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    ED IRC etiquette

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    ED IRC has three primary channels for the three primary aspects of the site - they are #ed, #forum, and #wiki. For example, #wiki is for polite, civilized discussions concerning the advancement of articles on our beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica. ED IRC is a place where serious business gets done. Depending on what channel you are in, users are required to follow some guidelines of etiquette to ensure the proper work environment. Please be sure to remain calm, composed, and proper at all times. Shenanigans are not allowed, and strictly enforced. Users who fail to behave properly in the channel(s) will be kicked and possibly banned for severe grievances. IRC can be fun for everyone and is not as foreboding as it used to be in ancient times, but make no mistake, faggots will be assraped on sight. Aside from that, all EDitors, readers, and forum users are welcome to join!

    If you are kicked

    If you are kicked then understand you have been greatly shamed, and everyone will know your IRC honor has been smudged. Do not complain about being kicked, or you will only appear even more shameful. The only way to wash your dignity clean (like fresh white linens) is to rise through the ranks to Channel Operator and then kick the person who first kicked you in a glorious display of vendetta. No Channel Operator recognizes leadership without the challenge of combat.


    There are some simple guidelines to make IRC a hot, steamy, and pleasurable experience for everybody. They are not hard to follow, as common sense would cover most of these anyway.


    1. When asked, please state your real name. We like to know whom we are talking to. We don't want to invade your privacy, we just want to be able to recognize you on mailing lists, etc. Putting your real name into the ircname field is a good idea.
    2. No colors
    3. No flooding
    4. No swearing
    5. When entering the chat, do not say "Hi", "Hello", "What's up" or any other form of greeting. We all saw you enter. It has been recorded and logged. We do not need verification a second time.
    6. Snus is not your meme, do not pretend you know what it means. Do not ask.
    7. Always adhere to the code of MJU7. If you are unaware of the teachings of code MJU7 then there is little place for you in #ED.
    8. Please do not ask for help pertaining to editing the wiki. That is what #wiki is for.


    1. Some kicks are meant in jest or homosexual love. If you have been kicked for being a huge faggot, then you will probably already know why you were kicked in the first place.
    2. *Chan bullshit = Ban. (This goes for all channels)
    3. Please do not ask for help pertaining to editing the wiki in here either. That is what #wiki is for.


    1. Do not complain about your edit getting reverted/written over etc. 99% of the time this was because your edit was shit or you did not format it properly. Instead, let #wiki help you understand what you did wrong and how to fix it. If your edit was reverted by a vandal, they will be dealt with by a sysop.
    2. If you have a question, please be patient and wait for your answer. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to over half an hour. They cannot monitor #wiki like hawks 24/7. If you have a super serial problem, you can highlight a sysop (Say their name). If you can't stay in #wiki to wait for your answer, you may leave your e-mail and somebody might follow up, or consider dropping a note on the article's talk page.

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