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    Elexiel grae

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    Born on January 19, 1990, File:Lj-favicon.png elexiel_grae who goes by the name John when he is wearing pants, and Alexiel when he is not. He is a Brolita who can't decide which gender (s)he wants to be but enjoys whoring himself out for brand loli clothing. He tries to sell his shitty completely non-lolita worse than Hot Topic crap to the community.

    His reaction upon finding File:Lj-favicon.png getoffegl
    Selling his very very rori sweater sleeves as legwarmers for $12

    It is commonly known by his fellow San Jose, and San Francisco lolis that our dear Elexiel offers his services on craigslist to suck cocks and to take it in the ass for his precious brand, just like any other dedicated lolita. It's quite worth the shame and possible STDs to obtain such elegant, unique, good quality clothes, after all, and who doesn't want to look just like Mana-sama? He decided to try and sell his hideous non-lolita shit (note that most was bahleted due to mod intervention). After being banned from the community for posting his fail wares more than once a month, thus breaking the community rules, he asks for advice on offering a commission service for his so-called lolita items without realizing his reputation in the community.

    The lovely ladies of File:Lj-favicon.png getoffegl understandably posted an entry about him, found here

    And then here

    ... And then here.

    Elexiel finds out about what those horrible frilly bitches are saying about him, and decides that someone needs to put an end to the harassment and slander these treacherous leeches are bestowing upon him, so what does he do? He does the mature thing and calmly voices his concerns to the community.

    After all, these false allegations against him could hurt his chances of becoming a successful seller.

    But that doesn't work! Those evil, cruel bitches just write about him again! What's a poor guy to do when the attacks won't stop?! He calls the internet police of course!


    and just as na fyi, I'm a guy, so I hope I break the stereotype that only girls can be prettier than guys...


    —in denial

    The lolis are scared to death, they have no clue what to do! The internet police are coming for them! They're going to get the needle!

    A brave loli accepts her fate
    But some still choose to ridicule him, for they have no idea...
    the horror that awaits them

    OMG! He iz leavin!!1!! he iz sik n his famirry is sik! u bitches!

    • EDIT:

    (This is my first and final update for this post)

    First off, I'd like to report that the police directed me to the FBI where I filed a complaint. The LiveJournal abuse team is still on the case. So this issue is completely out of my hands. I've done everything i could to justify myself.

    I couldn't tell my parents at all or anyone else regarding this matter. This is personal information but in just two days, my dad is having open heart surgery. My mom has enough problems to deal with. I have no close friends that I can truly trust or talk to, so I am still pretty much alone on this issue.

    Speaking of personal information, have you dumbfucks realized that I posted absolutely no information about myself or my pictures on LiveJournal at all? And you people are fucking stupid enough to chatise me about what I put on MY photobucket account? Hello you morons! It's MY fucking account, that's MY fucking territory, I can post whatever the fuck I want.

    Plus, I never allowed ANY of you to look at those pictures, they're MY private property. Honestly, - what if some one were to do this to you? Would you still be as insensitive about this issue as you are to me? Just because it's not happening to you? You all are a bunch of sick motherfucking assholes, and I honestly don't know what I did to deserve any of this humiliation.

    Up until now, I feel humiliated, violated, harrassed and abused - and all for no fucking reason at all. God knows, if I had children of my own, I would NEVER in a million years let them feel the same kind of suffering you are inflicting on me.

    You really are no better than a bunch of Nazis.

    Oh yeah, guess what? There's some more personal information you should know before I go on: I have anemia as well as asthma. So guess what happened last Black Friday night? -I had myself a panic attack. High blood pressure also runs in my family, so stress and anxiety can take a physical toll on me. Do you still think this is so fucking funny? Does tearing me down really make you all feel good inside?

    And yes, for the record, I am a boy. That's a great reason to make fun of me isn't it? I suffer from Gender Identity disorder and suicidal thoughts for all of my life just for being born in the wrong body... Makes you feel so much better about yourself doesn't it?

    Just for the record, I may not be a biological female, but I know how to act more like a proper lady than any of you ever could.

    Also, reffering to me as a "he" or "him" online makes me feel really uncormfortable regarding my identity. Masculinity is something I don't think I can really live up to. And reffering to me as such shows a huge lack of respect for me.

    .... To all of you this is just the internet. whatever happens to me doesn't matter to you because it doesn't effect any of you at all. But on the other side of this keyboard, there is a real person typing (that would be me, for those of you who still don't get it) I am not a virtual punching bag; I am a very real person. I have a family, friends, I go to school and everything. And the abusement that you are making me suffer affects my life. It's not a virtual problem for me at all, it's very real. I have no money at the moment for a lawyer. My family is on hard times as it is (financially as well as emotionally about my dad's upcoming surgery).

    .... I could go on trying to defend myself or worse- trying to do what you did to me. But I believe that it would be a HUGE waste of time and energy on my part. Plus it's just bad karma.

    But I will say this:

    Calling me ugly will NEVER make any of you prettier. Calling me an "idiot" will never make you smarter. And calling me a "prostitute" will NEVER make you the better person. NEVER.

    I am not a whore. and I am not a "brolita prostitute". I am ElexieL Grae. And I do not deserve any of this. at all.

    So due to mental and physical health concerns, I will not be returning to the Lolita community for a while.

    What you did was harassment. and I didn't deserve for it to go this far, especially since I have no idea who any of you people are.

    And if you idiots still MUST SAY SOMETHING ABOUT ME: at the very least: TAKE OFF MY PICTURES! what if some sexual predator or some dirty old man gets a hold of them? My security is at stake. I took those pictures for an exboyfriend. Not for you- for him. so please, if you people have any human decency at all: AT LEAST TAKE MY PICTURES DOWN!!!

    Again, I don't believe staying in this community is worth risking my physical or mental health. and if any of you so much as try to PM or email me, then I will REALLY have some legal evidence of harrassment. So Goodbye. and Happy Holidays.



    — In Summation, Baw, TL;DR, Repeat

    A loli defends Elexiel Grae

    What terrors will unfold on the frightened little lolis? We shall wait and see...

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