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    Setsuna, is that you?
    It was all for the lulz.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png EnchantsRequiem is a tartlet, weeaboo, and attention whore who faked being the victim of a shooting and going into a coma. She may or may not have two accomplices in this lie, as her BFFs ThirteenthZodiac and CardinalSword were supposedly there when the "crime" occurred. It's been alleged that the two are actually sockpuppets, but they're probably just 16-year-old girls doing this for the attention. Needless to say, people are not amused.

    ......It All Happened Too Fast To Avoid It...


    Here is the eye witness account of the horrible tragedy that never was, courtesy of ThirteenthZodiac:

    enchantsrequiem was on her way home and was shot by a car passing by...She's being transfered to the hospital right now. If you got here through the link, I set it up for her.
    The next journal read:

    I just thought she was only shot in the arm but there were two gunshots....she was already bleeding so much we couldn't tell.....I'm really glad the hospital is so darn close. And....thank you for supporting my best friend...... Oh, before we moved her...she said "Must be a crime wave lately. Where's Kira?" with a laugh. I wish I could always smile like her....

    Really, who wouldn't want to be able to say witty crap like that while bleeding to death on the cold pavement? Oh, and the "Kira" thing is actually a Death Note reference. Lovely.

    The Coma

    Comas are fun, y'all!

    Because it wasn't enough to be shot, the three little fangirls decided it would be even more dramatic to take a page out of the soap opera handbook and have Setsuna Shouko (this is supposed to be her real name) go into a mysterious coma. Apparently she banged her head really hard on the pavement while diving for cover. Oh the horror!

    Luckily she had ThirteenthZodiac and CardinalSword to keep her deviantART friends up to date on her condition.

    Nobody notices that it mirrors another weeaboo's strange coma a month before... Funny how they all think that random assailants will a) know their names and b) troll deviantart for their 'victims'....

    Setsuna Speaks!

    Setsuna's sad sad life story ;_;

    While internet friends prayed and watched for signs of life, a miracle occured: EnchantsRequiem awoke from her fake-ass coma!

    Minnie is...awake. She can't walk on her own very well, but from what I hear she just sat right up and shouted "That was a great nap!" I hear the doctor jumped.

    In Minnie/Setsuna/EnchantedRequiem's own words:

    Okay, so it is really a message from my Nintendo DS since I can't get out of bed. X3 Holy Pixie Stix! I log on and all this? Sorry I stole your spotlight, Karmy! X3 Thanks all so much, I'd love to check everything as soon as I'm allowed to but they want to run test now to see if I'm okay. >< I don't think I ever had a brain to be damaged in the first place, LOL! ^w^ Talk to you all when I'm back.

    And really, like two simple bullets can defeat ME?! ME?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ignorant human FOOL! lol

    Bye-bye. ^w^

    Believe it or not, there are still people who think this crazy skank is telling the truth.

    Surprise! People Call Bullshit...

    Fiz: Leaping to the rescue.
    The evidence is astounding...

    To anyone with common sense, these journals reek of lies and failed logic. That didn't stop a group of champions led by a heroic Sonic fan named FizTheAncient (aka User:Madmantyke) from launching an offensive to save the retarded from their own stupidity. Enchanted Minnie Setsuna is a liar, and they are determined to make her and her friends own up to it.

    Team Enchanted-whats-her-face countered by hiding any comments that didn't support their story and banning the suspicious from commenting on her page. Despite all proof to the contrary, they insist that Minnie Setsuna is recovering and will totally be back and as sugared up as ever. Yay!

    As the their bullshit begins to crumble in face of logic, it comes to light that another friend had almost the exact same circumstances! So either it's a big coincidence, or more likely, due to the deletion of all her journals relating to her "incident" and similar magical DS cures, we've got a lot of girls on our hands who don't want to become heroes to get attention and gifts.

    The Retarded Sympathetic Speak!

    Since Team TRUTH! is pretty much pwning Team Enchanted right now, it's not surprising that true friends are now coming to her aid and people are trying to reason with the indignant to lay off the little attention whore. It's also not surprising that the effort would ensure even moar lulz for all of us watching the shit hit the fan.

    Enter Chris Crocker spinningcannon and her TL;DR plea for everyone to LEAVE ENCHANTED SETSUNA MINNIE ALOOOONE! PLEASE, SHE'S NOT WELL!!!!1!! D': give the kid a break and stop being so mean.

    The rant in its glorious entirety:

    "All right. I have had enough of this.


    Seriously, I refuse to stand by while you all throw insults and cruel jokes at this poor girl. Give her a break.

    Now I know what allegedly happened to her, and I'm sure you all do as well, but I am NOT supporting it. However, I AM defending her position because no one else here is going to.

