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Let's Go
Lets fucking go meme ED 2.jpg

Let's Go, AKA LET'S FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!, AKA I'M GAAAYYYYYY!!!!!, AKA Let's Fucking Go Ball, is a way for new-age e-jocks to try and feel like they are hyped while also sitting in an office chair clicking a mouse for hours on end. When you slap the fat child in their face and tell them to calm down and ask what they are actually trying to say, however, they are not really sure. Most psychologists believe that they are simply trying to say "let's go." This phrase dates back to ancient times, when men ran out of mammoths to kill and simply said "Unga Chunga" (let's go) so that they could move to a new area and hunt somewhere else. There are stone carvings of a small child screaming "LET'S GOOOOO!!!" on the walls of a few caves around the world, right next to another carving showing them being beaten to death for being annoying.

Most basement dwellers that scream this shit are gamer fags who love to get hyped about someone wasting their time playing World of Warcraft their entire life instead of going to college. It really doesn't matter what stupid game you choose, there will be a bunch of fags cheering for the favorite players/teams while screaming "LET'S GOOOO!!" at the top of their lungs while they cuck out in front of their My Little Pony dolls. And it's not just the fans, the players do it too. Once they finally get enough sponsorship money from Red Bull, they waste hours on end trying to set the world record for a speedrun of Pokemon Sword & Shield while screaming "I'M GAAAYYYY!!!!!" as they succeed. It's similar to a really ugly pornstar screaming "MOMMY, FUCK ME HARDER!" as they shit themselves on their gay lover in a basement skat film.