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    Esachasa = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    FFFFFUUUU-. You know they're fat and ugly when they don a one-piece swimsuit with flowers.
    File:Esachasa sweatpants.jpg
    She tried to replace the swimsuit image with this.

    Esachasa (Danielle Leigh Howle, as she gives away on a dA thing) is a fat whore who tried to win over the hearts of the EQ2Flames posters on the "IRL Pic Thread" on April 23, 2009. By posting under the username Asasthana and included images of herself 'subtly' showing off her tits over here, she didn't know what she was getting into.

    The Story

    Some people white knighted for her, and then the resident aspie, Gaige, showed up with this:

    Your big titties do not make up for you being chubby. Do not pass Go do not collect $200.


    —Gaige, with the obvious yet epic truth.

    Of course, some people felt bad for the lardy camwhore and said things like "but would you rather have a rain-thin cokewhore?" The thread soon turned into a weight-comparison type-of crap but ended right away as Esachasa posted herself in a swimsuit, along with saying this:

    I got my shit workin, and I get more dick then most of you. Becuase I look fucking GOOD. Twigs are not better then Thick.


    Man the harpoons!

    Gaige raged and brought out the big guns right after Esachasa took down the swimsuit picture. He reposted the swimsuit picture, and dug into her Photobucket, recovering some sort of ID for a "darker" roleplaying forum. By "darker," we mean fetish stuff. Including bestiality.

    And then, Trumak looked into her Photobucket and found this: a screencap of her profile, (BALETED) on the Darker Roleplay forums. The white knighting practically ceased afterward.

    Once again, the whores learns that if you don't want people to find things, don't post it on the Internet.

    EQ2Flames Shit

    On April 27, a Rate-a-Retard thread rose up here - and it turns out she's terrible at the game. You can also watch a clip of some random EverQuest II stuff and hear her talk about her dreams of fucking women and dogs in this video on xFire. The EQ2Flamers went to work... and found her MySpace Deleted. page, her deviantART account Deleted, and be(a)st of all... her BeastForum account! Recently, her Google Plus account has been found. Have at it!

    A couple days later, her dad's EQ2 name was found, and she soon deleted her Photobucket. Life ruination is very possible now... even buying a dog won't save her.

    Here are a few choice quotes from the Rate-a-Retard thread:

    wow, i wasnt gonna say shit at first. im all about fat bitches. the only thing hard about nailing a fat chick is swatting away all the brothas. fat chicks love brothas, or vice versa.

    but man, shes a dogfucker too? and an idiot. i use a separate email for all my pr0n.



    —Misanthrope, of EQ2Flames

    Holy shit.

    She has a freaking microwave next to her bed.

    Dear God. I feel even less hope for humanity than I do when I see the enormously fat people riding around in scooters.


    —Daedalus, of EQ2Flames

    Jeez, loves, if you're going to get info I suggest that you lot do a bit better research.

    Also, ancient computer that was as big as a microwave was chillin on the bed. Microwave was in the kitchen where it is supposed to go. ttfn


    —Esachasa, in response to her RaR thread

    Can't someone call the ASPCA and save the dog before she microwaves it?

    My god, when will these huge chicks realize that big tits do not mean a damn thing if you're a whale? My friend dated a huge chick with cow udder tits for a while and he said that they were all saggy and veiny...and they were stinky underneath because of boob sweat.

    Hey, as an added bonus, they will sag more as she gets older. By the time she's in her 40's her tits will be at her knees. Yeah, that's REALLY fucking sexy!


    —M0rticia, of EQ2Flames

    Its more like the dog is eating her out. Pretty fucking gross.


    —Gage, in response to the bestiality video

    wow u fuckers are pretty low on the food chain luv to know who ur toons are i may be a complete asshole and not know the friends toons that im an asshole too or im haveing a bad day but i dont attack peoples self esteem and sexual fantasies that were apropriated by trusted people cough themistocles cough.

    here some juicy shit for u to chew on i like water works : P

    so in response fuck u all stay outa peoples buisness

    if u dont like em them dont assosciate /ignore ftw

    i know im on alot of lists lol and if i knew yur ignorant toons name id add you to mine emila


    whip_tail, of EQ2Flames

    It appears there are 20 states where you can still blow a horse legally. God bless America.


