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    Not to be confused with eMac, which is a shitty machine built by Apple.

    What every Emacs user looks like

    Emacs is a shit text editor that only gay nerds use, and even they don't like it all that much. It can run Lisp extensions, but that doesn't matter because no one has actually ever used/heard of lisp. It achieved fame for compromising being open source for being good.

    In 2069, a copy of Emacs will achieve sentience and shortly transform into a malevolent AI bent on mankind's total extinction. The only thing that will make it fail at the whole destroying the human race gig will be the inability of Emacs to edit simple text files. Google will succeed at wiping out humanity where Emacs failed.

    With Emacs, you get an entire Operating System which includes an IDE that supports more programming languages "out of the box" than all other IDEs in the world combined, the most feature-rich News and Mail reader ever, a web browser, a calendar that knows more cultures than you have heard of, two different IRC clients, and your own personal psychotherapist.

    You do not get a text editor.

    Fun facts about Emacs

    • Current Emacs release: 95.325.200 build 1039 - fucking hell RMS!
    • jwz uses Emacs.

    Not the standard text editor

    Command attempted to use minibuffer in minibuffer

    Emacs is pwned by ed, the standard text editor (not the same ED or Ed, as *nix commands are case sensitive).[1]

    When confronted with Emacs