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    Encyclopedia Dramatica:Picture of the Now

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    See also Article of the Now, Video of the Now, and Quote of the Now

    Info non-talk.png
    • Only Sysops and Editors can set POTNs. Suggestions go on the Talk Page.
    • Find a relevant (recent events) picture that doesn't suck. No porn or gore as POTN, and preferably no tl;dr screen caps of all text posts like Tweets etc; those can be QOTN.
    • No Animated GIFs; the stress of showing a GIF on the main page basically makes the site DDoS itself.
    • Captions are optional. If you can, pipe them to articles so they get more love and attention.
    • After setting your photo, edit this page, find your special day, and replace File:Hello POTN.jpg with the correct filename.
    • Please avoid setting pictures past (7) days from the current day. Check on the Suggestions; add something lulzy.
    • Give other people a chance to add pictures.
    • Setting a picture for an additional day can be acceptable, but please avoid doing this unless time is almost out and there's no future POTNs set.
    • NOTE: detailed instructions for setting POTN are in the description box when you edit this page.
    • Remember: When setting XOTNs, make sure the content is relevant to the current times. Don't set some shitty picture from 2005 as POTN.
    • Use this JavaScript to easily generate the wiki markup for next month's Picture of the Now.


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    February 2020

    • LOL OFFLINE most of the month (except for admin testing)

    January 2020

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