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    Electric Retard

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    The gaybar.jpg
    No one will ever know it was him who raped your child.

    Electric Retard is a spectacularly mediocre webcomic written by self confessed pædophile Eric Vaughn. It can be described as "existent" and "on the internet", however please do not confuse it with Goatse, which satisfies both criteria however is a far superior piece. As with the majority of the sick fuck community, Eric finds it difficult to not include his hobbies in his projects, thus pedophilia is a recurring theme in his poorly drawn strips. Not the vaguely acceptable "she kinda looked old enough" type that you know you would be susceptible to, the kind where grown men rape babies.

    Defender of all things holy John Solomon offended all 7 Electric Retard fans when he had this to say about their hero:

    ...the pædophile who makes Electric Retard (and, yes, he literally is a pædophile) thrives off people complaining about his webcomic. [...] I have no intention of feeding that addiction as much as I have of sending him a 6-year-old girl...


    —Telling it how it is here

    There's currently a working Electric Retard mirror located at http://d2k5.com/pages/electricretard/.


    The Aryan Sun, they count this as one of their finest memes. Ya rly.

    If Electric Retard didn't provide you with enough wholesome imagery and inspire you to do totally legal things with that hot loli from down the street, the accompanying forums are a hot-spot for similarly hilarious contributions to the good old fashioned lulz!.

    Black people and watermelon? How the shit do you come up with this gold, you stunningly attractive young thing.

    Examples of material found on the old Electric Retard forums include:

    The Electric Retard forum is locked in a never ending quest to spawn catchy memes across every corner of the internet. These are theOMG MILLHOUSE IS NOT A MEME IS A MEME LOL <3 crowd and they have made such stunning attempts as:

    It is to be noted, as the new forum is up, we are now 100% sure that Eric is a faggot.

    The Australia Connection

    Recently, Eric posted a picture of himself relaxing at home with a cigarette, watching some TV on a Brisbane forum.

    Also he was naked from the waist down.

    Something Awful. Something Really, Really Awful

    Early in the morning of October 28, 2009, Eric Vaughn posted a banme thread on Something Awful. In the OP, Eric detailed himself "cleaning" his keyboard, and provided the following images

    Stunning performance there from Mr. Vaughn.

    Critical reception

    Unsurprisingly, conservative Christian mothers were appalled when they caught their sons fapping to the sight of an elderly lady being split apart by the phallus of a giant Hitler and flooded Electric Retard's hosting provider with complaints. After "careful consideration", the website was pulled due to a TOS technicality.

    Expand the gallery for Eric's raw, unyielding, post-dystopian visual polemic of societal woes. Warning: It will make you think, and Mr. Vaughn makes no apologies for that.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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