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    Earrape is shorthand for painfully loud music and/or noise broadcast into the speakers (or preferably headphones) of unsuspecting people somewhere across the vastness of the internets. Earrape is a common, time-tested trolling tactic on Ventrilo/Teamspeak and voicechat-enabled games such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Second Life, and Team Fortress 2.

    Types of earrape

    • 3,500 Hz square wave: A synthesized tone that corresponds to the most sensitive range of human hearing. Hurts like hell, even if the volume's not so loud. Popularized by the You Forgot Poland (Vote 5) fad on YTMND. Using a Noise tone can help with the ear rape. This can be also created by using a high pitch sound wave or loud slow down sound.
    • Amplified Output: Another effective way to rape ears is to max out your output amplifier setting. This will turn every sound that comes out of your microphone (or line in, or whatever) into ear-shattering cacophony.
    • Microphone Feedback: Perhaps the simplest way to generate ear rape.
    1. Place microphone near speaker (or under headphones).
    2. Turn up volume.
    3. Press "TALK".
    4. EARRAPE!


    Pops Trips Balls
    Best virus.
    009 Sound System in it's finest form.
    Most fat people sound like this when they talk IRL.

    Ear Rape 2.0: Annoying as Fuck

    Just as the Pain series and Goatse might lead you to eye bleach, every now and then some sound will come along that is so painful it will make you want to thrust a screwdriver into your ears.

    Certain people claim that even the ultra-popular Chocolate rain should be on this list, but including a meme of such importance would cause an absolute uproar among trolls. Indeed, all of these videos have thousands if not millions of views, sadly demonstrating the average IQ of the common YouTube user.

    Crazy Frog

    File:Crazy Frog UNwiki.PNG
    Yes, it really is that bad.

    All the way back in 2005, this clip quickly became infamous among a few people with short attention spans around the globe. It features a frog with bad teeth, bulging eyes and goggles riding an invisible motorcycle and flashing his small, shrivelled dick.

    Chavs were particularly fond of Crazy Frog; as a popular ringtone, it was advertised every 5 minutes on MTV, attracting their fellow hipsters from every corner of the country.

    Crazy Frog - Autism Edition

    Gummy Bear

    Just like Crazy Frog, Gummy Bear is crappy viral marketing, featuring a soundtrack at the lowest end of Euro-techno and a CG character that does the right things to make internet n00bs piss themselves laughing over the water cooler at the office the day after they see it.

    This video opens with an especially devastating message in 8 different languages. OH SHI-

    See Also

    Spectral analysis of earrape.

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