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ED Logo.jpeg Policy
This article defines official ED Policy.

ED Sysops or Administrators have access to special powers that are granted by a bureaucrat.

As time passes on ED, users become sysops, and sysops become inactive, thus new ones must be chosen for sacrifice. If you are a new sysop, or are just unfamiliar with where everything is on the site, this guide is for you. It covers basic responsibilities, and also contains a handy-dandy list of useful locations on the site.

Most of what you should and should not do is pretty much common sense, i.e., remove powerwords when seen, don't delete everything when it first pops up (there's a difference between people who come to talk shit about their 7th grade teacher and those who actually come to make a potentially worthwhile article, but who just.can't.quite.seem.to.write).



Articles which have no drama, lulz, internets, or memes can be deleted. Users should be given enough time to add some links beforehand though. Stupid vanity pages and other crap articles can be insta-killed.

Image deletion, due to MediaWiki, is permanent; thus, only delete images if they contain illegal content, such as child pornography, bestiality, or revenge porn.


Sysops ban users only when absolutely necessary. Vandalism and blanking pages are the most common reasons for blocking.

Users should not be blocked because they are "unfunny". If unfunny edits occur, a sysop should simply message the user and ask them to read some more articles and maybe help with stuff like organization, grammar, spelling, uploading pics, etc. If a user is genuinely trying to participate but continues to make dumb edits, revert them and try talking to them again. If this doesn't work or the user fails to comply, banning can be a last resort. Please add a reason for ban in the reason field and please do NOT ban people for infinite unless they are spammers/spambots and/or consistent vandals.

Ban for a day, week, month, etc. Whatever time you feel is appropriate for a timeout for anything else.

It also allows you to block the IP address of a user if you want. Please avoid blocking entire IP ranges.

The banlist is purged every once in a while. IPs are left to expire (unless blocked infinitely) and some users are permabanned (Purelily and Zenofeller among them).


Sysops should protect pages only when absolutely necessary. Vandalism and excessive edit warring are common reasons for protecting pages. There are three options to choose from on the protect interface when protecting a page: autoconfirmed, sysop, and cascading. Autoconfirmed protection restricts editing access to the page for new accounts. Everyone else can edit these pages. Sysop protection only allows users who are in the Editor or Admin group to edit a particular page; this should rarely be used on mainspace pages unless the scenario calls for it. Cascading protection protects a set of pages, instead of just an individual page. This should only be used for things that need to be secure or otherwise accessible by ED staff only, not for any mainspace or public page. Don't worry too much about cascading protection, as you will likely never have to use it.

You can view all currently protected pages (except for those that were not tagged properly as of May 2007) here.

Check User

Check user is a tool that allows a sysop or bureaucrat to match an IP address to a username and vice versa that is not accessible to regular sysops by default. An account must belong to the check user group to gain access to this tool. It is perfectly fine to have tons of accounts on ED; however, it's not okay to vandalize or blank pages. Check user makes it easier to find people who are causing trouble and ban them. Certain vandals can get IP banned, but don't overuse this.

New users can be checkusered to make sure they're not past vandals. When you checkuser a vandal and see they have multiple accounts, ban the IP. One IP creating 3+ accounts with no edits and not using them for a little while is suspicious, so question the user(s) on their talk page.


When a sysop is logged in they will see "[rollback]" next to history entries. This allows sysops to roll back to the last version with one click. It makes reverting vandals a piece of cake. A sysop can simply go to the offending user's contribs and hit "[rollback]" every time they see it.

Sysop Hotness

Sysops should be nice to new users. When you've been around a site for a long time, it is easy to just think everyone is a stupid fucking newbie, but everyone was at one time. Invite them to ED IRC and give them tips, general help, etc. Make yourself open to questions there, at TJC, and at your talk page.

Sysop Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make sure ED keeps its direction, catalogs lulz, drama, internets, and memes.
  • Defending the lulz.
  • Helping n00bs, because ED cannot survive without n00bs. You were a n00b once.
  • Winning the internets.

Removal of Sysop Powers

Sysop can be removed for several reasons, most often by the decision of one of the bureaucrats, or a community agreement. Sysop can be removed for inactivity as well.

How to avoid it:

Main Page Elements

How do I change the Did You Know? Where can I learn how to format the Article of the Now? These questions burn heavily, and are indeed expressions of the zeitgeist of our age. Hopefully, these are useful.

Main Page Banner

The main page banner resides comfortably at the top of the main page, and should rarely be changed. It is found here:

Article of the Now

Eons ago, it was difficult to see what dates we had Articles of the Now set up for, and what exactly they were going to be. Thus, the following came into creation:

An important thing to realize about the Article of the Now template is that it actually covers both the Article of the Now and the Picture of the Now. The date element in the template refers to the date of Picture of the Now, so leaving date set to June 6 when creating the AotN for June 7 will keep the picture from June 6.

Current Threat

Changing the Current Threat is awesome, and we let anyone do it (unless they fuck something up). The template can be found here:

Did You Know

Also known as the Moar You Know, you can find the template for this main page element here:

However, as of November, Did You Know is cycling between 8 items, which cycle throughout the day. Go here for the links to change any of these items:

Site News, Good New Articles, Articles That Need Your Help

These can be all be found and changed here:

Currently Inactive Elements

  • Spoiler of the Now - Used for Harry Potter book 7 release.
  • Lulznews - Inactive as of relaunch.
  • YouTube of the Now - Inactive as of relaunch.

Useful Tools


Here are some useful tools when dealing with users:


These links are helpful when trying to clean house on articles:


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