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    File:Blatantly British by ethereal crow.jpg
    This picture sums her up, except it excludes that she's fundie and female.

    ethereal-crow is an asexual wannabe Britfag and one of the more unique Christian fundamentalists of deviantART. Although her art isn't nearly as bad as a lot of the site, she's more famed for churning out many stamps against homosexuality and other unchristian topics. This alone does not make her seem very special, but later on, she ironically expressed desires to change her gender and become male, becoming the oddest hypocrite yet among the internet's fundies.

    Also noteworthy is her negative attitude towards herself. She thinks her art sucks, hates seemingly everything about herself, and even considers herself a vicious, loathsome monster that has no benefit in existing.

    Prior to 2009

    File:SCREW YOU DARWIN by ethereal crow.jpg
    It's really irrational and illogical to think that animals change over time to suit their environments.

    Crow first made marks on deviantART in 2007. At this point, the only noticeable aspect was that she was talented enough for her art to not have an eye-blinding style - different from DBoyWheeler and Chris-chan who, in spite of having some similar viewpoints to Crow, are only capable of producing drawings on par with a preschooler's splatters of paint on an easel. She could be considered more of a PilgrimJohn type for drawing abilities.

    She became more prominent in 2008, at which point she decided to become more adamant about her fandom for the Bible. Her preferred means of expression were by using stamps to complain about the increasing acceptance of evolution and homosexuality as well as the immense fanbase of porn. The only non-stamp picture she uploaded of this type was of her character with an angry anime expression tearing a picture of Charles Darwin while monkeys scream. This is the picture that would cause a shitstorm.

    Pwnt by logic.

    More than half a year after uploading the image, a user who has been involved with the antics of Xiao-Feng-Fury and RejectedDreams was notified of crow. She commented on the picture with "Sorry, but evolution is a fact. Creationism/Intelligent Design is nothing but a religious concept, period." Crow's rebuttal was that intelligent design WAS scientific and used her own stamps as proof. As the debate continued, crow resorted to walls of text and a pompous, wussy route - hiding comments against her and soon afterwards disabled commenting for any picture that could be controversial.

    Crow also insists that Catholics simply are NOT Christians - even though they too worship God, Mary and Jesus, proving that she thinks herself above everybody else, whether its her pseudo-intellectual approach to the Bible, her condescending attitude towards homosexuals, or her overall British snootiness. Even though she is just a 16-year-old girl, she is more deluded than the normal teenager.

    Some of the Comments About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Other Wisdom from Her

    ..."Existentialism"?.....I've never even heard of that, but that sounds like one of the stupidest BS atheist things ever.


    —ethereal-crow, who apparently has never heard of PHILOSOPHY or classic writers such as Kafka, Dostoevsky, Camus, or fucking NIETZSCHE. Proving the only book she's ever read is The Bible.

    Two serious concepts that you have ignored:

    Hitler— even if he was a "religious man" at one point— abandoned his faith. He believed in evolution to a psychotic degree, claiming that he was killing off the less evolved people and creating a "master race." Evolution and murder are polar opposites of Christian doctrine.

    Catholicism IS NOT CHRISTIANITY. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Funny you should mention that because I was actually going to make a stamp on the matter, heh.


    —ethereal-crow, with a rather obvious Godwin.

    I believe in God/Jesus/the Bible because I have studied it extensively and came to the conclusion, based on scientific, archaeological, and historical evidence that the Bible is true. I don't choose to be a Christian for emotional or moral purposes, I do so because I believe that the Bible is 100% factual, that God is real, and that Jesus Christ rose from the dead as the sacrifice for all sin.


    —ethereal-crow, going Bible is 100% factual guys! I did the research!

    I'm not a catholic at all, though yes, I am a Christian.

    Anyway, I agree that it is hypocritical, but I was a transman before I had much of any knowledge of whether it was right or wrong-- I was a little child. It didn't occur to me that hating my body and wishing to shape it into what I want it to be (which is essentially the equivalent of spitting in God's face and telling Him that He messed up) was corrupt because I was too young to really look at the big picture. I accept that I am a hypocrite, but I don't let it dictate who I am (i.e., I am not liberal or choose to disbelieve in God just because I am a transman). Also, I'm not the only one who is a glbt person and yet disapproves of homosexuality. I may be a transman, but I'm also just being myself, and from my views, being a transman is wrong, and so is homosexuality.


    —ethereal-crow, considering herself a tranny despite no masculine features

    I'm asexual. I don't find anything sexually attractive.


    —ethereal-crow, claiming why she doesn't masturbate to her female body

    The pessimistic EC's art and stamps

    She's a walking shit monster. Someone srsly kill this cumdumpster!

    Like the usual tartlet, crow enjoys comments on her work. However, she can be showered with praise and it won't matter: she constantly complains about she hates her artwork and everything about herself. Comments are disabled on her stamps due to how she can't handle opposition.

    Some of her many stamps that you can't comment on About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    She wants to be a Trap!

    [[File:The_Mirror_the_Truth_and_by_ethereal_crow.jpg|thumb|right|She is unhappy with the body that the Lord gave her. A new first for her kind.

    There's been a plethora of kooky fundies on the internet, such as catmongler Crusadercat, stalking furry DBoyWheeler, lesbian faker Xiao-Feng-Fury. However, ethereal-crow is the first known fundie who wanted to change her gender. She spoke of wanting to take hormones, and she actually begs for donations to pay for her trans-man operation. If she knows that God is 100% real, then she must know that God would be displeased with her wanting to change what he gave her. She does admit this, yet feels it cannot be helped because she's always felt this way.

    On her profile page, she identifies herself as male and says she's always been a transman. Due to that claim, she thinks that it's okay for her to do this because God loves her so much that he'll love her for whatever she is... even though God hates fags. The sad truth of it all is, as a confused 16 year old attention whore, she'll end up growing a set of tits by 18 and turning into a slut. Five bucks says she becomes a furfag and a nympho.

    If none of those, we expect her to an hero as soon as possible, and word has it a few anon are ready to haxor her account once she does. Ensuring much lulz to be had by fucking with every watcher the cunt has.

    Further Attention Whoring

    File:Cheers ED by ethereal crow.jpg
    Proof once again tartlets can't tell the difference between being controversial and being loathed by everyone on the internet.

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