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You are probably here because someone put {{crap}} on your article and you are wondering why. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. You are unfunny (and have the template on your userpage to prove it), therefore anything you write is automatically crap.
  2. The Good Joke:Word Count Ratio is 1:500 or worse.
  3. Your article is a stub and has no chance at becoming a good article without a complete rewrite.
  4. You wrote a People article about some retard in your fucking High School, or some other highly personalized shit nobody cares about.
  5. Your article is a vanity page or failed attempt to shamelessly self promote yourself on ED.
  6. You neglected to include the links showing how your article is connected to drama on the Internets.
  7. You forgot to include an approved category, in which case {{crap}} is the default category added by the Admins.
  8. AND last of all if your reason is just simply not on this list, I suggest you go fuck yourself until further notice.