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Enturbulation.org is was an anti-Co$ resource and forum that became central to the Project Chanology cause during the planning of the February 10th protests and other events. The message board is populated heavily by Anonymous as well as some mundanes who also oppose Scientology. Enturbulation.org is definitely serious business, however vigilance is a necessary evil when enemies of the lulz are watching.

Enturbulation issues some semblance of press releases[1] on their message boards. They also have some directions for protests and dealing with old media on the site. There are some users making an effort to contact their local politicians and documenting it on the site[2]. There is also an effort to investigate Shawn Lonsdale's death[3]. Enturbulation is run by a number of Something Awful Goons and Channers, the founder is SA's Final Boss, Lowtax L.E.

Typical Enturb User Activity

WTF is "Enturbulation"?

Enturbulation is what the scilons call IRL Trolling, although it isn't really trolling as much as it is TLDR opinion. The word means 'agitated' or 'disturbed', which is what happens to the average scifag when someone jams a cherry bomb of factual information into his otherwise-orderly hivemind. Before Anonymous awoke from it's steroid-induced slumber deep in the recesses of the internet, Scientology marked enturbulators as "Suppressive Persons", cuing them up for retaliatory irl DDOS. "Enturbulation" is just one out of many words taken straight from the science fiction writings of one L._Ron_Hubbard English dictionary.

Enturbulation - as stated above - is a place for the organization of protest. The Enturbulators, looking to avoid lolsuits, do their best to examine the legality of the protests from place to place. They also look for the most effective sources of info to wield against the scifags. This makes it a must for moralfags looking to act XD Randum and save the world from evil, while eating delicious caek.

A few Scientologists being enturbulated by Wise Beard Man.

Why should I care?

You shouldn't.

Enturbulation.org in Depth

Enturbulation.org appeared/gained popularity around the end of January 2008. Enturbulation seems to be sort of a middle ground between newfags and oldfags. Here is some rare ground: meme-spewing newfags mixing with triumphant proud oldfags for a common cause. AKA COINTELPRO

Enturbulation serves less as a spreader of lulz and more as a collection point for those looking to rAIDS scientology.

If the fraternal relationship between Anonymous and Encyclopedia Dramatica is unknown to you, you need to lurk more or gtfo newfag. Srsly.

It is rude to say Lurk Moar on Enturb? That is funny, because this is where I learned to write it!


—Some newfag on Enturb, unwittingly knocking it out of the park

Enturbulation is not Anonymous (BUT...)

There seems to be some confusion in regards to the Enturbulation is not Anonymous stance so I thought that I'd write up a post explaining our position on this and hopefully clear up any confusion.

Enturbulation is not Anonymous. This is the position that was taken from the beginning. Why? Enturbulation was created as a forum to serve a community effort against the Scientology Organization. It's a place where people from all corners of the Internet (from *chan, to SA, to Ebaums, to ARS, to granny flower garden forum) could come to communicate and organize.

There are members of Anonymous who are regular posters on Enturbulation. There are members of Anonymous who are Enturbulation moderators and administrators. On the other hand there are regular posters on Enturbulation that are not Anonymous, as there are admins and mods who are not. Enturbulation.org, as a whole, is not and can not be Anonymous. The very fact that you have to register a username to post on Enturbulation tells me that Enturbulation is not Anonymous.

I'd even go as far as to say that some place as structured and somewhat hierarchical as Enturbulation shouldn't ever be considered Anonymous.

We try to keep things as user run and consensus driven as we can, keeping in the spirit of Anonymous. But at the end of the day we have identities here. We, as a collective, at Enturbulation, are not Anonymous.

But that's just here, at Enturbulation. Off site we could each, individually be Anonymous. Who knows?


Tuesday, EX-moderator at Enturbulation.org

Enturbulation is Anonymous (kind of) LOL NO THEY AREN'T FAGGOTS!

Last Thursday Enturbulation made a gay thread suggesting that the concept of Anonymous posting be brought to their forums. They jumped up and down like Jews at a money market for this idea and one of the pigs set this plan into motion. What would seem like a really swell idea, seeing as Anonymous started the whole Project Chanology thing, and did a lot of planning out of Enturbulation, turned out to be a shit biscuit of a fuck up when the whole concept of Anonymous posting was ruined by the fact that any mod can keep track of who's posting what. In essence, all of the Anonymous users, can sit around and play Anon all fucking day, while the SA pig mods can still keep track of who you are, and we all know how awesome Something Awful moderators are.


Any idea that you can maintain anonymity by posting on Enturbulation, for a cause created by the internet group Anonymous is a crying shame because their faggot nazi will always know who you are. Stick with /i/. Though their mods may be occasionally reached on IRC. There was one online Thursday May 15th.

Copyrights and lack of legal knowledge

Many of the staff of Enturbulation.org have come recently under the impression that even linking to legally questionable material (a practice which is permitted even on CNN.com) is illegal, and poses a danger to the true owners of the site. Documents and material which do not even have a remotely questionable legal standing are often removed in favor of being cautious, and those who complain are generally advised to put the materials elsewhere and NOT link to them on Enturbulation - making IRC all the more useful as Enturbulation.org is replaced by better websites for this type of stuff.

