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    Even her OCs are afraid to look at her.

    Etsukoajibana, aka Els van Maaren, is a prime example of an atheist, racist wapanese fangirl, who knows as much about Japan as a duck knows how to become a hockey star. Despite being Dutch, she listens to Japanese music, bastardizes the Japanese language (like any other typical weaboo) and dreams of being a manga artist. She's mainly known for being one of the biggest art thieves on Fanart Central and the biggest hypocrite in Deviantart. A close companion of the more popular art thief Bean, Etsuko followed along in the footsteps of many untalented fanbrats before her. Unable to create the caliber of art required to get her the mindless asspats from the Yu-Gi-Oh fanbase, Etsuko did what every attention starved 16 year old girl does; she edited many screenshots and traced her artwork. And even with proof she still does it, she denies she still traces her pics.

    There has also been recent evidence that Etsucko has been taking multiple Yugioh screenshots from all over and tracing them to make one picture. (Example: Yugi's face shape, Tea's eyes, Dark Magician Girl's mouth all traced to make her retarded Mary-sue.

    Brief History for New Haters

    Els first appeared on FAC (that's short for Fan Art Central!). She claimed that she was in love with Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh so she created an OC, which is just a self-insert slightly altered DMG. She submitted screenshot traces, traces of other people's artwork, screenshot edits, and her occasional artwork that was actually drawn herself. Of course, since everyone on FAC is an art thief and are stupid fucktards, she quickly gained popularity. At one point, her FAC account was even hacked, but she quickly regained control of it. She soon met Bean and her other fellow art thieves and in which case they made a stupid club named B*KewT. Somewhere along the line the club split up putting an end to their faggotry. Sometime in 2007 she created an account on DeviantArt and submitted her traces there. Eventually she stopped posting art on FAC. She has now deleted everything on her FAC page and Photobucket and now resides on her DA page.

    The Obsession

    If you fap to her you are a sick fuck

    Els in her Harry Potter obsession period, or ninja turtles


    Like most fantards, Etsucko was not pleased with how the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh were carrying the story along. So she created an 'Original character'.

    See? That Etsuko looks like me with character and clothes She does look like me, not 100% but 50% for sure


    Even someone with cataracts can see that Etslutto couldn't possibly be modeled after her creator. The only things they have in common are blond hair, blue eyes and Aryan white skin. It is clear that Etsuko is what Els wishes she looked like; a bad case of unrealistic expectations.
    Like many other Yugioh fangirls, she has an unhealthy obsession with Yami, therefore her Mary Sue and Yami have a relationship that goes back over 9000 years ago in ancient Egypt where they ruled as queen and pharaoh. Yeah... Right. Her OC Etsuko Ajibana is based off of Dark Magician Girl and even has her as her Ka. And, as many Mary-Sues, Etsuko is always surrounded with strawberries and pinky-poo colours, dresses up in "cute" style with at least 100 ribbons, speaks wapaneese and is loved by everyone. Atem even goes to School because of her, even thought he's over 10000 years old! And everytime she draws him either with another girl, he's somehow still in love with her completely original OC.
    Of course, after fapping over 10 years for Yu-Gi-Oh, and seeing what GIS-Likes-To did to her OC, she decided to simply copy her ideas of changing Etsuko's haircut. She even changed her background story, thinking it will help to make her OC less Mary-Sue. Etsuko now looks more like Els's anime-self.

    She'll move to Domino City right after Battle City ended (kinda the timeline of the Pyramid of Light movie). Her first days of school are harsh because she's not good at making friends. She first meets Faith, Koyuki and Arisa (who will become her closests friends). Later on she'll get introduced to Yuugi and his friends and slowly she's taking part in their group as well. Blair is first a bully to Etsuko but later on they'll become friends as well.

    I haven't really thought up more than that till now and it's a very short summary.

    It's not like Eshe will end up with Atemu. She will die during the battle with Zorc to start with. I also pair him with many girls in my story, after all pharaohs had more women.


    —Etsuko, on true originality.

    This makes one start to think; because Atem is a pharaoh, she decided to pair Etsuko with him so she can be the queen bitch of Ancient Egypt, enslaving everyone and kill those who tries to take Atemu from her. Add to this is that she stole Dark Magician Girl from Mana and have that poor Duel Monster as her slave.

    They also have kids as well:

    • Aito - EMO princess and penis cutter, propably because he doesn't own one himself. In love with a sparkly version of Hanako, has a Yami side out of nowhere. Typical wannabe-badass character. Based off of Els's favourite singer Masaaki Endoh.
    • Lisa - Typical slutty character. Has giant boobs. Pretends to be next queen of duel. Female version of Yugi.
    • Etsumi - Despite being shy, was still drawn naked. Has a GIANT fucking ribbon on her head.
    • Kanako - Probably the neighbor's kid, because out of all characters, she's the only one that doesn't look like Etsuko or Yami Yugi Atem.

    Their "kids" somehow formed a band that was named after so-called destiny-shipping: Destiny Dreamers. Also, the idea of her children becoming famous singers was stolen from, yet again, another Yugioh OC fan artist! Furthermore, these kids are making tons of money by singing JAM project songs! It looks like she's on a roll, folks!
    Of course, Els herself admits that Etsuko should be in the fandom, and to prove that, she created tons of fanarts of her Mary-Sue in different copyrighted poses. Her gallery resembles that of an Etsuko Shrine. She only sometimes goes out of her way to draw a crappy chibi fanart for others, and it takes her years to complete any comissions she gets. Frankly, she has at least 100 YGO OCs, who are as stereotypical as her precious Mary-Sue Etsuko. Propably they were created to somehow dilute her holy Etsuko Shrine... It failed:

    • Kiseki - Love child of Kanako and her teacher. Was drawn twice before being completely forgotten because Els was too busy drawing Etsuko.
    • Masaro - Another love child of Kanako and her teacher. Was also only drawn twice before being completely forgotten. Is also gay.
    • Aiko - Love child of Aito and Hanako. Also has been completely forgotten.
    • Yuu - Rape child, brother of Aiko. Completely forgotten.
    • Saori - Pink haired bimbo. Has only been drawn once before being completely forgotten.
    • Ain - Drawn once before being completely forgotten (seriously).

    Since Els is too busy drawing her pretty mary sue, she has completely and utterly forgotten about half of the OC's she has created!
    Els has also noted in a previous journal entry that she will replace Etsuko's ties with DMG amd replace her with the Silent Magician. Most likely a desperate attempt to make her OC less Mary-sue. Her efforts are futile.

    Recently, it has come to our attention, that Etsucko created an original Duel Monster to be her mary sue's ace monster, called Alliance Magician. Turns out it's just a half-assed version of the Dark Magician Girl. You're still not helping yourself, hun.

