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    Follow the river and through the woods...
    File:A penis man.jpg
    A typical Elfwooder.

    Elfwood (aka "Elfhood" and "Elfwoody") was a website founded May 1, 1996 by a faggy Swedish pirate who wanted to help populate the species of otherkin on the net. Thomas Abrahamsson, famed Moby imitator, created it and it is based currently out of Linköping, Sweden (say that 5 times fast). It is currently the world's largest site for Science Fiction and Fantasy Art.

    Elfwood is basically a place where a bunch of furries, D&D nerds and anime freaks post their shitty art and writings. Pretty much the same thing as deviantArt except much much worse. The extremely outdated galleries (which exist for the purpose of lulz), confusing site navigation, broken links, and lamerz usage of layout templates are all examples of poor website features.

    The site also uses a retarded system of approving the art/writing submissions by having them reviewed ONE PERSON AT A TIME. Thus, a creative submission can take weeks or even months (this is even worse when the mods get breaks for New Year's, lulz!) to actually appear on your gallery. Further dissatisfaction has been created because of the stupid new rules for submissions (like no drawings on lined paper...etc.). Elfwood has become elitist and shitty in the recent years because of its competition with Epilogue and the aging of its fat, dorky, and unloved moderators who have Inferiority Complex. People do not want to put up with shit they don't have to so many Elfwooders have left for DeviantART; it doesn't give a crap about anyone or anything.

    "Elfwood's mission is to provide a place for amateurs from all over the world to share, teach, and inspire a new generation of dreams."[1]

    Elfwood has been credited for jump starting names in the Fantasy art realm but the truth is the founder of the site can't even draw.

    Elfwood's community on LJ came into existence when Elfwood shut itself down because of flamers and harassment posts and offered LJ as an alternative. This introduced a shitload of people to LJ and in turn spawned more masses of LJ users.

    Elfwood is the site of the Devil and it is advised to avoid it when possible! Seriously, you'll leave feeling like you've been raped.

    Typical Elfwood art.

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