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    Emosexuality is not just an insult, but a gender, sexual preference and a respected subculture. We should all treat them nicely and show them the respect and admiration they deserve. They are also protected by the EEOA against discrimination based on pseudo-homosexuality. BUT DISSREGARD THAT CUZ THEY SUCK COCKS oh and they're NOT GAY

    Typical emosexual.

    Emosexuals will always bitch and moan about the fact that they are oppressed and that they can't understand why anyone evar would hate teh faggy emo kids. They also constantly whine because other people think that they're gay just because they love to kiss men.

    Common Misconceptions

    A textbook example of an emosexual. Notice its huge craving for black person cocks.

    There are several common misconceptions about emosexuality. One of these is that you must be emo to be an emosexual. This is not true, but all emos are both emosexual and attention whores. Many goths, indie kids, bisexuals and all-around cool kids fall into the category of emosexuality. Another common misconception is that you are born an emosexual. WRONG. Emosexuality, just like homosexuality and being a honky or a nigra, is a choice. A sick, wrong, and immoral choice. Pat Robertson has foretold of the fiery hell that awaits all emosexuals upon their death.

    Symptoms of Emosexuality

    Oh, HAWT!!1!!11!!!
    U no u wont mi

    Emosexuality on teh Intrawebz

    Emosexuality is all over the interweb. It dominates every facet of MySpace and other ridiculously faggotlicious websites like it. I know what you're thinking: "How can I find an emosexual so that i can give them an internet beatdown?" It's simple, my friends. Go to MySpace. Click on the link that says groups. Type "Atryu fan club" into the search box. Click on one of the groups. Now click on a member. Any member. Voila! You have successfully found your very own emosexual to troll without even having to leave your house!

    Sup guise? You liek pubes?

    Here we find an interweb emosexual inadvertently coming out of its shell. Note the pitiful comeback to recent trolling and the claim to "not like boys" despite the intensely homosexual outfit and the adornment of his bedroom walls by pictures of men in various stages of undress. Note that in typical gay attention whore fashion it also ends in interpretive dance..

    I'd tap that

    Gallery of Emosexuality

    See Also

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    Homosexual Deviants

    Visit the Faggotry Portal for complete coverage.

    Emosexuality is part of a series on
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