    It's obvious that Etsucko hates Tea Gardner since Yami Yugi is always with her, but of course Etslutto wants Yami Yugi all to herself and likes to make babies with him all night long. So she decided to make a video to show how desperate she is just to be with Yami Yugi. Same goes to those who have OCs paired with him; she would say that their OCs are rip-offs of someone from the show yet her own OC is just a bastardized Dark Magiciain Girl and is the biggest Mary-sue in existence.

    Adding to this, she has an unhealthy obsession with the Dark Magician Girl (she prefers calling her by her original Japanese name "Black Magician Girl"). Just don't ask her when comparing DMG to another anime girl as she would most likely choose DMG over the other anime girl and would make negative remarks about the other one. Ironically her mary sue is a blatant rip-off of the Dark Magician Girl, which makes one wonder, does Els secretly wish to be the Dark Magician Girl so that she can be with Yami Yugi and have sex with him? It would make sense, considering that the only other YamiXFemale pairing she supports is YamiXMana. (A.K.A: The Dark Magician Girl). She even drew Etsuko and DMG making out. And everybody knows that Etsuko is just supposed to be Els. Unfortunately, that pic has been deleted from her Animexx profile.

    One couldn't help but notice that some of Etsucko's art has the rays similar to the Rising Sun flag of Japan. Being a weaboo, she probably either has no idea that it is the Asian version of the Swastika flag or she ignores what it means like what most Wapanese does. Since she is a racist, it is possible that the latter is the reason as she puts the Rising Sun in some of her "artwork" which is insulting to non-Japanese.

    Recently, she posted a poll where her "fans" can choose which of Etslutto's children should be deleted but she do that for attention. Attention whore right?

    Copying and Tracing

    Etsuko admits that she doesn't trace her artwork, she just copies others; she's a perfect girl with perfect OCs.
    However, when she got noticed on tracing an image, she immedieately deleted it to keep her image clean, pretending that it is the mean editors who lied.

    It would not be fair to forget such wonderful artwork however. Therefore it has been uploaded to ED for your viewing pleasure. Furthermore, if you pay close attention, you'll notice that a lot of her pictures in her gallery are just edited doll bases.

    How She Traces

    If you have looked at the gallery below, you will find that Els has traced many facial expressions from the show. You may be wondering, how does she do this? Well, it's simple. You see, Els uses this nifty art program called Easy Paint Tool Sai. Sai is just like any other art program except it offers something other art programs do not, a curve tool. This along with the "layer" function makes tracing screenshots so easy a five-year-old could do it. And since she's had experience dolling bases in MS Paint, she's a pro at it. Who knows how many pictures she has traced with this method?

    Now, her old method for tracing was the old fashioned way. She simply found a pic of Dark Magician Girl or Anzu and simply traced over it. It's good to know she's improving, right?

    JAM Project

    As if her Yugioh obsession wasn't eye-bleedingly bad enough, she also wets her panties over J-Rock. The band you will hear her orgasm about should you ever read her DA page is JAM Project, namely the lead singer, Endoh Masaaki. She even based off her and Yugi's bastard son out of him!. While any normal human being would consider this "music" absolute trash, Els, along with her boatload of fantarts, eat this shit up like strawberry flavored pocky.

    Typical JAM Project song

    The Gallery of FAIL

    Etsuko's GALLERY OF FAIL About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Heil for the fanfiction!

    Not only millions of stereotypical characters, but some of the most dumbest fanfictions ever!

    Hanako: You’re always on Natsuki-chan’s side Aito…why? *cries and runs away*

    Aito: Hanako-chan please not again…
    Natsuki: Why does she exaggerate all the time? I bet she is oversensitive...*thinking* Wait why do I stand up for her?
    Aito: She is like this when you’re around me. She’s insecure and thinks that we love each other…
    Natsuki: Uhm well Hanako knows more than you Aito-kun…
    Aito: What is it? *looks confused*
    Natsuki: Uhm…she knows something you don’t know.
    Aito: What does she know more than me then? *still looks confused*
    Natsuki: Uhm…n-nothing * whistles *
    Aito: What is it? You can tell me.
    Natsuki: Well actually…
    Kanako: Natsuki-chan likes somebody.
    Aito: Who is it? I could help you to get together.
    Natsuki: Uhm I think that’s not possible Aito-kun…
    Aito: Why not?
    Kanako: Don’t you get it…she loves YOU, dumbass!
    Natsuki: Kanako-chan!
    Aito: Kanako stop making those stupid jokes, bitch!
    Kanako: Really you don’t believe this do you? *slaps in her own face*
    Natsuki: Eh? I don’t believe what I just heard *sweatdrops*
    Kanako: I’m not joking dumbass she DOES love you!
    Aito: Is Kanako right Natsuki-chan? *looks confused*
    Natsuki: Ah yes she is *sweatdrops*
    Aito: You’re not serious are you?
    Kanako: Please people check his IQ…I bet it’s even lower than a monkey’s *looks annoyed*
    Natsuki: Uhm *sweatdrops*
    Aito: You don’t love me, do you? I mean you’re always mean to me when Hanako-chan is around.
    Natsuki: Why do you think that I’m such a big fan of you? *steps back*
    Aito: S-So it i-is true? *starts to blush*
    Natsuki: Yes…
    Kanako: Ding Ding Ding he finally get’s it!



    Here are a couple of old ones that someone on Tumblr managed to find!