    I've read all of her journals and the updates posted by her friends. I've also read the journals of the "opposing side", those who label this entire situation as a scandal. I honestly don't know what to think. I can't imagine how someone could think up and publicize such a serious situation all for attention, but all the evidence seems to point to that conclusion. I must admit that much.

    However. If Setsuna here really did fabricate the entire incident, one thing is glaringly obvious and that is that she did it for attention. For pageviews, for watchers, for comments and faves and overall publicity. It's really a saddening thought... that someone could be so desperate to be noticed that they would go to such scandalous lengths to get it.

    I do not hate this girl. I do not dislike her or look down on her. I will throw no insults, no harmful words, no jokes. I will not put more fuel on this fire that should just be left to sputter out. But she deserves to be protected from all that, whether or not she lied. I would do the same thing for each and every one of you, nowhere to lie. So keep tht in mind as well before you start passing judgments.

    If you're all so offended and appalled by the amount of publicity this girl has recieved, then stop leaving harmful comments on her page and just forget about the whole thing.

    Just let this fire die out. I don't see any reason why it should live on in infamy and just worsen the situation for her. She got her publicity, now leave her alone. Simple as that. And yes, I know this incident is a terribly recent one, but I'm already sick and tired of the fact that it's being given so much negative attention. Give up. Leave it be.

    That's really all I have to say on this, and I hope to heaven that you realize my point and follow through with it. I shouldn't need to say it again... but if I will if I have to. Mark my words. I will not put up with this sort of abuse.

    Setsuna, I really feel sorry for you. I wish you didn't have to go through this, whether your side is a truth or a lie. Whichever it was, this resulting explosion of cruelty towards you and your friends is something no one should ever have had to suffer through. If you need someone there to talk to about this, or if you just need a friend who's not going to turn her back on you when things go belly-up like this, send me a note. I'll listen, and I'll answer. Keep that offer in mind for whenever you need it, all right?

    And to the rest of you, once again.

    Those of you who support Setsuna... as I mentioned earlier, I have no right to judge the sincerity of this whole ordeal, but thank you for standing by her. I say that with the utmost sincerity.

    Those of you who stand against Setsuna... put yourself in her place. Think of how you would feel right now, under the crushing guilt trip I can't help but suspect she's going through. Consider that, and think twice before you click that "send" button. Honestly.

    And Setsuna... my offer of support still stands, and it will for as long as you need it to. However. I'm begging you to admit the truth of this situation. Whether you're the victim of a terribly misunderstood truth or hiding behind a desperate lie, come out, face the public, and say it for what it is. It may be very hard, and I hope to God it doesn't make this situation worse. But I think that, if you tried your absolute best to settle this problem, the end results would definitely be worth it. Honesty pays.

    I hope you all think about what I've said. But now the future of this situation lies in your hands. I've done all I can do for now."

    That's right folks. If people don't lay off, she will REALLY break out the paragraphs next time. And we wouldn't want that, would we? After spinningcanon descended from her soapbox, a few people came out from under their rocks to congratulate her:

    I frankly support this girl and think that this really did happen, only that a lot of what went on was either taken seriously out of context or extremely exaggerated/made up by anxious friends.

    I know I exaggerate a TON, especially when it comes down to something like this.


    —Hanayame (Yes, bitch IS for real.)

    As of now, EnchantedReqiuem has yet to step away from the cookies and cupcakes in La La Land and admit the obvious, not that Team TRUTH! won't keep trying to change that.

    The link to the thread can be found here.

    Likely Aftermath

    Dick Cheney, amused by all of this.

    In the face of mounting evidence that she's a lying nutjob, EnchantedRequiem will probably do one of the following:

    • write a long, teary, lulz-filled journal, declaring that she's leaving deviantART forever...and then not.
    • be hit by a bus and have amnesia, where upon waking she'll think she's some sort of catgirl named (insert kawaii Japanese name here).
    • Blame this pitiful attempt to get attention on a hacker that somehow managed to hack her and her friends (like Snapesnogger once did), bringing many more lulz.
    • Commit internet-assisted suicide to either get back at people for not believing her or to one-up some other attention whore who lied about getting shot by Vice President Dick Cheney.
    • Move to another school, where she can't seem to find the time to update on deviantART anymore, casually disappearing forever.

    Whatever happens, it will probably be funny as hell.

    The Legacy lives on

    1 month later, another tartlet, Fresko-1, Yoshi-lord's biggest suck up, was involved in a car accident, and fell into a coma, while his fiance bawled about it on DA. Seeing as this was an almost carbon-copy of EnchantsRequiem, others were no doubt suspicious. Just like clockwork, Fresko suddenly awoke from his coma when his girlfriend gave him her laptop, because he's too poor to own a DS. It turned out he wasn't REALLY in a coma and the doctors were just noobs. Fresko finally completed his ER clone by making a completely unrelated journal and denying the entire thing.


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