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Awww, it'll be ok baby I promise. I'll go slow, to the speed of your liking. Whatever you don't want to do. I won't do. But if you enjoy it and want it in all the way, then I shall satisfy my princess!


—EDP445 hitting on a 13-year old decoy

Real name Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland
Nationality American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born December 15, 1990
Current residence In a Schoolyard near you
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png eatdatpussy445 (Nope BALEETED ALL VIDEOS)


EatDatPussy445, also known as EDP445, (irl Powerword: "Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland") is a fat 30 year old pedophile sports YouTuber whose claim to fame was producing loud obnoxious rant videos on the Philadelphia Eagles. Although his channel gained popularity in the sports community, primarily with football, he has attempted to dabble in various communities over the years. However, none of that has really taken off past his own fanbase. And as of late April of 2021, he has officially deleted fucking everything from his main channel. As well as even more evidence about his pedophilia behavior. Except this time, he finally got off the couch and tried to meet up with a minor who was actually a group of pedohunters posing as a 13 year old.

JewTube Career

EDP made his channel on June 13th, 2010. On the same day, he uploaded his first video where he preformed freestyle rap like every other black person has before SoundCloud was around. It wasn't until November that he decided to sperg about the Philadelphia Eagles in a video titled "59-28. Eagles fukin kills the redskins." Ever since then, the Philadelphia Eagles have been the prominent topic of his channel. Because he's a fatass, he started a cooking channel called YouTube Favicon.png CHAOTICKITCHEN445. However, that wasn't enough and in 2013 he once again created a spin- off channel called YouTube Favicon.png EDPGAMING1. This dumbass also created two backup channels, one called tastethis2inchdick445 Julio in 2017 and another backup channel in 2018 that is still was active called link=http://www.youtube.com/user/EDP445 2.0 2.0 EDP445 2.0.

Main Channel

EDP’s most popular videos usually consist of him autistically ranting and raving about the Philly Eagles but has also made video about previews, recaps, reactions and recent developments about the team because he has no life. Besides making reaction videos about the Eagles, he also made some based on content his followers suggested to him, which was usually porn that makes you want to gouge your eyes out, this also stopped in 2014. And just like many JewTubers, he also did unboxing videos which many of them feature packages sent to his house by his own fans. EDP also started his own series called “Don’t You Hate That Shit” where he just spergs about shit that annoys him in life like a teenager on Tumblr. Among these types of videos are also several random and viral videos such as “I flooded the toilet in chipotle” and “Nearly Shitted On Myself At School” where he goes on to talk about his actual shit, and nobody knows why. This might be due to the fact that he probably has a scat fetish. Either way, the only thing he seems to be good at is making himself look like a disgusting fool for us to all laugh. At one point he renamed his channel from EatDatPussy445 to EDP445 for short.


Due to popular interest of being a fatass, EDP started this channel in hopes of getting rich off of being 450lbs. Here, you can find homestyle cooking only a poor faggot would eat, like a grilled salami and egg sandwich. Although this stopped in 2016 because he decided for once in his life to go on a diet but still failed miserably Although this channel is short lived with only a handful of videos, just visiting this channel alone is surely to give you a heart attack or high cholesterol.


Like the lazy ass EDP, its no wonder he started a gaming channel. It's one of the few things this hambeast is able to still enjoy while he slowly becomes bed bound. There are various games played such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, and GTA. Some of these videos don't provide gameplay and instead are just bitching about other players and the game itself. However, in all of them, he never disappoints to spend the entire time sperging all over the place like a retard. A notable trait of an upstanding citizen of color obese nigger.


This was the first backup made out of fear of having videos being baleeted, flagged or termination of his main channel. When his account was flagged and all of his videos were removed by JewTube, he began using it. This was the only foresight EDP has ever showed in his life. But within two measly weeks, the retard got his main channel back, and the backup channel was deleted.

EDP445 2.0

The second backup was made after his main channel was once again terminated in 2018 over SuperMarioLogan, aka Logan Thirtyarcre being butthurt over some stupid shit. Up until April of 2021, he frequently uploaded on this second backup channel to keep up with his main one.

JewTube Denies Gold Play Button

EDP's channel hit one million subscribers on February 12th, 2020 and he celebrated by uploading a video thanking his fans. But on March 5th 2020, he went ape in a video making it known that JewTube cucked his Gold Play Button for not meeting their criteria, saying the website "is on that little bitch shit". Despite all of this, JewTube handed over two silver play buttons for two of his channels. Even dumb retards like Scarce and SomeOrdinaryGamers from the community gave him support, along with a petition his fans started to try to force that piece of shit block out of JewTube's grubby hands.

SuperMarioLogan Drama

In February of 2018, Logan gave EDP an entirely free trip to the Super Bowl like the football fanatic faggot he is. During this time, Logan offered him a chance to do work as a voice actor on his creepy plush channel. EDP agreed, but due to Logan “vacationing” for months on end, these agreements were broken. Logan cowardly avoided EDP like a child, without realizing that's exactly what EDP likes; little kids. Due to EDP ripping on Logan in some of his videos, they were copystriked and his channel was temporarily terminated. Thus making him create yet another channel called, EDP455 2.0. We're not sure what's worse, fighting with a nigger online or fighting with some scrawny white guy that makes adult themed plush videos. The only thing worth taking out of this situation is that both of these people never grew mentally past the age of 15 and rely on other faggots like them to keep being freaks of nature in their own creepy ways online.

