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    Earth Eternal

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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Earth Eternal is back like Herpes

    What is it?

    This is the flag of the new furfag revolution. It got burnt, though.

    Conceived in 2007 by the closet furfag Matt Mihaly, creator of Achaea and former president of Iron Realms Entertainment, Earth Eternal is the latest development in the spread of furfaggotry across teh interweb. It is a free MMORPG with shitty 3D graphics and a furry-friendly backstory. There are NO HUMAN CHARACTERS in this game, and thus it was destined to fail.
    According to an interview given by Matt on Gamer-Girl.org, the original concept for Earth Eternal was much less gay, and included human characters and overt tones of violence and sexuality. The idea then degenerated into a "PG-rated" game.
    It didn't work out for them though. Read on to find out what happens when you ally yourself with furry scum.


    O RLY? An example of a character race in Earth Eternal.

    Earth Eternal was set on planet Earth after the extinction of mankind. Though the remnants of modern structures still stand, human society has ceased to be. Furfags have risen up to take control of the world, touting a system of beliefs and gods dumber than those outlined in Scientology. The plot behind Earth Eternal accurately details the worst nightmare of every god-fearing man, woman, and child in the universe - that the furfags will one day reign supreme, free to yiff in public rather than in Hell.
    In order to keep the game family-friendly, the developers have provided "Groves", or privately-owned areas, where the furfags can do their yiffing. How many will relegate their perversions to these groves still remains to be seen.


    Matt Mihaly, with the rent boy he purchased with his (lack of) profits.
    Dear players of Earth Eternal,

    There’s no way to disguise what I’m about to tell you as good news, so I won’t try. Unfortunately, Sparkplay has hit hard times and is not going to survive. I had to lay off all of our staff except for two people (one of which is me) on Friday, and it’s likely that by this time next week neither of us will be with Sparkplay any more either. The simple fact is that we’ve run out of money. I’ve been out trying to sell Sparkplay or get further investment for it for the last 2 months without success, and our last hope crumbled this weekend.

    What does this mean for Earth Eternal? The answer is that it’s hard to tell. We’re putting it up for auction today and are reasonably confident that someone will buy it and keep it running. There is, however, the chance that nobody will want to take on the cost of running it. If that happens, Earth Eternal will go down when our internet and hosting provider pulls the plug for non-payment. It’s hard to tell when that could happen, but it’ll certainly be here at least another week, at minimum.

    I know this comes as a crushing blow to many of you, and believe me, I and the rest of the former Sparkplay staff share those feelings, times ten. Some of us have been working on Earth Eternal for over four and a half years and have poured our hearts and souls into it and Sparkplay. We worked our asses off and through the long hours, frustrating bugs, and occasional problems so bad we had to laugh, we became a very tight team as well as good friends. It is incredibly disappointing to everyone that it’s come to this.

    I’m sorry. I’ve failed you despite my best efforts. I’ve never worked harder in my life, but it wasn’t enough. Things that we planned on happening didn’t, and things we didn’t plan on happening did. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail and I don’t want to try to shift responsibility to anyone but myself. There’s really nothing I can say other than I am very very sorry to have let you down.

    I’ve turned off the ability to buy credits now or earn them via offers/surveys. I’m also going to set all non-permanent items in the credit shop to cost nothing so that everyone can have some fun, though won’t be doing that for a few hours.

    I will keep you updated as to what is going to happen with Earth Eternal, but in all likelihood we won’t know until late on Friday whether someone is going to buy EE and keep it running or not. Let’s hope for the best!

    Until then, enjoy yourselves and help yourselves to the forthcoming free credit shop items.


    —Matt Mihaly, CEO (not for much longer) Sparkplay Media

    In early August, 2010, Massively reported the potential shutdown of Earth Eternal. The furry players wept, while everyone else did not care or pointed and laughed. Massively commenter Mewmew commented, "First of all, giving away the micro-transaction items pretty much ruins the entire economy and game, just in case someone else does pick it up. I spent a lot of money on those items, and now not only could my money go to waste (tho it can with any online game) - but in case someone else picks it up, why would they want to even if you flood the game full of free items that people normally pay for? What will be left for people to buy if you give it all away? Who wants to buy a game with no profit potential left in it? Really smart move... Hopefully you have a backup of just before you made this stupid move. And yes, you could wipe all of the pay items, which means people like me who actually did pay for them get wiped out too." Still others said that it will prove to other developers that F2P is not always the best option.

    Turns out that some company bought the rights to it, thus preventing it's shutdown. The only good side of this is that they have might have to pay to play. DISREGARD THAT, it was shut down, causing all its players to collectively slit their wrists.

    Earth Eternal 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Earth Eternal is back and this time is supported by a company called TurnOut Ventures. It was relaunched sometime late July in 2011 as "Earth Eternal Reborn" except now you log on with your Failbook account to play.

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