    Narrator: The school bell rang and Etsuko walked to her locker. Yugi saw her and walked to her.
    Yugi: Hey Etsuko
    Etsuko: *Turns round* Oh hi Yugi.
    Yugi: Uhm Etsuko I was wondering if you…uhm wanna go out with me.
    Etsuko: Y-You really want that? *blushes*
    Yugi: Yes.
    Etsuko: Sure I w-will.
    Yugi: Great, alright see you tomorrow at 13:00 p.m. in front of the park entrance. See you then. *walks away*
    Etsuko: B-Bye. *blushes and smiles* *thinks* (Yes I have a date with Yugi).
    Narrator: Etsuko dreamt the whole night about Yugi. Next day she didn’t know what to wear, so she called Tiffany.
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (Please pick up your phone Tiffany, I need your help).
    Narrator: Duke and Tiffany were having sex.
    Tiffany: Oh Duke *hears phone ringing* Oh my mobile phone is ringing I-
    Duke: They can call back later. We are busy now. *licks her breasts*
    Tiffany: But maybe it’s important. I will answer it *picks up her phone* Hi with Tiffany.
    Etsuko: Tiffany it’s me, Etsuko. Please you have to help me!
    Tiffany: Wow sounds like you have a big problem. Ah Duke could you stop? I’m on the phone Duke stop please.
    Etsuko: Tiffany please I need your help.
    Tiffany: Okay stay calm. I’ll be right there. Bye.
    Etsuko: Bye.
    Duke: You can’t go Tiff. Saturday morning is ‘our’ morning.
    Tiffany: I know Duke, but Etsuko really needs my help. I promise I’ll be right back. *kisses Duke*
    Duke: Well alright then. I’ll just wait here for you to come back.
    Tiffany: See you honey.
    Duke: Later.
    Narrator: Tiffany went to Etsuko. Etsuko was completely stressed, because she had just one and an half hour left before her date should start. Tiffany rang the doorbell and Etsuko’s mother opened the door.
    Fenny: Hi Tiffany Etsuko is upstairs.
    Tiffany: Thanks Madam.
    Narrator: Tiffany ran to Etsuko’s bedroom and opened the door. There were clothes all over her room.
    Tiffany: What happened?! It looks like a hurricane was here!
    Etsuko: Tiffany help me. I don’t know what to wear.
    Tiffany: Wait a minute. That’s your BIG problem? I have to leave Duke alone, only because you don’t know what to wear? Come on Etsuko normally you don’t care about what to wear. What’s wrong with you?
    Etsuko: Tiffany I have a date and I don’t know what to wear.
    Tiffany: You really have a date?! Ow and who’s the lucky one? Is it Yugi? *teasing Etsuko a little bit*
    Etsuko: Y-Yes. *blushing*
    Tiffany: So you finally asked him?
    Etsuko: N-No he asked me.
    Tiffany: That’s so great. I think he likes you. I mean why Etsukoe would he asks you? You and Yugi are such a cute couple.
    Etsuko: Tiffany who says that he asked me on a date, because he loves me? Maybe it will just be a friendly date. Anyway please help me to find a good outfit.
    Tiffany: Alright just slow down. Let’s see…uhm…this top and this skirt…and…uhm…this shoes and these stockings and to top it off…this sexy lingerie.
    Etsuko: Why do I have to wear sexy lingerie?
    Tiffany: Well there are boys that want sex at their first date. *winking*
    Etsuko: Do you really think that… *blushing*
    Tiffany: Who knows? But anyway go and dress, so that you won’t be late at your first date. Bye.
    Etsuko: Bye Tiffany and thanks for your help.
    Tiffany: Hey I always help my friends. Have fun with Yugi…oh and tell me everything as soon as you came back home.
    Etsuko: I will.
    Tiffany: Bye.
    Etsuko: Bye.
    Narrator: Etsuko dressed. She wore a blue halter top with a pink line at the top, a jeans skirt with a pink belt, a lila ribbon in her hair, light blue stockings and lila shoes. She also put some mascara, lip gloss and blue eye shadow on.
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (I hope that Yugi will like it).
    Narrator: Yugi also didn’t know what to wear, so he asked Yami for his opinion.
    Yugi: Pharaoh what should I wear?
    Yami: Why don’t you just wear what you like Yugi? Anyway what is the surprise you were talking about?
    Yugi: If I tell you that, then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.
    Yami: Yeah you’re right, but wait just a minute. You said the same thing when I had a date with Tea. Yugi please don’t tell me that I have a date with her again.
    Yugi: No you don’t have a date with her.
    Yami: Pff, but if it isn’t Tea. Who is it then?
    Yugi: Who said that you have a date?
    Yami: Alright I will wait until you come with the surprise.
    Narrator: Etsuko went to the park.
    Etsuko: Bye mom.
    Fenny: Bye honey. You know that you have to be back at 23:00 p.m.
    Etsuko: Yes mom. Fenny: Bye honey have fun.
    Narrator: Etsuko was waiting for Yugi and it was 13:00 p.m. already. Etsuko was worried.
    Etsuko: *Thinking* (Where is Yugi? Oh…maybe it was just a joke). *looking sad*
    Narrator: Yugi saw Etsuko and stopped.
    Yugi: *Thinks* (There she is). Alright Pharaoh, now it’s your time to take it over from me. *switches with Yami*
    Yami: Yugi what are you doing?! Yugi this is no duel! Yugi! *sees Etsuko* Oh…uh hi.
    Etsuko: H-Hi. *blushes*
    Yami: *Talking to Yugi* (Yugi how did you get a date with her?)
    Narrator: Yugi wasn’t answering.
    Yugi: *thinks* (You love her Pharaoh so have fun).
    Yami: *Thinks* (She looks so beautiful). Uh…should we go and have some drink?
    Etsuko: Al-Alright. *blushes*
    Narrator: Yami and Etsuko went to a snack bar. Yami was looking to Etsuko all the time. Etsuko looked to the ground and blushed.
    Yami: Here it is.
    Narrator: They went inside the snack bar and took their seats.
    Girl: Can I help you?
    Yami: Yes one banana shake and uhm…what do you want Etsuko?
    Etsuko: The same please.
    Girl: Alright I’ll be right back.
    Narrator: Yami was smiling to Etsuko, while Etsuko was blushing and looked to the ground. The girl came back after one minute.
    Girl: Here are your shakes.
    Yami: Thanks.
    Narrator: They both drank their shakes and looked into each others eyes. Yami was smiling and Etsuko blushed. Then Yami looked out of the window and thought about what to do next.
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (He looks different. He doesn’t look like the Yugi that asked me…maybe my grandma was right about his Millennium Puzzle. Anyway why is he looking out of the window all the time? Maybe he doesn’t like going out with me…). *looking disappointed*
    Yami: *Looking at the clock* Uh Etsuko should we go?
    Etsuko: Uh…alright.
    N: They went outside the snack bar.
    E: Uhm Yugi where are we going now?
    Yami: You will see. *winks*