Former friend of EDP elaborates more about the drama between the two tards.


Despite being an obese, grotesque, ghetto nigga, EDP still managed to be featured in the media. The first appearance he made was in a video for the Philadelphia City Paper showcasing fans reactions to the team sucking major ass. He also snagged multiple appearances on Tosh.0, the show for homosexuals. And in 2015, he was featured in an MTV show Ridiculousness, ESPN’s SportsNation and even Fox News. It’s safe to say that EDP will never be featured anywhere again and despite having millions of people see his fat face, he remains a lonely virgin who will die alone.

Deleting Fucking Everything

On April 16th 2021, EDP uploaded a video titled "Better Move Quickly" on EDP445 2.0 (his backup channel). In this video he goes on to explain that starting tomorrow he will start the process of deleting every single greasy ass video from his main channel. He warns people that those who actually enjoy his videos should start archiving now. He does not give an explanation as to why he chose to do this, but he did say he wouldn't be deleting videos on his backup. Strangely enough, this was uploaded before the sting operation that took place only two days later. So while this fat fuck didn't actually dirty delete, there is a possibility he may never return.

Dindu Nuffin Pedo!

Chris Hansen is always watching

Another YouTuber by the name of ColdRaven exposed EatDatPussy harder then prisoners getting assfucked for life. On his edgy series called ”SLAUGHTERHOUSE”, Raven showed substantial evidence that EDP was in fact, a fucking pedophile. This included several screenshots showing various conversations of him trying to hook up with minors. ColdRaven at one point even set up a fake account posing as a minor himself to once again catch EDP trying to get some pussy from an underage girl. Being a fan of some ghetto nigger also meant ignoring these accusations and closing their ears and eyes off from anything that proved that EDP is anything but a fine black gentlemen of today’s society.

Months later that same year, EDP uploaded a now deleted video called “My Response to ColdRaven” where is seen stuffing his face like a fatass at WingStop. At one point he takes his greasy fingers and pulls out a .45 handgun to the camera to try to intimidate Raven the only way a black man can. The same month he went on a livestream to say "A group of no-life ass no pussy-getting motherfuckers decided to make a fuckload of fake accounts pretending to be fucking girls, and like a dumbass, I fell for it, and now everyone's on this fucking 'pedo' shit." Despite this confession, his stupid fanbase still acted shocked and appalled when fatass fell for the same scam.

On that same day, the gnome known as Keemstar invited EDP as well as Raven onto his show to talk about this particular topic. Only Raven showed up and EDP didn’t directly respond to his invitation. Instead, EDP decided to release two response videos attacking Raven. The one that he had dirty deleted he had admitted to his crimes saying, “"I don't care about the law, if she's 15-17, it's okay as long as she's wearing skimpy clothing. Despite this confession, his stupid fanbase still acted shocked and appalled. After being caught red handed once more, he released yet another video directed at ColdRaven spouting off lies that he already had a girlfriend named Jessica, and planned to keep her a secret. This was paired with the fact that EDP had presumably doctored a picture of him with jailbait claiming they were dating. Despite the fact that the NFL stopped in person attendance at the time because of Bat Soup Flu. His fanbase being as braindread as EDP himself, ignored these accusations for a fifth time. Nobody was surprised, but people outside of his community were still highly disgusted by his actions. By the end of 2020, this brought the grand total of minors EDP has been caught texting to eight.

The chat logs

April 18th 2021, a group called Predator Poachers filled with Chris Hansen wannabees recorded EDP sexually interacting with a 13 year old decoy they had made to once again lure in this fat fucking retard. Within these messages, it was revealed that he had sent the decoy not only a picture of his micropenis, but also a picture of his shit. This actual degenerate really took a massive dump only to take a picture afterwards in hopes his “princess” would be delighted. This also included content sent by him to the “minor” of this nigga jizzing all over the place after feverishy touching himself to the thoughts of fucking little kids.

The full video was released on Hitler's birthday (April 20th) to maxmimize profit. Within the video it showed some faggot named Chet Goldstein contacting the local authorities about EDP445 to try to get him party vanned. Being your typical fatass, EDP claimed he was only here "picking up a cupcake". Since this sting operation, he has lost a significant amount of subscribers and almost everyone associated with him also denounced their relationship and have severed their ties with EDP. Apparently, it only takes six times for people to start caring that he was sexting minors. Even six was too much for Philly fans! In this current time, nobody knows if he has successfully been party vanned.

The Comeback

The aftermath of EDP getting caught red fat handed trying to fuck kids this time was vastly different to every other time this nigga was exposed before. Previously, he had support from his pedo fans. But once they stopped drinking the Kool-Aid EDP was giving them, they were finally able to rub two brain cells together and stop supporting him.

However, despite his YouTube channel getting the banhammer, and him losing hundreds of thousands of followers in the days before said YouTube channel was baleeted, he is still attempting a comeback. Yes, you read that correctly, just over a week after being outed as a massive pedophile by a couple of amateur Chris Hansen wannabes, EDP thinks he can make a comeback. On May 2nd, 2021, he made a video on his Facebook page (which has since either been baleeted or made private), detailing his intentions to come back using his own website to host his new videos, which will aptly be titled edp445.com. This is obviously the LAST thing EDP should be doing after getting outed as a creepy kiddy diddler. Time will tell if he manages to make somewhat of a comeback, or if his website gets DDOSed off the face of the internet; our money is on the latter.

The video in question

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