Non-Notable Forum Drama

Tom Selleck wtf.jpg
  • Tuesday : Forum Administrator - protests that she is "not a drama queen". All the time. B& Unb&, now just a lowly Enturbulator and de-ovaried ex-mod. She bitched and whined about how important she is so she's now back on the forums doing nothing but talking about herself and her crusty vagina.
  • Aboriginal : Forum Administrator - Only really concerned with the perpetuation of Tom Selleck as a forced meme. QUIT Returned in all his hairy-chested, mustachioed glory.
  • LE : Owner/Administrator - responsible for downtime. Loves Ramen and Jew
  • Poppins : Administrator - Has a bad temper and loves dr3k enough to offer him the unique romance only possible via b&hammer. was considered important to Dr3k. Banned from Partyvan IRC for botnetting (regrettably, only for one week; OH NINE OH SEVEN OH EIGHT; NEVAR FORGET!):

((poppins has left irc.partyvan.fm (User has been banned from partyvan (botnetting is not allows, please contact [email protected] for more information.))

<dr3k> tell Spacko to enjoy his ban from EncyclopediaDramatica
<Tuesday> ok
<dr3k> Enturbulation - Encyclopedia Dramatica
<dr3k> that makes him a big faggot
<Tuesday> randomness isn't spacko
<dr3k> oh
<dr3k> well tell him to enjoy his ban then

  • the above chatlog was apparently faked by Tuesday, some idiot bought it (but it's lol) and led to the creation of an article on NERD RAGE.

Notable Drama: Enturbulation Enturbulated

On the evening of May 20th, 2008, all hell broke loose on Enturb as mod turned on mod, mods quit, users quit and there were banhammers everywhere.


And All For The Want Of A Cup Ramen, A Kingdom Was Lost

It all started when LE got hungry and Jew for some user donations so he could sate his insatiable appetite for Ramen. When Tuesday called him on it, LE went David Miscarriage on her and he enturbulated her with the banhammer. Eventually LE suffered from rapists remorse and decided to let Tuesday back in the playground. Later, LE would retract his horrible shitty behavior and pretend like he actually paid back the money and that nothing of value was ever lost and would unban Tuesday (who is still a fat annoying cunt) and tamphex would come back to the site.

Systemically however, members of the crew responsible for bringing this shitty nightmare of a llama to light would get ddosed off the Internet while browsing Enturbulation (tycho, andy and dr3k) from IP addresses at the business where LE and Poppins works (cari.net). When questioned about it, Poppins simply replied that it was a HUGE coincidence that www.cari.net and mail.cari.net were involved ddosing those people and that he would contact the NOC. The NOC would later tell him it wasn't happening and that he should go back to answering phones and being fat and so he believed it because they're people like him too. In all, nothing was lost except everyone's respect for LE, Poppins and a shitload of posts by dr3k which were of marginal usefulness sometimes. The End .....

dr3k's shit deleted

While dr3k can be a total newfag, furry and possibly even a spy a lot of things that were posted on his account were very useful. On May 10th 2008, the administrator on the site known as Poppins decided that banning and shunning dr3k on the forums was simply not enough so he went into the back-end while severely drunk and deleted every post, thread and mention of dr3k's name on the forums. This caused A LOT OF LULZ.

Thunderdome Locked Unlocked

As of /6/21/08 the Thunderdome has been locked, with Nazi mods citing too much drama. Some argue that LE was bribed by a Scientology to lock the Thunderdome. The situation is still developing and is creating lots of drama and rage from the community. Stay tuned for more asshatery.

Wait, whats this folks? The Thunderdome has been unlocked but Gunslinger (a filthy Jew mod) has hinted that it might not last...Not that it matters because no one likes him anyway. LE probably doesn't know yet, but odds are good that he will shit masonry upon seeing the dome back up. Poppins meanwhile, has regained vast amounts of credit for unlocking the dome.

11/29/08 The Day Enturb Stood Still

One day enturbulators attempted to login only to find that they were trying to connect to a server that was no longer there. The reason? LE had sold the server for a ticket to LExico so he could buy ramen, hookers and blow (in exactly that order). In truth only LE and Poppins know exactly what went down. Supposedly LE feared a physical theft of the server by Poopins so he took it offline and ran off along with all of the donations. To this date he has never made an attempt to restore any of these items thus proving that you should never evar give your money to a Jew.

After the inevitable implosion of Enturbulation and LE's disappearance other networks were setup or adapted to suit the needs of the Anonymous that constantly shit up the dome. After a brief time Gregg and Poppins got married and Enturbulation's database was migrated over to Why We Protest Forums along with the original Thunderdome. Sadly, many of the users who once brought life to that hell hole have moved on or simply don't give a shit about Project Chanology anymore. This has led to WhyWeProtest turning into a hive of faggotry and pointless OCMB moonbattery.


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