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    Edwinsoft (more like AdJewsoft) is a company of spineless whores that make software for spineless whores, dedicated to doing something that would make Kimmo Alm harder than he usually gets to CP.

    Producing fucktons of spam.

    That's right, these shitstains produce "search-engine optimization" software, which is a code word for spambots that shit up forums, blogs, wikis, and every other website with any user editable features with links to shitty websites, all in some vain effort to increase their ranking on search engines, in the attempt to make most people give three shits about their faggoty blogs and vanity websites.

    It's e-whoring at it's most pathetic, and Edwinsoft is one of the major producers of some of the most retarded crapflooding techniques ever to be inflicted on teh internets.

    Their products

    • UltimateDemon - Their main product. This is their flagship spam program.
    • BookmarkingDemon - This piece of shit cunt pastes the e-addresses of whatever shitty site the spammers want to promote.
    • ArticleDemon- This basically writes up the boilerplate format spam articles these faggots shit out onto blogs, forums, and wherever else these lame e-whores want people to give a fuck about their BS.
    • BlogCommentDemon - This POS throttles the blog comment spam these assholes spew out so Google doesn't detect teh faggotry and refuse to detect their SEO efforts.
    • RewriterDemon - Spamming text generator.

    They don't like to call their fail "spam"

    Much like every other group of lying bastards on the planet, the company who produces this shit and its users will NEVER refer to their bullshit as spam. To them, they are just using automated bots to increase their search engine rankings and advertise their websites.

    In reality, they are just shitty Jew spammers desperate for someone to give a fuck about their lame ass websites, and like typical jews, don't want to spend the money and effort it takes to do legitimate advertising, so they resort to cuntpasting crappy spam.

    Good ways to troll them

    • Spam THEIR sites. They don't give a rat fuck about anyone else, but they sure get butthurt when given a taste of their own medicine.
    • Remind them how much they piss people off and that what they are doing only gets their shit deleted instead of making people interested in their shitty websites.
    • Call them trolls. It's what they are in effect, except their motives are the purest definition of Anti-Lulz.
    • Find ways to reverse engineer the spamming software these cuntbags use. Not only will you be trolling the spammers, you'll be trolling the company that makes the software
    • Dox them and their users. Make sure you inform anyone and everyone they are filthy spammers. The butthurt generated will be intense, and you'll be sure to give Edwinsoft the hate they richly deserve.

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    • NeoGAF - Stolen their logo to trigger the fat sweaty neckbearded gaffots.
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