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (Where are we going?)
    Narrator: They stopped as soon as they arrived at the theater.
    Etsuko: The theater? *thinking* (I wish are going to ‘The Dark Magician Girl in the moonlight’, but it’s so expensive. I know that, because I wanted to buy a ticket. I’m sure we are not going to that musical).
    Yami: Come on Etsuko.
    Etsuko: Uh yes I’m coming.
    Mrs.: Your tickets please.
    Yami: Here you go. *showing tickets*
    Mrs.: Thank you. Have a nice show.
    Yami: We will. Come on Etsuko.
    Narrator: They walked inside the room and took their seats.
    Etsuko: What show is it Yugi?
    Yami: You will find out soon enough. *winking*
    Mr.: Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the musical ‘The Dark Magician Girl in the moonlight’!
    Etsuko: What?! Oh Yugi thank you so much I really wanna see this musical!
    Yami: I know. *smiling*
    Narrator: The show ended after two hours. They went outside the theater.
    Etsuko: That was so awesome! Thank you Yugi thank you very much…but wait that show was really expensive. I know that, because I was looking for a ticket. I will pay you the money back.
    Yami: You don’t have to.
    Etsuko: But I-
    Yami: Hey I asked you on a date, so I will pay everything.
    Etsuko: Well al-alright, if you want that.
    Yami: Where do you wanna go next?
    Etsuko: I-I don’t know.
    Yami: I’ve heard that there is a carnival in the city, wanna go?
    Etsuko: Yeah sounds great.
    Narrator: They arrived at the carnival and Etsuko was looking around her.
    Yami: What do you want to do first?
    Etsuko: Uhm… *thinking* (I’m sure that he doesn’t want to go inside the Love Tunnel with me. Most of the boys think it is for whimps so…).
    Yami: What about the haunted house?
    Etsuko: Alright.
    Narrator: They went inside the haunted house. Etsuko screamed when she felt a hand at her shoulder.
    Yami: Hey calm down, it’s just me. *laughing*
    Etsuko: That’s not funny Yugi!
    Yami: Sorry I didn’t wanted to scare you. *looking disappointed*
    Narrator: They walked through and Etsuko screamed again, only this time because she saw a mummy.
    Etsuko: Ah a mummy!
    Yami: Hey it’s okay. It’s all fake Etsuko. *holding Etsuko in his arms* I will protect you. *winks and smiles*
    Etsuko: Th-Thank you. *blushes*
    Narrator: They went outside the haunted house.
    Yami: I’m sorry for scaring you. Now you may choose.
    Etsuko: Uhm…what about the ferris wheel?
    Yami: Alright.
    Narrator: They walked to the ferris wheel. Yami put his hand at Etsuko’s and smiled to her. Etsuko blushed and looked away.
    Yami: Oh… *put his hand off Etsuko’s* The view is beautiful, isn’t it?
    Etsuko: Y-Yes *blushes*
    Narrator: They went out of the ferris wheel.
    Yami: Alright what next?
    Etsuko: Uh… *thinking* (I really wanna go inside the Love Tunnel with Yugi, it will be so romantic. But I’m sure that he doesn’t want that). I-I don’t know. What about you?
    Yami: Well I really wanna try the new Enterprise, but…
    Etsuko: But what? Come on let’s go. *thinking* (I don’t like Enterprises, but Yugi really want this so…).
    Yami: Are you sure you want this too Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Yeah s-sure why not?
    Yami: Well you were afraid of the haunted house so I thought that…
    Etsuko: I want this too Yugi.
    Yami: Well alright then.
    Narrator: They went in the Enterprise and Etsuko screamed when it turned over. She closed her eyes and kept screaming.
    Yami: Oh no…I knew it.
    Narrator: Etsuko was shaking when she went out of the Enterprise.
    Yami: You’ve lied to me!
    Etsuko: I-I can explain. *crying*
    Yami: Explain what?! You didn’t want to go, but you HAVE done it! Why Etsuko, why did you lied to me?!
    Etsuko: I…it was just because you really wanted it and I didn’t wanted to disappoint you, by being a whimp.
    Yami: You are disappointing me by doing something you really don’t want.
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (Now he totally hates me. What have I done?) I-I will go now. *crying*
    Yami: Why? *looking confused*
    Etsuko: You hate me now so… *looking sad*
    Yami: I don’t hate you. Why would I hate you? *put an arm around her* Please don’t cry. I will make it good with you uhm… *looking to a stall with panda plushies* I will give you a panda plushie.
    Etsuko: You don’t have to Yugi.
    Yami: Oh yes I do. I yelled at you and I’m really sorry about that. So I will make it good now.
    Narrator: Yami walked to the stall and Etsuko followed.
    Yami: Uhm hello sir? Hello?
    Mr.: *Turns round* Yeah what?!
    Yami: One time please.
    Mr.: Here you go. *gives three balls to Yami*
    Narrator: Yami threw the balls and all of the cans fell.
    Yami: Yeah! Alright the panda plushie please.
    Mr.: Yeah sure. Forget about it buddy, if I give everybody a panda after just one throw. Then I will be broke in no time. You can make your girlfriend happy with a Barbie doll or a toy car. *smirking*
    Etsuko: *Thinks* (Oh this is so embarrassing).
    Yami: *Thinks* (He won’t embarrass me in front of Etsuko) Why don’t you keep those prizes for yourself?! I’m sure you will be happy with a Barbie doll! Anyway how many times to throw for that panda plushie?!
    Mr.: Twenty times in a row, so why don’t you just give it up punk. *smirking* Just make your girlfriend happy with a Barbie doll.
    Yami: NO! Listen I will throw twenty times in a row and win that panda plushie!
    Etsuko: Yugi you don’t have to do this.
    Yami: Yes I have.
    Narrator: Yami threw nineteen times in a row, one more and he will win.
    Yami: *Thinking* (Just one more time, please let them fall. I wanna make Etsuko happy).
    Mr.: *Thinking* (I will scare him, so that he won’t have twenty times in a row. After that he will make a fool of himself in front of his girlfriend). *smirking*
    Yami: Alright here goes. *throws the ball*
    Mr.: Boo!
    Narrator: Yami frightened for a second, but it was long enough to throw the ball wrong. One can was still standing, but it was wiggling.
    Yami: Please come on.
    Narrator: The can felt.
    Yami: Yeah! Alright the panda plushie please, SIR. *smirking*
    Mr.: Grrr. *gives the panda plushie*
    Yami: Thank you very much SIR. *smirking* Here you go Etsuko. This one is for you. *gives the panda plushie*
    Etsuko: Thank you Yugi it’s so cute! *blushing*
    Yami: I’m glad you like it. What about having a cotton candy and after that one last attraction?
    Etsuko: Yeah sure. *smiles*
    Narrator: Yami and Etsuko went to the cotton candy stall and ate their cotton candies.
