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Jeremy Corbyn
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Corbachev✡ is a deranged, spic-loving Karl Marx✡ reincarnation and Communist that somehow against all odds became leader of the Labour Party and promptly fucked it up worse than it already was.

Corbyn is a major source of online drama, with the massed forces of ZOG, the Tories, the press, and the Army all attempting to discredit and overthrow him. In this pitched battle, tactics deployed against the hapless has-been include ridiculous smear stories, misusing old photos, pretending to be assaulted, and of course claims of anti-semitism. The continuing warfare is especially fierce on Twitter, where at least 90% of UK-based tweets are pro or anti Corbyn with equal ferocity on either side. Corbyn's supporters are called "Momentum" and quite simply believe he is the Messiah.