboyism + Halo Fanboyism + Family Guy + British Humor + Lemon Demon + Cliche + Leftardism + Bitching about George W. Bush - wit + Crappiness + pretentious comments + So Much Anti-Religious Shit That it Would Even Make YouTube Atheists Cringe + Matrix References + Jokes about EASTWOOD LIEKING CAWFEE LOLOLOL XD = BEST COMIC EVAR.

Current Forum Status

Current Status: Down due to pillaging. Raiding isn't over yet, though. Update: Currently the forums are online, and have disabled public registration and guest viewing of the forums. The forums are officially gated away from the rest of the internet. Rejoice.

Gallery of Shitty Comics and Related Stuff

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