    Yami: Alright should we go to the last attraction?
    Etsuko: Alright. *thinking* (What attraction does he want?)
    Narrator: Yami walked to the Love Tunnel.
    Yami: Wanna go inside Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Huh…uh…y-yes. *blushing badly*
    Narrator: Yami and Etsuko went inside and Yami put an arm around Etsuko. She was blushing and she was too shy to look at Yami.
    Etsuko: *Thinking* (This is so great).
    Yami: *Thinking* (She is so beautiful and I’m all alone with her now, this is my chance). Uhm Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Y-Yes Yugi?
    Narrator: Yami went closer and wanted to kiss her.
    Etsuko: Uh…Yugi… *sees that the tunnel ends* Yugi the tunnel ends. *blushing*
    Yami: Huh…oh. *looking disappointed*
    Narrator: They went walked to the beach and looked at the sunset.
    Yami: I really liked it, I hope you liked it too.
    Etsuko: I-I do. *blushing*
    Yami: I guess you wanna go back to your boyfriend now.
    Etsuko: What do you mean? I-I don’t have a boyfriend… I-I never had one.
    Yami: Huh…oh… *thinking* (Yes! That means I still make a chance). Well…then you had a lot of dates, right?
    Etsuko: N-No I haven’t. Th-This is my first date. *blushing*
    Yami: Are you kidding? Most of the boys from school love you. I bet many of them asked you for a date.
    Etsuko: Y-Yes they did but-
    Yami: Why haven’t you said yes?
    Etsuko: Because I don’t like them.
    Yami: Do you like me then? I mean you’ve said yes to me.
    Etsuko: Uh…well…I…y-you are a nice person and they a-aren’t. *blushes badly*
    Yami: I understand…uhm do you wanna go to the park?
    Etsuko: S-Sure.
    Narrator: They walked to the park. It was full moon and the moonlight shined in the lake.
    Etsuko: It’s full moon. And look the moonlight is shining in the lake and at those swans. It’s so beautiful. *thinks* (And romantic now I’m with Yugi) *blushing*
    Yami: Why do you girls like sunset and full moon so much? I mean it sure is beautiful, but…I just don’t get it why you like it so much.
    Etsuko: I-I don’t know it’s just beautiful…and romantic when you are with somebody you love. *blushes*
    Narrator: The wind blew and Etsuko was shivering.
    Yami: *Thinks* (I don’t have my jacket to warm her up so…).
    Narrator: Yami was standing behind Etsuko and embraced her.
    Etsuko: Huh Yugi… *blushes*
    Yami: I will warm you up. Are you still cold now?
    Etsuko: N-No. *blushes*
    Narrator: Yami stopped embracing Etsuko.
    Yami: Etsuko I have something for you.
    Etsuko: What then? Huh? *sees a Dark Magician Girl card*
    Yami: This one is for you.
    Etsuko: *Grabs card* Oh Yugi thank you! *hugs him very tight*
    Yami: Uh…
    Etsuko: Oh… *stops hugging* Uh…I-I’m sorry. I just… *blushing*
    Yami: It’s okay. I understand that you are happy with it. I mean after that you’ve looked for that card for a whole year. I’ve promised you that I will help you looking for that card, so here it is. *smiles*
    Etsuko: Thanks so much Yugi.
    Yami: It’s okay. *thinks* (I have one more Dark Magician Girl card, but I will give that one another time). Uhm…Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Yes Yugi?
    Narrator: Yami stepped closer.
    Etsuko: Uh Yugi? *blushes*
    Narrator: Yami kissed her.
    Etsuko: W-Why did you kiss me? I- *blushing badly*
    Yami: Etsuko I…Do you want to be my girlfriend?
    Etsuko: Uh…I… *blushing badly*
    Yami: I know that the answer probably will be no, because you’ve already told me that you don’t love me but-
    Etsuko: Y-Yes I will. *speaking with a low voice and looks to the ground*
    Yami: Sorry what did you just say? *looking confused*
    Etsuko: I-I w-wanna be your g-girlfriend. *blushing badly*
    Yami: You really mean that?!
    Etsuko: Y-Yes.
    Yami: *hugging Etsuko* Thank you.
    Etsuko: *blushing*
    Yami: I really love you and I’ve waited so long for this day.
    Etsuko: I-I l-love you t-too.
    Yami: Hey you don’t have to be shy anymore. I’m all yours now. *smiling* But I don’t get it. I mean why did you say that you don’t love me, if you do? *looking confused*
    Etsuko: I-I w-was too shy to confess. *blushing*
    Yami: You don’t have to be shy. You are my girlfriend now. *hugs and kisses her*
    Etsuko: But you aren’t Yugi.
    Yami: What are you talking about? Of course I’m Yugi. *looking confused*
    Etsuko: No you’re not. Yugi is smaller than you. His voice is different, his hair, his eyes and he is shy. And you aren’t shy at all. So you must be his twin brother or it’s true what my grandma have told me and there really is a Pharaoh spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle.
    Yami: To be honest your grandma is right.
    Etsuko: Huh?
    Yami: I am the Pharaoh spirit of Millennium Puzzle…I guess you don’t want to be my girlfriend after all, now that you know that I’m a spirit. *looking disappointed*
    Etsuko: Of course I will be your girlfriend. I mean you may be a spirit, but you are taking over Yugi’s body. And then you are a human for me. *smiles*
    Yami: Really?
    Etsuko: Y-Yes. To be honest I love you and not Yugi…I mean you are the one that I saw at TV. You are dueling for Yugi all the time, right?
    Yami: Yes that’s true.
    Etsuko: I fell in love with you, when I saw you at TV. I mean I don’t wanna offend Yugi. I mean he’s is a nice person too…but I love you and not him. I do see Yugi as a friend. I don’t wanna give him the feeling that I’m using him to be with you. I…
    Yami: Hey calm down Etsuko. Yugi knows that you love me. And he knows that I love you. That’s why he asked you for a date. It was to bring us together. *smiles*
    Etsuko: Really?
    Yami: Yes.
    Etsuko: Well since you are the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle…uhm…you must have your own name, right? So what’s your name?
    Yami: Uhm…
    Etsuko: Come on you don’t have to be ashamed for your name.
    Yami: That’s not it Etsuko…it’s…well I-I don’t know my name.
    Etsuko: How is that possible? I can you forget your own name? *looking confused*
    Yami: I don’t know anything about myself. The only thing I know is that I was a Pharaoh 5000 years ago. My memory is deleted for some reason.
    Etsuko: I’m sorry I didn’t know that, but…how do I have to call you then? I mean how is Yugi calling you?
    Yami: Yugi calls me Pharaoh, partner or Yami. But you can call me as you want.
    Etsuko: I will call you Yami. It sounds great. *smiles*
    Yami: I’m so happy with you.
    Etsuko: I’m happy with you too Yami. I love you. *blushes*
    Narrator: They hugged and kissed.


