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    The TOW club for unfunny elitist fucks. Typically full of ass-pies, Esperanza hates everything that isn't complete and utter shit.

    As it stands, Esperanza is pretty damn fucked. DELETED.[1]

    What the fuck is dis shit?

    Esperanza is, in a nutshell, a TOW organization that strives to be as fucking boring and basement-dwellerish as possible. It is basically Wikipedia's hive of cocksuckers and aspiring admins (read as MER-C and MER-C respectively).

    It is populated by pedophiles, furries, assholes, dipshits, friendless fucks and products of daddy-daughter incest. Apparently these poor assholes are so lonely that they have to nominate themselves for positions of power within Esperanza, which illustrates a number of points.

    Esperanza was supposedly designed to save people from committing Wikicide: the organization was supposed to kick into high gear "if someone was ill or feeling highly stressed due to issues on Wikipedia" or IRL, or if someone else committed Wikicide.[2]

    As it was, Esperanza seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of jackoffs who stuck a green "E" somewhere in their signature so they could show the Wikipeons how 1337 and hardcore they were. It was subsequently pwn3d and deleted, so now it exists only as a shitty green E in at least 100 signatures. In other words, no different than before.

    Uselessness of such an organization

    Esperanza, in its current form, has gained considerable attention as of late due to being considered detrimental to "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia anyone can edit!!1"

    On the 28th of December, 2006 it was put up for deletion for the second time[3]. The Esperanza circle jerk, of course, ran to the defence of the only thing that gives their miserable lives an iota of purpose and attacked the nominee:

    Keep harmless club. Hardban the shitstirrer. Nominating this for deletion is a breach of WP:CIVIL. Can you not find something to edit?


    Grace_Note, Esperanza MfD

    KEEP - What the hell are all of you smoking?!Seriously, I thought that this organization was very nice, but when you jackasses wanted to delete it, it was as if Esperanza's ideals came to a sudden halt, and everything I thought about it changed. Like Kyoko, I'm gonna quit. I'm saying keep because I believe that Esperanza still has a chance to inspire as it once did. Whoever put Esperanza here for deletion, go fuck yourself.


    —Bushcarrot, Esperanza Mfd

    This outpouring of support for the WP:EA project did not deter the deletionist fags, however:

    Kill with Fire and Brimstone - (edit conflict) This project is reduced to squabbling amongst itself, whining, and complaining.


    —PTO, Esperanza MfD

    Delete and Salt - ... in regards to Esperanza as a whole, the only recommendation in regards to keeping it for historical use is to show people in future a good example of what should not be placed in Wikipedia space. it is for those reasons, I vote delete and salt all pages. It's ironic that Esperanza is Spanish for hope, yet there is no hope left in Esperanza.


    —gheretford, Esperanza MfD

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