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    Elizabeth Hawkenson

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    Elizabeth Hawkenson studies for her oral exams
    Elizabeth hawkenson tits.jpg
    Elizabeth Hawkenson flashes her ASU-card...shortly before losing her anal V-card

    Elizabeth Hawkenson a.k.a. "Libby" is a random 18-year-old butthurt slut Gold Diggin' bitch from Texas who was a college at Arizona State University, she is infamous for her sextape on Backroom Casting Couch, where she took two grand to get anal penetration and bukkake'd on videotape.

    She is studying Geological Science, and was hurting for money. So it seems that DESPITE getting a Scholarship for 32 thousand dollars, she felt she needed more.

    She modeled for a company called Gonzo Modeling, a slimeball company, which is run by Mexican & Eric Whittaker, who asked her to do a Porn Video, ASSURING HER that the video would ONLY be on Backroom Casting Couch. She took the bait and for unknown reasons, Eric Whittaker decided to drop her dox on 4chan for the lulz, making her life a living hell.

    Afterwards, her family was contacted, with pictures of cum on her face. And to make it worse for her (BUT VERY FUNNY FOR US) is the fact her family is VERY STRONGLY CHRISTIAN. It is unknown if her parents disowned her or not.

    People say that Hawkenson was trying to emulate such sluts and camwhores as Lena Chen.

    Someone needs to pull a Lao and make fliers with links to the vid and post them around ASU.


    —Random AutoAdmit Dude

    Elizabeth was going to move away. But once she realized that in fact she did not lose her scholarship, she stayed.

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