    Info non-talk.png     No.

    And here is another one!

    Narrator: After Atemu regains back his memory, he had to duel Yugi. When he will lose the duel, then he should return to the afterlife. To let his soul rest. Atemu did lost the duel and it was time for him to go.
    Atemu: Well I guess that this is goodbye.
    Yugi: Atemu you can’t leave us. We are best friends. We are as close as brothers.
    Atemu: I don’t wanna leave Yugi, but I have to (looking sad).
    Etsuko: (starting to cry quietly).
    Tiffany: (looking to Etsuko) uh-oh…Come on Etsuko don’t cry.
    Atemu: Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Atemu please don’t leave! (cries)
    Atemu: I’m sorry, but I have to.
    Etsuko: Don’t leave. I can’t live without you!
    Atemu: I can’t live without you as well, but I really have to go.
    Etsuko: No please stay! I will miss you terribly!
    Atemu: But I will always be with you. Remember our friendship necklace?
    Etsuko: Y-Yes why? (holding the necklace in her hand)
    Atemu: I will always be in your heart. My spirit will always be with you.
    Etsuko: I don’t want your spirit Atemu. I want the whole you (hugging Atemu and cries) please stay.
    Atemu: I wish I could. Ishizu is there really no other way?
    Ishizu: No I’m sorry my Pharaoh, but your spirit have to rest in the afterlife.
    Atemu: Etsuko look at me please.
    Narrator: Etsuko looked to Atemu with tears in her eyes.
    Atemu: I really have to go. I’m so sorry. But I will remember you always Etsuko. You will be in my heart forever.
    Etsuko: (hugs Atemu and cries loud) Don’t leave please, my life will not be the same without you.
    Atemu: I wish I could stay Etsuko, but I can’t. But you can live with Yugi now. He’s also some sort of part of me.
    Etsuko: I love you Atemu, not Yugi (cries)
    Tea: Jeez pathetic girl. She just used Yugi to be with Atemu.
    Blair: Hey she didn’t used Yugi you dog! And besides how will you feel when your boyfriend have to leave you damn dog?! Ow sorry I forgot, you don’t have a boyfriend. And you will never get one, because you are too ugly!
    Narrator: Blair grabbed Tea’s top and pulled her up.
    Tea: Hey let me go!
    Blair: No I will-
    Marik: Honey let her go. She’s not worth it.
    Blair: Yeah you’re right.
    Ishizu: Pharaoh it is really time to go now.
    Atemu: Al-Alright then. I understand (looking sad)
    Etsuko: Atemu please
    Atemu: I’m sorry Etsuko, but I have to go (kisses Etsuko) I will never forget you.
    Etsuko: I will never forget you as well, but-
    Narrator: Atemu interrupted her with a passionate kiss. They kissed for one minute.
    Atemu: I guess that that was our last kiss.
    Etsuko: (hugs Atemu) Please take me with you! (cries)
    Ishizu: You can’t go with him Etsuko and you know that. You have to accept the Pharaoh’s leaving. You already knew that the Pharaoh had to leave one day.
    Etsuko: Y-Yes, but…(cries)
    Atemu: Stay strong Etsuko
    Etsuko: I won’t forget you Atemu (hugs him)
    Atemu: I won’t forget you too (kisses Etsuko) Goodbye Etsuko. Goodbye everybody.
    Narrator: Atemu walked through the door of the afterlife.
    Etsuko: I will never forget you Atemu! (crying)
    Narrator: Atemu put a thump up in the air and disappeared.
    Etsuko: (whispering: H-He’s gone).
    Tiffany: Etsuko?
    Wu: Oh poor Etsuko (looking sad)
    Blair: Are you okay Etsuko?
    Etsuko: What do you think?! Will you be alright when your boyfriend left?!
    Blair: No but-
    Etsuko: I-I’m sorry Blair. I just…
    Blair: It’s okay. I know how you feel, but hey come on you can live with Yugi now.
    Etsuko: Y-Yes but…
    Yugi: Etsuko I miss Atemu too, but we have to continue with our lives.
    Tiffany: You and Yugi will be a great couple, just like you and Atemu were.
    Etsuko: Y-Yes (thinking: The problem is that I don’t love Yugi. I love Atemu and I will always do).
    Duke: Let’s go back to Japan guys.
    All: Alright.
    Narrator: They went back to Japan with the airplane. Etsuko and Yugi went to Etsuko’s bedroom. It was 22:00 p.m. Etsuko looked sad and walked to her window, where she looked to the stars.
    Etsuko: (thinking: I miss you Atemu).
    Yugi: Etsuko? Come on you need your rest.
    Etsuko: Huh? Oh I-I’m coming.
    Narrator: Etsuko got in her bed, but she couldn’t sleep. Yugi embraced her.
    Yugi: Come on Etsuko, everything will be fine.
    Etsuko: N-No it won’t (cries).
    Yugi: I know that you miss him Etsuko. I miss him too, but we have to go through with our lives.
    Etsuko: (crying louder) I have no life without Atemu!
    Yugi: (looking sad) But…
    Narrator: Etsuko was crying for a whole week now. She listened to the song ‘Incomplete’ of the Back Street Boys day in, day out. Yugi tried to cheer her up, but it had no use. Blair, Wu and Tiffany also tried to cheer her up, but all Etsuko said was that she wanted to be alone.
    Yugi: Come on Etsuko you can’t cry your whole life.
    Etsuko: Yes I can. My heart is broken!
    Yugi: (looking sad) But…
    Narrator: Yugi watched to the clock.
    Yugi: Uh I have to go. I have to help my grandpa in the shop. See you later.
    Etsuko: B-Bye
    Narrator: Yugi ran to his home.
    Atemu: (talking to the Egyptian Gods) Please let me go back. I can’t rest here. I’m thinking about my love all the time. Just look at her. She is crying all the time. I don’t want to make her upset even more.
    Narrator: The Egyptian Gods sent Atemu back in his own body.
    Atemu: Thank you. (watching to his clothes) Hey those are the same as Yugi’s. That’s great. Hey is this a mobile phone? (holding a mobile phone, that was in his pocket) Now I can call Etsuko. Oh no wait…I will surprise her.
    Narrator: Yugi saw a boy that looked like Atemu.
    Yugi: Atemu is that you? (looking confused)
    Atemu: Yes it’s me Yugi.
    Yugi: But how? I thought that you had to rest in the afterlife (still confused) Are you a spirit or not?
    Atemu: No I’ve got my own body. How can I rest, when I’m thinking about Etsuko all the time.
    Yugi: Well she is crying ever since you left. And she is listening the same song for a whole week now.
    Atemu: So she is still missing me?
    Yugi: Yes. She really can’t life without you. Don’t you miss her then?
    Atemu: Of course I do miss her. That’s why I’m here now. The Egyptian Gods have given me an own body so I can be with Etsuko again.
    Yugi: Well why are you still standing here? Go to Etsuko and make her stop crying.
    Atemu: I was already planning to go to her.
    Yugi: Alright then go now (smiling).
    Atemu: I will. Oh wait Yugi…?
    Yugi: Yes Atemu?
    Atemu: The only problem I have now, is that I don’t have a place to live. Could I live at your home?
    Yugi: Well sure why not. We have one room left so. And grandpa already knew that you are a different person so…
    Atemu: Thanks Yugi.
    Yugi: No problem, but go to Etsuko now okay?
    Atemu: I will
    Narrator: Atemu ran to Etsuko’s home and rang the doorbell.
    Fenny: Oh hi Yugi.
    Atemu: Hi Mrs. Ajibana. Is Etsuko upstairs?
    Fenny: Yes she is, but I thought that you had to help your grandpa? (looking confused)
    Atemu: Uh…well look…I…Actually I’m not Yugi.
    Fenny: Who are you then? I mean you really look like Yugi.
    Atemu: My name is Atemu. And well I…I know it sounds strange, but I was a spirit that lives in Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle. But now I have an own body and…
    Fenny: Alright my head aches now. But I get the point. So there are two Yugi’s and my daughter loves you and not the other one?
    Atemu: Yes
    Fenny: Well then go and cheer her up please. She is crying for a whole week now.
    Atemu: I sure will cheer her up.
    Narrator: Atemu ran upstairs to Etsuko’s bedroom.
    Atemu: Etsuko?
    Etsuko: Huh? (thinking: Oh great now I already hear his voice in my head).
    Atemu: (embracing Etsuko from behind) It’s me Etsuko.
    Etsuko: Huh? A-Atemu is…is that really you? (turning round)
    Atemu: Yes, I’m back.
    Etsuko: But I thought that-
    Atemu: (kisses Etsuko) Don’t talk so much. The most important thing is that we are together again.
    Etsuko: I just can’t believe that you are back.
    Atemu: But I really am Etsuko (turning off the song that she was listening) You don’t need to listen that anymore.
    Etsuko: Oh Atemu (hugging Atemu).
    Atemu: (French kisses Etsuko).
    Etsuko: (Deepens the kiss)
    Atemu: You like that?
    Etsuko: Yes of course I like that (smiling).
    Atemu: Hey you’re not blushing anymore when I do a passionate thing with you. What happened with the ‘shy Etsuko’?
    Etsuko: She is already gone for a very long time (French kisses Atemu).
    Atemu: I’m gonna like the ‘new’ you (chuckling).
    Etsuko: (hugs Atemu) I’m so glad that you are back Atemu.
    Atemu: How about making my biggest mistake up tonight?
    Etsuko: You wanna have-
    Atemu: (French kisses Etsuko) Is that enough answer for you?
    Etsuko: Yes you bet (kisses Atemu)
    Narrator: So Atemu and Etsuko had their romantic night. They were finally together, which made Etsuko really happy