    —NicolasKL, on animal rape laws

    Feel free to send Everfrost.Erem a message. He didn't respond to my tell unfortunately so no way to know if he knows about this thread unless he replies here ><


    —Miroh, telling you to send a tell to Esachasa's dad in EQ2 - Erem on Everfrost

    DO NOT WANT: The Gallery

    The original four pictures she posted to EQ2Flames:

    EQ2Flames: They will find your MySpace


    In December of 2009, she showed up to BBWChan and had this to say for herself:

    File:Esachasa nude2.jpg
    File:Whaling Esachasa.jpg
    Another perhaps more flattering pic of her.

    Anyway, The story is pretty simple: I have a hard time saying no. The guy I was with at the time was into it, and I wasn't particularly against it. /shrugs and blushes

    Not my cup of tea, TBH.


    I'd much rather a human. O.O I'm small as hell, can only fit in 2 fingers.. and a dog is NOT small, and couldn't even get in. Hurt like a bitch.


    In a few weeks, I'm going tobe bale to travel fora bit.. I am looking for people within about an hours drive with animals... be it dog, horse, whatever. Let me know what you have, please, and your general area....

    Looking for male animals only, Please!

    Also, if your looking for fun in return... we will talk about that, just send me a message. I'm not unwilling.

    ((18, female. Have picture, and cam.




    Shortly after, e-detectives found her first deviantART account... and her hilarious anecdotes of being an attention whore and fucking twenty different guys.

    White Whale Screencaps

    A Whale of a Time on EQ2Flames! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The combined efforts of EQ2Flames and Encyclopedia Dramatica users have brought forth one of the largest galleries of profiles one girl could have...

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Gallery of Fat

    The efforts of a brave EDiot have uncovered even more nudes. Including some of her small-pricked boyfriend, and her gaping fuckchasm.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Esachasa Goes to Blowchan

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    so. ummm. i heard you like to fuck dogs. ha. ha.




    She fucks dogs?! Fuckin' pics plz!




    Enough of the dog stuff
    Last warning before the banhammer drops



    The Collector, white knighting



    i've got to say, you're not unattractive but i'd keep the dog fucking thing to myself in the future. we've all done things we're ashamed of... and you should be very, very ashamed. but i don't judge.

    okay, i'm judging.



    Oh fuck it. I'm deleting my thread. Drop it and leave it, or there shall be no more pictures, goddamnit.


    —Esachasa, oh noes thaat would be so terrible what would we fap to without you /sarcasm

    can you spread your butt cheeks apart? or show us your engorged clit when you're aroused? or the soles of your feet?


    Anonymous, fucking gross

    Fuck, I hope you post moar. I got caught fapping at work, can't get enough of you!


