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East High School Salt Lake City

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hot m4m lockeroom rape = high school drama

Three East High School football players were arrested and charged in juvenile court after police say they forcibly held down other players and committed various sex acts on them. The players eventually were kicked off the team due to MALE ON MALE rape! The three defendants, all 15 years old, each face multiple charges, including forcible sodomy, attempted forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse, all first-degree felonies. Meanwhile, anonymous is using the power of social engineering to find their MySpace accounts and other Web 2.0 trash for future LOL profit as predicted [3].


Secret strategy revealed!

In one incident, a student said that after East's big game, he was jumped by two students in the locker room, according to court documents was "pwned". The two juveniles held the victim down while a third attempted forcible sodomy. The boy was able to escape by fighting beating off his attackers. A second student said that sometime between Sept. 3 and 6 he was in the showers at East High School when two students pulled him to the ground and forced him into a corner of the shower. In a third incident, a student said that after sophomore football practice on Sept. 11 (zomg!, conspiracy!!!), he was in the locker room changing when another player told him he had something on his back, according to court documents. When the victim turned around the other boy grabbed him and held him down on a bench and attempted sexual assault, court documents state. After that incident, another sophomore who witnessed the incident reported it to one of the sophomore team coaches, who then called Leopards head coach.

The next morning I reported it to my administration, and then we called the Salt Lake police (UTAH, lol, fucking mormonz)....We immediately suspended the three players from the team. ... We've never had anything like this happen, unless I pulled their pants down



—Coach Whitehead: Leopards Football

After watching CNN's coverage of the "Jena Six" story, I have been enlightened. Stomping someone after he's lost consciousness or raping another male is no crime. Now, if those boys had hung a noose in a tree, they should be put to death! When is America going to wake up. After all, if you had to choose, wouldn't you rather be raped or stomped by 6 guys rather than endure the sight of a piece of rope left by a 16 year old?...




Within a day of East administrators reporting the incident, police referred the case to Salt Lake County prosecutors. The student-athletes eventually were dismissed from the team and have not been attending school at East High, although district officials declined to say whether the boys have received specific discipline, including expulsion, suspension, and/or possible revenge rape.

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What REALLY Went Down

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Coach Analgrabber:

Football uniform-wearing kid #1 with his dick inside Football uniform-wearing kid #2:
"Aw jeez coach, we were just-"

Coach Analgrabber:

Football uniform-wearing kid #2 with football uniform-wearing kid #1's dick in his ass:
"But coach, we're wearing proper safety equipment. And besides, the bible says that it's A-OK!"

Coach Analgrabber:
"Well, I guess that's alright then. Now that I think of it, Football is already pretty gay as it is"

Football uniform-wearing kid #1 who is now blowing his load into uniform-wearing kid #2's asshole:
"You're the best coach ever, Coach!"

Epic Trivia

the mystery deepens; image found on flickr tags match East High School Utah [2]
  • Most of the Disney Channel film "High School Musical" was filmed at East High School. Most recently, the opening scenes of High School Musical 2 - were filmed at East High however the rape scenes were cut from the final print.
  • Parts of SLC Punk were also filmed at East High
  • Previously, in 1995 East attracted national attention when a student petition to form a Gay-Straight Alliance prompted district officials to ban all extracurricular student clubs; the decision was reversed five years later after extensive student protests. The club still goes strong today. A Documentary called "Alliance?" put together by some fags showed what the current status was of the Gay-Straight Alliance and new controversy surrounding the club socially and politically within Utah and East High itself.
  • According to TOW: East High School was also voted the "High School with the Finest Gurls" in 2007 by the National Pimping Association (WTF?!, if it's on TOW it must be true) [4]
  • 100% of East High School is MoreMen

East High School Alumni

  • James Irwin, astronaut who walked on the moon (Class of 1947) related to Steve Irwin.
  • Roseanne Barr, (dropout in 1970), actress and comedian
  • Sione Pouha, defensive tackle for the New York Jets
  • Elizabeth Smart (abductee), a teenager abducted in 2002 (Class of 2006) LAWL!
  • Jack Anderson, muckraking columnist and Watergate-era Nixon foe


Potential Mugshots

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A new logo has been suggested for the High School.


typical day at East High
kick them off the team...NO!!!

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