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Eugene Sevostyanov

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Eugene Sevostyanov was a little boy who had Hydrocephalia because of his parents. He became popular on Russian imageboard Øchan after an anonymous found a publication about him in a news portal


On 16th of June 2010 Anonymous placed a hyperlink at 4chan's /b/, which lead to the publication, telling about a scheduled surgery to be performed on a child suffering from hydrocephaly. Nothing seemed wrong in the beginning - some were mockingly terrified of the picture, others proposed that the child should be killed to end his suffering, yet others were just laughing about.

Soon someone provided the picture of the child's head with cropped background and proposed the Anonymous to get creative, and so it began. The thread reached bumplimit, spawned no less successful second thread thanks to the shopped pics and furious moralfags. The latter and the /b/tards reached only one common opinion - the parents should not have let the illness go so far, and it was too late by then already.

On 23rd Feb 2012 he was finally smothered from the second attempt. Contrary to the doctors, who were crossing fingers for him for 2 years already, the martyr of parental care died from plain pneumonia. Good night, sweet prince.


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A tiny bit of vodka 'fore concievement,

And then to smoke those sweetest-sweetest cigs,
The fiend born under torture is, aye, monstrous,
Yet grew so fast on alms his mom did dig.
The baby was a 'hydro since his birth date,
And /b/tards shan't forgot the spawn of swine,
Anonymous will make his name immortal,
Well-written in sad record - where he died.



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