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    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

    Epiphany is a web browser developed by Marco Pesenti Gritti. Version was released last Thursday. As seen in the image to the right, Epiphany is exactly the same as Firefox.

    Why it was created

    When nerds realized that Firefox was becoming popular, and that people were actually using it, they decided that true believers did not want. Instead, they claim Firefox is bloated and useless (which is true) and that Epiphany was the answer. It uses the same rendering engine as Firefox - Gecko - so it is exactly the same, just faster. It also copies every feature Firefox has. The name Epiphany is somewhat ironic, as it is re-creating the wheel, and as such, nothing was found or discovered. Except more people realized the developers were fags.

    Who uses Epiphany?

    Epiphany is used by nerds everywhere. It is only for Linux, so only these nerds can use it, as no sane person would run Linux, since it is crap. The nerds also added features such as not looking cool, to try and put people off it and keep out posers.

    The Domino Theory

    The Domino Theory is the theory that when one country falls to communism, the rest will follow. Epiphany is open source, and everyone knows open source is secret code speak for communism. It has spread, under different names, to all operating systems. For OS X there is 'Camino' and for Windows there is 'K-Melon'. K-Melon caused much drama once people realized the name was completely retarded. Also, all KDE users thought that it was their browser (as all software that begins with a K must be KDE software), but then realized it was for Windows and went back to Konqueror, which is a pile of crap the size of Kilimanjaro. This ruined the nerd's plans to make a nerd-only browser, and so they have gone back to Lynx and cry over their inability to look at their favorite pronz.


    Epiphany, like Firefox, allows for extensions. Extensions for Epiphany are different though, in the fact that none actually exist.

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