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See also thread and posting in an epic thread.

At one time Epic Threads were common place on old /b/; but now, due to the constant spamming; jerking it to loli and traps; and fucktarded youtube raids, there are no more epic winz or lulz on the shit hole of the internet. Now oldfriends and newfriends alike will swarm to threads where users post screen caps of past lulzy threads on /b/: like bees to honey, just for the chance to witness the glory days of every one's favorite shit hole. Maybe one day /b/ will find a great an hero and will save /b/ from the clutches of the cancerz but every one knows that this is a false hope since /b/ is shit and will forever be shit.

[[Who Cares?][Expand at own risk]]

ITT: the very essence of /b/.
After /b/ was almost spammed to death by Raidchan spam reading Kayla > You on 12/13/08.
ITT: Moar essence of /b/.
EPIC thread is EPIC.
ITT: an example of a noone cares thread.
ITT: Smart ass.
When threads collide for EPIC WIN!
ITT: OP pwns.
Oh /b/... you can /b/e so cruel.
A challenger appears!
Pedobear getting caught.
Aw sh–.

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