    BRILLIANT MASTERPIECES that brought Els's fantards into unforgettable orgasm!

    By the Way, Etsuko is always reading this article!!! Hi Etsuko!

    No matter how retarded it is, Els is always the first person to read it. So everytime she's pointed out in her tracing, she either runs to update her journal or art description in such a manner to prove that she still doesn't trace and is the most original person in the whole world or delete the picture and call us a liar.
    That, and she's always hiding comments on her profile and art, perhaps being afraid that they could be used against her. Paranoid much?

    Also you will see that some comments are "Flagged as Spam". Makes you wonder, is she trying to keep her good image by making others look as if they were the ones that attacks the poor girl without any reasons?

    Fanbase and Friendship

    Just like most fucktards of DeviantART, she has a huge fanbase. If you draw anything related to her Mary Sue she'll automatically fave it, regardless of how retarded it is. And if you want your lulz from them, try telling the truth about her oh-so-original "Art". They will seriously freak out, and block your ass, claiming 'U IZ FLAMER FUK U'.

    This is how comments on her profile look like before she deletes them.

    Those friends who joined the evil side of evil, File:Deviantart-favicon.png gis-likes-to, are automatically NOT her best friends in the whole world. It is not known why this is, but some argue that when her ex-friend File:Deviantart-favicon.png Ranpha15 started to pay attention to Gis, Els deleted every single picture with fanart for that girl, and edited a pixel base to replace her.
    Also, even though Etsuko always says that she likes to voice her opinions, it is downright obvious that the faggot is jealous. On top of that, she is extremely sensitive to when people remind her of her tracing, and gets her friends to back her up.

    • File:Deviantart-favicon.png bigbadboo Her lovey dovey boyfriend; Edwardumb (And although she claims he's her boyfriend, the guy says he's not! Hmm... recent activities reveal the Etsuko unwatched him... Never mind, she "watched" him again...)
    • File:Deviantart-favicon.png xTakeMySoulx Her 23 year-old NOW PORTUGESE bitch that does her slave work so she wouldn't have to face all the flaming. (Deactivated Account)
    • File:Deviantart-favicon.png keeneyeshojo XTakeXMyXSoulx's supposedly hate account. This hater is known for mean comments and she say for us not to be mean. Hypocrite! (Deactivated Account)

    OH WAIT! Turns out that keeneyeshojo was Els all along! XTakeXMyXSoulX could be her too...

    • NinjaTurtles12: Another account Els hid behind to flame others, pretending to be a male from Japan.

    This bashing account Els made is famous for bashing another user who had a YamiXOC pairing. More on this in the "Interaction with other Fangirls" section.

    So we can see that Els has over 9000 DeviantART accounts, just so she can secretly bash the people she hates; using those accounts so she doesn't ruin her "perfectly innocent image" she has with her main account.

    So the next time one will post an OC paired with Yami Yugi, be careful as Etsuko will likely make a journal how Sueish that OC is and she will spread what she feels to her "close friends", if she has any and poison their minds.

    There is also a possibility that Etsucko is celebrating when a Yami fangirl "disappears" (like deactivates their account in Deviantart), thinking that she have won. Never mind. That fangirl came back!

    Another thing Els loves to do is slander people behind their backs. Being the attention whore she is, if one of her friends is friends with another Yami fangirl or someone she just hates, she will message that friend and tell them how much she hates that person. It is also possible that she spreads lies about that person as well. It's assumed she does this because she hopes that, that friend will leave the person she hates, so they will focus and love Etslutto more. In short: Els has the worst and most bitchy and shittiest attitude of all time.

    Interaction with Other Fangirls

    Els hates other Yami fangirls. Even if she pretends to be their friends, one can only assume that it's because she's jealous of them and their talents, and the fact that they don't have to copy and/or trace other people's artwork. Or perhaps it's because she's jealous of them because she wants Yami all to herself and wants people to worship only her pairing?

    And the funny thing is, is that if you look through her comments, they're all either hidden or flagged as spam. She's innocent, eh?

