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This is the comic for which the series is named.

Explosm is a website that features a daily webcomic named Cyanide & Happiness. The comic is the epitome of unfunny. The comic causes much butthurt across the internet, but if you complain about it on the forums, you'll be ignored. Basically, what you get it's the mainstream outcome of a left-handed Parkison diseased high school dropout with the comedy talent of a Newgrounds writer who thinks its edgy to try hard and imitate South Park... but having all of the characters look the same.

Cyanide & Happiness began when sixteen-year-old Kris Wilson was at home suffering from Streptococcal sore throat. To entertain himself, he drew comics on paper and scanned them to his computer. Feeling unnecessarily proud of his creations, he built a website called Comicazi. Later, he showcased his comics on StickSuicide's forum. The webmasters of this forum saw potential in his comics and sucked his dick to the point that they had to create a new website, Explosm.

The Writers

  • Kris Wilson - The brains behind C&H.
  • Robert DenBleyker - One of the original administrators of StickSuicide. Specializes in satire and the unexpected. He has submitted, by far, the most comics.
  • Matthew Melvin - One of the original administrators of StickSuicide. He has submitted the least comics. His women look just like his men, except with ponytails. His comics are, by far, the least original. He is known for his "AIDS jokes." His most recent failure was to create his own shitty website, Robots with Feelings. It sucks.
  • David McElfatrick - One of the original administrators of StickSuicide. Definitely the most unfunny of the four. His characters look like droopier versions of Kris'. Dave's specialty is shitty puns.


The opening comic of Depressing Comic Week 2.

The themes of Cyanide & Happiness usually consist of the following:

Once a year, Explosm holds an entire week of depressing comics which are intended to offend people. However readers are so used to laughing stupidly after reading one of their comics depressing comic week literally has no point, as people laugh anyway. This makes every reader of explosm a sick fuck.


Most of the characters look exactly the same, but there are some recurring characters.


Typical C&H reader.

Every webcomic, no matter how unfunny or unoriginal, has its fans (with the exception of The Homeschool Schoolers).

Cyanide & Happiness is enjoyed by 90% of all newfags and 13-year-old boys. It is not uncommon to see comic strips in people's signatures on internet forums. If you frequent an internet forum and discover a Cyanide & Happiness comic strip in someone's signature, proceed to flaming the living shit out of that person until either you've been permabanned or the comic strip has been removed from the signature.

Cyanide & Happiness comic strips sometimes appear in /b/ if the comic was particularly offensive; such as the comic featuring a man beating his son to a bloody pulp.

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