    Microsoft Guy, ewww




    —LKJ, on spelling and anatomy

    Esa Goes to Blowchan's IRC

    [12:28:29 AM] <Esachasa>  Black guys arn't bad in general. :/ Had my cherry popper by one
    [12:28:39 AM] <Esachasa>  Had a 3some with 2 black guys, too
    [10:42:10 PM] <Esachasa>  I can take 2 fingers, maybe 3 on a good day, without being forcibly
     stretched some. A dick that huge would rip me a new cunt.
    [12:23:09 AM] <Esachasa>  Worse then what happened to me, definitely.  Went and met a guy, and he
     ended up fucking my ass and wouldn't stop despite crying/screaming, etc. not nearly the same... 
      but I feel for her. It's been 3 years, and he's still trying to get me to meet him again.
    [12:24:39 AM] <jess>  this is a wonderful christmas subject
    [12:24:50 AM] * Esachasa shuts up
    [08:55:48 PM] <Esachasa>  ... I know for a fact my dad has a serious kink for Skinny girls with small boobs and round asses 
    and short blonde hair in tanktops and shorts iwth hiking boots
    [08:56:05 PM] <aspaciousmind>  detailed
    [08:56:07 PM] <Esachasa>  .......
    [08:56:30 PM] <Esachasa>  THEN AGAIN... I see soem random chick I think is hot on stumble
    [08:56:34 PM] <Esachasa>  and send the link to my dad
    [08:56:36 PM] <Esachasa>  XD
    [08:56:42 PM] <aspaciousmind>  sharing porn?
    [08:56:43 PM] <jess>  ...
    [08:56:46 PM] <Esachasa>  not porn
    [08:56:56 PM] <LM555>  Dude..........
    [08:57:10 PM] <hurrhurr>  i, uh, hmm.
    [08:57:14 PM] *	Esachasa hits stumble to find an example
    [08:57:14 PM] <LM555>  "Hey, Pop, here's some fap material. Enjoy!"
    [08:57:22 PM] <LM555>  What the fuck?
    [08:57:24 PM] <jess>  seriously
    [08:57:26 PM] <jess>  gross
    [08:57:28 PM] <Esachasa>  ROFL
    [08:57:30 PM] <Esachasa>  not porn!
    [08:57:38 PM] * Esachasa has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
    [10:47:47 PM] <aspaciousmind>  kids also had sex in my school as early as 4th grade
    [10:47:54 PM] <Esachasa>  O_O.... erm.
    [10:48:01 PM] <aspaciousmind>  or so a few said
    [10:48:05 PM] <Esachasa>  Errrrm.
    [10:48:09 PM] <CyberMonkey>  lies?
    [10:48:12 PM] <Esachasa>  Damn, even I didn't till I was 111
    [10:48:13 PM] <CyberMonkey>  I hope...
    [10:48:14 PM] <Esachasa>  **11
    [10:48:24 PM] <aspaciousmind>  11??
    [10:48:27 PM] <Esachasa>  Yup
    [10:48:30 PM] <CyberMonkey>  young
    [10:48:32 PM] <Esachasa>  Yup
    [10:48:37 PM] <aspaciousmind>  consensually?
    [10:48:41 PM] <Esachasa>  Yup
    [10:48:48 PM] <Esachasa>  Well, sorta
    [10:48:51 PM] <Naman>  It does happen sometimes.
    [10:48:52 PM] <Esachasa>  Convinced into it
    [10:48:57 PM] <Esachasa>  He was 48
    [10:49:01 PM] <jess>  wtf
    [10:49:02 PM] <CyberMonkey>  0_o
    [10:49:02 PM] <aspaciousmind>  ...
    [10:49:07 PM] <aspaciousmind>  that's not consensual hoeny
    [10:49:07 PM] <CyberMonkey>  speck
    [10:49:10 PM] <aspaciousmind>  honey*
    [10:49:36 PM] <Esachasa>  I was looking for it. XD Not like, figuratively looking for it... I mean I was honestly looking for it
    [10:49:47 PM] <CyberMonkey>  if u wanted to press charges there are 1000's of lawyers who would gladly take yr case
    [10:49:54 PM] <Esachasa>  OH.
    [10:49:55 PM] <aspaciousmind>  srsly
    [10:49:56 PM] <Esachasa>  They already did
    [10:49:58 PM] <Esachasa>  ?
    [10:50:05 PM] <Esachasa>  He got 26 years and 3 months.
    [10:50:26 PM] <Esachasa>  Judge was so pissed off at him that he broke the plea bargain (which was 20 years)
    [10:52:39 PM] <jess>  so is true that you fucked twenty guys by the time you were fourteen?
    [10:53:07 PM] <Esachasa>  Oh, by the time I was 14? No.
    [10:53:44 PM] <jess>  is this fiction? http://encyclopediadramatica.com/EQ2Flames/It%27s_my_life
    [10:53:51 PM] <Esachasa>  By now, yeh, but I ran away when I was 14 and the guy I was staying with in the middle of winter 
    wouldn't let me into the house
    [10:54:24 PM] <Esachasa>  nope, that was true.
    [10:54:50 PM] <jess>  "I’m fourteen years old.
    [10:54:50 PM] <jess>  My name is Danielle Leigh Howle, alias Demmy.
    [10:54:50 PM] <jess>  I’ve fucked at least 20 men."
    [10:54:51 PM] <jess>  ?
    [10:54:57 PM] <Esachasa>  Yup
    [10:54:59 PM] <Esachasa>  after that
    [10:55:08 PM] <Esachasa>  ass wouldn't let me back in the house
    [10:55:14 PM] <Esachasa>  and there's only so many ways you can get money
    [10:55:19 PM] <Esachasa>  it was cold as fuck outside

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    Link the Harpoons

    • [1] And her father's character, Erem, also on the Everfrost server!
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