    It was also recently discovered that Els had hacked into another Yami fan's, who also had an OCXYami pairing, account. Els tried to justify her actions by saying that she was only trying to do the right thing and delete the user's traced pictures. First off, Els isn't one to talk, now is she? She later then tries to apologize on the girl's journal, obviously trying to clear up her already horrible image. Since she is known for being a liar, how can we trust her? We don't. Nice try, Els. You were never a perfect angel in the first place. Her flaming account: NinjaTurtles12. She used this account to flame and bash another Yami fangirl who had a YamiXOC pairing. One of the reasons why she did that is because the user traced art. But Els isn't one to talk, is she? Fortunately, the user stopped tracing, unlike a certain Etslutto. Another obvious reason, is because the user had a YamiXOC pairing. And we all know how much Els hates other Yami fangirls. But in this account, we also get to see Els's true colors. She used this account to make hate fanart, aimed towards the Yami fan she called out for tracing. It included her bashing the girl personally, by making fun of the girl's poor grammar and spelling. While it's true that the girl truly did have horrible spelling and grammar, Els's actions were very immature and uncalled for. If you read the comments she posts, talking to other users who commented on the pictures, we can see her insulting the girl personally, saying "she has no brains" and such. Els is nice? Yeah right. Here are the links to the pictures that make fun of the girl's grammar and spelling. Make sure you read all the user comments! In one of them, Els even shows up in her main account, EtsukoAjibana, to try and make it look less suspicious. It failed: Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4 Picture #5 (Oh hey! This is supposed to be the 5th picture! Why is the Roman Numeral for 6 on here? Fail, Els. Ultimate Fail.)

    Another famous picture she did to bash the girl was creating a picture of the girl's OC killing herself. How mature Els. You're 20 years old right now. I hope you know how irreversibly crappy you've made yourself look over the years. Want to cure it? Here's the only solution. Stop drawing and GTFO the internet. Forever, kthxbai.

    As much as possible, do not get associated with her, she will screw your thinking and forcing you to help her in enforcing her own brand of "justice".

    Other Notable Mary Sues That Nobody Cares About

    Etsuko Yamamoto

    -Face Palm-

    Her Naruto Mary Sue that she paired up with Kabuto Yakushi.

    • Eye color: Blue
    • Hair color: Blond
    • Age: 18
    • Personality: Strongheaded, Kind, Peachful, Sensitive, Caring, Arrogant(a bit), Shy(only when she's around a boy that she loves), Quick tempered when people make fun of her or when they are annoying her, she uses the power of the nature in her fights and uses her katana. Sometimes she uses shurikens. She fled a battle by disappearing in a sakura leaf storm, a whirlwind or by using a smoke ball.
    • Personal Quote: "Once you live as a ninja, you can't live an other way"; "A ninja always stays and lives in the shadows"
    • Crush: Kabuto Yakushi

    "♥ I don't give a damn that her outfit looks like Kasumi's! I just like that female ninja outfit! And I gave her the power of nature, because I love nature myself ♥"



    Her Pokémon OC, who appears to be copied from another character. Likely created due to Els being a 24/7 Pokémon gamer. Her team consists of a Dratini, Dragonair, Swablu, Trapinch, and Gible. She loves to train in Dragon's Den in the Johto Region, and dislikes Dragon Tamers who use 'dragon look-a-likes' like Aerodactyl, Charizard, Gyarados, etc. She believes that if you're a real Dragon Tamer, you only use pure dragon types (which is technically impossible since there are no pure dragon types). Lance will eventually challenge her to show her that the so called 'look-a-likes' are powerful and he will defeat her again and again, irritating Hiromi.
    She's interested in stories about the legendary dragons like Rayquaza, Latios, Latias, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. She loves to investigate those stories, eventhough she never saw one of those legendary dragons.

    Own Manga In The Works

    Now that she honestly thinks she has enough talent, she's started her own manga. Her manga was originally called FATE, but was then changed to The Red String of FATE.
    She's apperently so excited about it she won't stop talking about it in her journal, but can't seem to start it for years. She eventually spoiled the whole plot before the manga was even started: Ryo cheats on Emiko a million times; Emiko locks herself in toilet and runs away from class; Ryo hooks up with Sayaka; Emiko is left all alone and cuts herself; in the end Ryo decided that he loves Emiko; THE END.
    It is expected that her manga will contain more of her completely "original" characters:

    • Emiko Fukui: brown haired version of Etsuko with glasses, who wears the same outfits Els wear.
    • Ryo Henry Yates: bad ass type boy. Half English, Half japaneese. Often chased by girls and cheats on Emiko like 1000 times.
    • Sayaka Naname: Typical friend, and propably absolutely unneeded character.

    Els, of course, is still announcining manga and can't start it, since she plays Pokémon and her head is full of changing Etsuko again, or it could be because the other YGO fan artist who Els stole the original manga idea from took down all her work and manga pages so Els couldn't copy/steal from her anymore. Therefore, she can't start her manga because the manga she was going to copy was taken down. Also, because all of those little tartlets are still oblivious to the fact that she "used" to trace, they still love her artwork, propmpting her to put "Your words keep touching me." in her signature.


    ELS STOPPED COPYRIGHTING POSES! And not only that, she also gave copyrights to someone! Yes, It is unbelievable, but see for yourselves:

    Yes, she didn't gave a copyright to a pose. Who knows, maybe one day she'll do something different, so stay tuned on Encyclopedia Dramatica!

    Even though calling tracing "referencing" is still tracing. Referencing ≠ tracing.


    Els is a racist attention whore and an art-thief with an OC named Etsuko who hates other fangirls that loves Yami Yugi and cuts herself. The world will be at peace if she becomes an hero and disappears from existence.

    How to Troll

    - Tell her that her OC is a Mary Sue.
    - Call her a tracer.
    - Tell her that Etsuko is either a Dark Magician Girl rip-off or a self-insert or both.
    - Point out something ironic about everything she says
    - Tell her that Jam Project sucks
    - Ask her if she really has a boyfriend....or not (since her pics of her and her boyfriend have been removed recently, because they broke up - look at her signature; it's now blank.)
    - Point out something that is traced in her new pictures

    - Call her NinjaTurtles12 or KeenEyeShojo
    - Ask her which anime girl is better comparing to the Dark Magician Girl.
    - Tell her that another anime girl is better than Dark Magician Girl.
    - Tell her that Anzu+Atem or another OC+Atem couple is better than Etsuko+Atem
    - Remind her that the name, DestinyShipping, is already taken for Sartorius+Aster
    - Never forget what she had done to Ami-Loves-Friends; don't let her forget either =)
    - Tell her to stop drawing
    - Ask her what the Roman number for 5 is
    - Ask her what is her opinion about other Yami Yugi fangirls
    - Remind her how her Mary-sue raped Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

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